A Guy Without Boxers, 2023!

Page Introduction:

Happy new nude year, 2023, to all! My full name is Aaron Michael Peterson-Poladopoulos and I am married to Roger Peterson-Poladopoulos, the author of this blog, ReNude Pride. I am creating this page of his blog in order to relieve his pressure in having to maintain the site and this particular page A Guy Without Boxers, 2023.

The picture above is of openly gay actor Phoenix Fellington (stage name) and a friend of his who is posing as a guy without boxers! Perfect photo to represent this page here. Phoenix is completely naked and his friend is naked from his waist on down!

Roger and I are a proud interracial couple, I’m Black and he’s Greek – and we both prefer to be totally naked instead of wearing clothes! The original bare practitioner (same gender loving naturist/nudist) and his married partner! And we’re both free from clothes as much as possible!

Phoenix Fellington is one of our favourite actors who performs nude in his films. His audiences are adult only and almost exclusively bisexual or gay. He’s a former U. S. Marine who’s at his best out of uniform! He’s sexually versatile although he is partial to serving his buttocks to a dominant partner! He publicly acknowledges that he enjoys being clothes free – a man after our own heart! His image with his buddies below emphasizes this fact quite well!