My Bare Blogger Crew

This page contains a list of all the online publications authored by my fellow bare and bare-friendly authors. Not all of the sites listed below are exclusively nudecentric (nude focused) but they are all nude-friendly and also gay-inclusive. These are the blogs that I try to read on a daily basis. The operative word here is try because in the fast-paced world in which we live, sometimes that just isn’t humanly possible.

I highly encourage all of you who appreciate being clothes-free to give all of them a visit to see for yourselves what they are about. I seriously doubt that you’ll be disappointed.

This page, My Bare Blogger Crew, is a work-in-progress publication. I’m adding new sites as I visit them. It is by no means a total listing of all the gay-friendly and bare-friendly blogs affiliated through this service. Please check here often for any updates or new listings!

To view them, click the link contained in their title. This list is not in any particular order of preference.

ReNude Pride

Bare Blogging Crew

Real Time

Naturist Fab

tha naked i

Ramblings of a Supposed Disease Free Mind

Bare Thoughts

Active Naturists

Naturism For People Of Color

Naturist Thoughts


Nudist Planet (formerly Gay Black Nudist)

Nudist In Hiding

Men’s Naked Drawing Group

Magazine La Revista Diversa



The Black Trans Nudist

The Nudist Planet

Black Nude Taurus

tha naked i (Swedish version)

Masculine Perspectives

GayteKeeper’s Blog

Confessions of A Down-Low Brother: The Sequel

JJ Frank

My Blog

Where I’m Coming From

Almost Wild


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