Let’s Get Naked!

There are a number of uncertain individuals in this world. Unable to make a decision about which direction they want to go or unsure as to what path to follow. One of the most difficult choices some people face is whether or not to try social (public) nudity. Fear of ridicule or rejection make this a topic most people are reluctant to discuss with family or friends. Many are afraid to admit that they’re curious about being naked and in the company of others who are also nude. Without available resources, they continue to wonder about social nudity and have no one to share their concerns, fears or even to answer basic questions about being communally bare (social nudity).

For those of us who are already bare practitioners (naturist/nudist), we tend to forget what it was like before we began our own foray into the clothes-free world. A few were reared in homes where nudity was the normal everyday routine but by and large, the overwhelming majority of us took a very long, circuitous and indirect route before we arrived at our “no clothing necessary” destination.

This posting is a reminder to all of us veterans that it falls on us to mentor (guide), to the best of our ability, those who are not only curious about nudity but also the “newbie” nude (those just beginning their clothes-free life). If we didn’t have anyone to show us the way, then we know, all-too-well, that it can be a very frustrating and lonely journey.


For those reading here who are undecided about nudity or are unsure about how to pursue it, there are a number of blog posts that I’ve read recently that may be informative. For those of us who are “veteran” naturists/nudists, bare practitioners, clothes-free advocates or whatever, and who know someone who is interested in trying the nude life, these articles may provide relevant background information. And for anyone reading here who is considering exploring a clothes-free experience, these recommendations perhaps may benefit you.

Those who feel some trepidation about being nude publicly, you are not alone. Many feel the same as you. My friend, ScottishChuck, author of the blog: Nudist in Hiding, (click to view) writes his blog over his anxieties of being socially nude. He is also documenting his current experiences in his nude yoga class. Being nervous about being naked among others is normal for many people.


The Freedom of Nudity:

The following posts are from the blog, Real Time, authored by my good virtual friend and naked buddy, Rob Father X. We’ve been friends since 2012. Although these articles were written by him in 2013, the information is just as true today as it was then. Here are the links: The Freedom of Nudity, Part 1.  and of course, The Freedom of Nudity, Part 2. 

Why Become A Nudie?

This was published within the past week by a new nude acquaintance of mine. He’s a talented visual artist as well as the writer of tha naked i. Click here to read his posting titled Why Become a Nudie?  

Fear Of Getting An Erection In Public:

This selection focuses on men who may allow their fear of getting an erection in public prevent them from participating or investigating social nakedness. It is written by Kenn and appeared on his site, Gay Black Nudist. Click the following title to directly access the feature: Fear of Getting an Erection In Public.  Kenn is the subject of my first interview that publishes here later this month.


All three of the above blogs are featured on my Bare Blogger Crew page here. Click the page title to view the entire listing. I strongly recommend all of these sites for anyone seriously interested in becoming a bare practitioner! They’re fun and informative to read as well as being a clothes-free resource. They also help us, the bare practicing community, to stay connected.

On my Gay and Nudist Resources page, two major international organizations devoted to promoting gay or same gender loving social nudity are listed. Click on the page title to view. This page gives both a direct link to their respective websites as well as the postal addresses for each group.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Get Naked!”

  1. They say great minds think alike. It must be true because I have written a very similar article that will post on my blog later this month. Thanks again Roger for being you.

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  2. Great post, and wonderful treatise on nudity. I’ve enjoyed being nude at the beach and in Europe many years ago. It’s liberating and fun. But body issues do get in the way of enjoyment, and personal insecurities are part of the issue. Still, when done in a safe environment free from scrutiny and judgement, it can make for a liberating experience.

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  3. Great post! And as you know, I’ve gone through this trepidation over the past few years regarding my own social nudity, and have been enjoying the freedom it’s allowed me and the new interesting friends I’ve made that I wouldn’t have met in any other fashion. Now on to this April and my first group naturist holiday with these mates in Gran Canaria. 🙂

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    1. Hey Martin, good for you! I noticed that you’ve mentioned in a few of your posts about your attending a nudist social activity, welcome to the Bare Club! LOL! Take plenty of pictures on your holiday! Much love and many naked hugs!

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