USA: Mother’s Day!

Mother and child!

Every year in the USA, the second Sunday in the month of May is designated as “Mother’s Day.” This is the day of the year when nationally we pay tribute to our mother or to her memory. In our contemporary society, we also honor any woman who helped to raise us, with or without our birth mother, to the best of her ability.

To all of the women reading here today, best wishes for a very happy Mother’s Day!

I know from my own experience the affection and attachment that bisexual and gay men have for their mothers. Even with my own Mother living in Greece, I am with my spouse at the home of his parents. We’ll be with his mother as we and his siblings honor her!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Holy Easter!

Egg painted buttocks!

Today is the feast of Holy Easter in the Orthodox Church (Patriarchate of Constantinople). Most of the years, the dates for the observance of this holiday is totally different for the Eastern Church (Orthodox) and the Western Church. About once every six years, the dates are a month apart (this year is one of those).

My spouse, Aaron, and I enjoy celebrating both Easters. Aaron’s background is Roman Catholic and mine is Greek Orthodox so we double our joy by observing both on their actual dates. This magnifies our Spring celebration!

A tattoed Easter bunny!

The Easter services in the Orthodox Church are essentially the same as those in other churches. Palm Sunday is still the week before the holiday following a period of fasting and prayer known as Great Lent. The bunny is typically a western creation but we all understand his fabled role. Easter eggs are likewise popular but growing up, we always decorated hard-boiled eggs dyed red only!

The Epitafios (Tomb) holds the Holy Icon from Good Friday to Holy Easter!

The epitafios is symbolic as the Tomb of Jesus and is bourne and honored in liturgical processions both inside and outside churches from Good Friday until Easter. It is venerated upon entering and leaving the church. The Icon of Jesus rests inside during the same days.

The Icon of the Resurrection!

Above is the Icon of the Resurrection which is prominently placed at the entrance to the church sanctuary on Easter for the parishioners to venerate upon entrance and exiting.

Christopsomo: Easter bread!

This weekend, in the celebration of Easter, my spouse, Aaron, and I will have our condominium in Arlington, overloaded with guests to enjoy the festivities with us! Of course, we’ll be bare (naked, nude) while inside our four walls. Aaron and a cousin of mine, Michael, will make (an eight-hour process) and bake our very own loaves of the Christpsomo (pictured above) using my paternal grandmother’s recipe. I will be responsible for dyeing the eggs they will use. I need to make at least a small contribution towards the feast!

Happy holy Easter to all!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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May Day/World Naked Gardening Day, 2021!

Nature and nudity: welcome to the month of May!

The tradition is for the very first day of May to be determined as May Day. The promoted date for World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) is the first Saturday in May, annually. This year, 2021, we bare practitioners and other naturists/nudists are honored in having a double reason to be glad that today is here! It’s a simultaneous occasion!

May Day:

Bare practitioners customarily observe the May Day event dutifully in their respective birthday suits (we are all born naked, hence the name), as it is usually warm enough throughout much of the world for a majority of us to comfortably do so. In a casual riddle: “strip off all your clothes and wiggle all your toes!”

Stripping in order to wiggle his toes!

In liturgical Christian populations (Orthodox and Roman Catholic) the month of May is celebrated with flowers and colorful ribbons in honor of the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos (Mother of God). In many countries, May is also the month of Mother’s Day observances. Nature contributes to the festivity as many bushes and flowers are blooming at this time. This led to the establishment of the May Day ritual of the customary may-pole using colorful ribbons and Spring flowers!

Decorated in flowers!

In the former Soviet Union (Russia) and other communist-dominated states, the day was one of military parades featuring armed troops forward towards projected world domination. The dissolution of the USSR and anti-communist revolutions have largely eliminated this short-lived occurrence.

Armed for communism!

In predominantly secular nations and societies, the month of May is often used to promote organized and productive labor. A salute and tribute to workers in all categories and professions – agriculture, industries and services. In other words, “keep their morale high and profits will soar!” Of course, it is always government and management who monitor the score on morale and profits!

Organized bare labor!

No matter the instance or the situation, this is one day out of the year virtually all of us have a reason to feel happy and joyful and comfortable while totally clothes-free!


Prepared for gardening!

World Naked Gardening Day:

World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) was first observed on September 10, 2005. It was founded and organized by Mark Storey, a consulting editor for Nude & Natural magazine and permaculturist Jacob Gabriel as a project of Body Freedom Collaborative (BFC). World Naked Gardening Day is endorsed by The Naturist Society, Clothes Free International and the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

In 2007, the date for the WNGD was moved from the second Saturday in September to the first Saturday in May, annually. In 2018, the New Zealand Naturist Federation adopted the last weekend in October as WNGD as that time was better suited to the climate of the Southern Hemisphere.

Organizers and gardeners alike concur that “besides being liberating, nude gardening is second only to swimming as an activity that people are most ready to consider doing nude.” During the fifth annual WNGD in the United Kingdom, in 2010, participants were encouraged to engage naked in either their private gardens or in public parks.

Planting his garden!

The following poem is directly from the WNGD website:

Seasonal Interchange

by Michael Ailken

In Winter, when the trees are bare,

we mortals don our winter wear.

In Spring when trees begin to dress,

we mortals then start wearing less.

Until, for some, with Summer’s heat,

The role reversal is complete!

For additional information on WNGD, click below to visit their website:

World Naked Gardening Day

To everyone visiting here, Happy May Day! and Happy World Naked Gardening Day!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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