My name is Roger and my email address is: Yes, that’s me in the photo above at a local park. And another of me skinny-dipping (swimming naked) below the contact form!


9 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi,I m Irish and a nudists I love been naked and gay here in Ireland I have travelled on holiday to France Holland and Spain where I have spent most of my time naked I loved it I m now a home nudists

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  3. Naked Roger: Say, is that a public park your sitting naked at a picnic table on your ‘puter. If is is PUBLIC. How kewl is that. We’d love to join you — me and I am certain, my nudist Dad anytime.
    Naked Johnny

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  4. Naked Roger: Good for you !! We both approve your being on top of finding an area to be outdoors in the ‘buff’. It’s more possible than people think. Even in NYC’s, Central Park, we know ‘a few’ high rocks to lay out on clothes free, in the middle of Manhattan. Naked Johnny

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