Bottoms-Up! October, 2021

Pumpkin decorated buttocks!

Today is the date of the annual Halloween observance. The “pumpkin faces” greet all of you on this, the last day of October, 2021!

A happy-faced pumpkin buttock!

And the above pumpkin-faced buttocks wish a very happy Halloween to one and all!

Bottoms-up! Halloween!

The end of this month marks the passing of the first full month of Autumn, 2021. For us living in the Northern Hemisphere, the onset to another winter is fast approaching!

A soaking bottoms-up!

For our counterpart brothers residing in the Southern Hemisphere, this signifies their upcoming season of sunshine and warmth!

Poolside view!

Given the long wait for the arrival of warmer temperatures south of the Equator, there will be many views of the coast and shoreline ahead!

Time for fun and the sun!

Regardless of where we live, inside the four walls that we call abode or home, it is always convenient and good to have a place where we all know for certain that we are completely free to bare all and be bottoms-up!

Happy Bottoms-Up!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Humor Graphics!

A ghoulish haunting!

Bare with his pumpkin!
A halloween haunting!

The haunted happening (Halloween) is this upcoming Sunday. If you’re celebrating, have a safe and very scary observance! Beware of all ghosts, werewolves and witches!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Halloween Antics!

Pumpkin heads!

In anticipation of the Halloween festivities this week, a pictorial posting of Halloween humanoids in honor of the absurdity of the occasion!

Another pumpkin-headed soul!

Sometimes, even the alien humanoids need a rest from all their earth-bound mischief!

If you observe, have a happy Halloween!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Body Painting!

A body painted bromantic couple!

The fact that the Halloween observance is just a little over a week ahead – October 31 – inspired me for a brief post on the essentials of body painting. This is just in chance anyone reading or visiting here has the occasion to need to decorate themselves in honor of the spooky day!

For us bare practitioners, a Halloween costume is identical to wearing clothing – after all, a costume is clothing – it merely helps to disguise the person from others, into a fantasy or a thing instead of who they really are! Body painting essentially adds color to the body without any attempt to cover the anatomy!

Painted facial!

Some body painters are only concerned with covering their faces, leaving the rest of their body free from any decoration or distinction. This is a prerogative of the individual. Of course, facial decoration isn’t the only option available – we all know this.

An elephant decoration!

Any anatomical area can be used for body painting. Again, it is entirely the decision of the individual and based upon his comfort level. This freedom offers the opportunity for many creative and ingenious options to those who choose to attempt this imaginative route! Please note: in publishing the above .gif, I am in no way encouraging any man to delete or shave his pubic hair!

Open invitation!

Body painting is most definitely not restricted to simply decorating the skin in an abstract or artistic endeavor. Written messages, such as our candidate above, may often encourage action or deliver a vital thought! His open encouragement of inviting a kiss serves as a reminder of his endorsement of his bare practitioner lifestyle and urging others to explore the same! Few, if any, of the GLBTQ+ community will ignore his friendly features and his instructions!

There are numerous claims, explanations and reasons for the popularity of the Halloween festivity. Some – perhaps – based on fact but in all probability the majority are likely nothing more than a local myth. The origins of the “happening” is not the topic of this ReNude Pride post entry. Body Painting is the focus.

A painted arm!


For centuries, the homosexual (old label – often offensive – for the GLBTQ+ community) population was the brunt of exclusion from society. Homosexuality was illegal and cross-dressing as a different gender was forbidden. For the then-homosexuals, Halloween was a welcome event that annually allowed “tolerance” for what was otherwise deemed unacceptable behavior.

For the then-identified naturist/nudist, the dilemma was even more pronounced as cross-dressing involved the wearing of cumbersome clothing. The solution for the budding bare practitioner community was the rising and often colorful objective known as body painting!

Tattooed AND painted body!

Body painting allowed the growing number of homosexual naturists/nudists the freedom to be themselves and still participate in the the carnival-like and fun-filled enjoyment of Halloween! A good time was now enjoyed by almost everyone!

Persons of the textile (clothes wearing) persuasion were very quick to point out that too much consideration is extended to the bare practitioners on Halloween. In their argument, they offered that costumes conceal or disguise, which is the purpose of Halloween. Why should naked exhibitionists be given an exception?

Bare practitioner advocates countered with their reply that they have to work daily and this reality, in turn, forced them to disguise themselves every day. Why should they have to sacrifice – again – just to please those who wouldn’t attend a clothes free social event anyway? The two communities and their debate went there separate ways.

A body pf patriotism!

Additional Occasions:

Body painting is absolutely not exclusive to just the Halloween inspired parties. Mardi Gras is another time of the year that excites the painting enthusiasts. The annual GLBTQ+ pride commemorations and national days likewise create the carnival environment. Simple and randomly scheduled body painting theme parties are best celebrated anytime throughout the year!

The Garden of Temptation!

Hopefully Helpful Suggestions:

Only purchase selections that are specifically labelled body paint. There are other types of paint that are available that are not suitable for skin application. Buy only a product that is removable with mild soap and water!

Before application to the entire body, apply only a small amount to a small area of the body for several hours duration. This tests one’s body reaction to the specific product. If any discomfort or irritation occurs, remove immediately.

A simple message!

Involve acquaintances and friends – share ideas with others and offer assistance. Consider painting a distinct message or a brief statement on your body instead of designing an artfully-inspired masterpiece! Simpler is sometimes better, easier and less time-consuming, especially for an inexperienced body painter!

A legitimate question!

Before application (at least one hour) wash your body and completely cover with a mild lotion or skin cream. Allow the skin time to absorb the applied lubricant. Then paint the message or the art. This prevents a peeling of the paint once it begins to dry.

Be bare, be decorated and/or be informative!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Unity Day/Spirit Day!

Stand up against bullying!

Bullying Awareness!

Unity Day: October 20, 2021!

Unity Day banner!

Unity Day is a day targeting primary school (elementary school) aged youth with the goal of combatting bullying. The programs and curriculums encourage unity (working together) for acceptance, inclusion and kindness. The lesson being that no one should ever experience bullying!

In 2003, the curriculum “Is Your Child a Target of Bullying? Intervention Strategies for Parents of Children with Disabilities” was launched. In 2006, the National Bullying Prevention Center was established with an online program of resources available.

Orange is the encouraged color to be worn on Unity Day!


Spirit Day: October 21, 2021!

Purple is the color to wear for Spirit Day!

Spirit Day was first observed on October 20, 2010, and was initiated by Brittany McMillan, a Canadian student. She launched the occasion through FaceBook. Her goal was to raise awareness of the rising number of suicides among teens and young adults based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation.

She conceived of the campaign by the wearing of the color purple on this day – one of the colors of the rainbow flag that signified the “spirit” ideal.

Several years ago, the observance of Spirit Day became anchored on the third Thursday in October, annually.

Spirit Day graphic symbolizing the color purple!

Bare practitioners are encouraged to use body paint to create a purple awareness ribbon on their body! If you can’t wear one, paint it on! Show your “spirit!”

Peace from bullying!

I remember the very first Spirit Day. Aaron, my spouse, and I were living together – marriage equality was just a hope at that time – and when we learned of the event, we together made almost 500 purple ribbons in honor of the occasion. Our plan was to evenly divide the ribbons for distribution at his job (a hospital) and my workplace (the university).

We were both uncertain as to the response at our worksites. Using our home computers, we created an information invitation flyer announcing the free purple ribbon availability for Spirit Day to combat bullying against GLBTQ+ people (real or suspected).

We were both impressed with the reactions at our places of employment! Every single ribbon we had made was taken! This despite the fact that a large number of students in my classes and fellow staff at Aaron’s hospital were actually already wearing the color purple!

An awesome revolution against sexual orientation bullying!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Breaking Bare-iers, Part 2!

Bare practitioners hiking, 1950’s

GLBTQ+ Bare History Month: Breaking Bare-iers! Part 2


In everyday vernacular “barrier” is often interpreted as a blockage, an impediment and/or a challenge that must be overcome. In today’s title, bare-ier, is intended to imply that we are breaking (destroying, eliminating. eradicating, removing) the perceived challenge to being bare (clothes free, naked, nude). ReNude Pride is truly one “safe space” for being bare!

Today’s post: “Breaking Bare-iers! Part 2 focuses on the early days of the art of photography and the gradual desegregation of the races of the camera’s subjects. This posting concentrates primarily on the United States. Since the end of the USA Civil War and the emancipation of all slaves in 1865, official and unofficial practices were adopted throughout the USA that continued the separation of the races. Freedom was for everyone, however, Caucasians were “freer” than African-American and Native American populations. For the most part, African-Americans were pictured with only African-Americans; Caucasians with other Caucasians; and the Native Americans (Indians) the same.

Bare or clothed, the accepted and expected routine was identical. In the majority of states, including all of the south, the interaction or mixing of races was very strictly forbidden. The southern states all had very severe penalties for any violation of this practice. Of course, the severity of the crime and punishment depended on the race of the offender.

Skinny-dipping, early 1960’s!

This policy also extended to any magazines and/or periodicals available in the states. Some publications that contained any combination of the differing races were denied distribution and banned from those regions.

This policy endured as widespread in the USA up until shortly after the conclusion of World War II. The middle of the 20th century brought the rise of the equal rights movement and the restrictions against racial harmony slowly began to relax. The interaction between the soldiers during the conflict and the actual integration (combination) of the armed forces in 1948, under then-President Truman, helped to erode the barrier between the races and ethnicities.

Throughout the south, however, early images depicting the races together – bare or clothes – were still seen as scandalous and remained prohibited. The appearance of these pictures today would be determined tokenism as they frequently contained only one African-American or Native American in a group of Caucasians – never the reverse.

Typical tokenism, late 1950’s

In many instances, this practice remains true, even today in the 21st century. The lesson this country still needs to absorb and learn is that integration does not guarantee equality. Many people of all the races fail to see tokenism as any concern or problem.

By the 1960’s, the rapidly growing civil rights/equal rights struggle was gaining numerical support as the focus now turned more and more to the judicial branch of government to pave the way towards freedom. For too long, legislatures and politicians had failed to deliver any respite from oppression and poverty.

The turbulence of the 1960’s in the struggle for civil and human rights, the feminist cause and the protests against the Vietnam war expanded in the final year of the decade. In the summer of 1969, The Stonewall Riots happened then that opened the floodgates for the GLBTQ+ equality and personhood. The inauguration of the “Gay Power” movement into the political scene burst open the door for the inclusion of cultural, ethnic and social minorities onto the stage for “inalienable” and inherent freedom!

Formal posed. late 1950’s

Pictures of interracial nudity together became less pronounced, less shocking and gained wider acceptance, even in the conservative southern states. Slowly, segregation and tokenism were replaced by the ideals of equality and harmony between the subjects of the photos. Images of an African-American and a Caucasian together, one-on-one, lost some of the disgust and repulsive reactions they once provoked.

The photographs increasingly became less formal – less “posed.” The dynamics between the subjects reflected positive interaction and relaxation. The different races gradually began to offer the concept of acquaintances and possible even friends.

Trusting and interactive together, 1970

Soon, the images featured actual physical contact between the interracial subjects. The old, prejudicial taboo against touching or suggestive of casual intimacy was overcome and replaced by a demonstration of humanity. The restrictive chains were gradually becoming unlocked and disappearing!

Together, eye-to-eye, middle 1970’s

There are, even today, challenges to the barriers of ethnic and/or racial inferiority and tokenism that remain to be confronted and removed. We by no means exist in a perfect world! The triumph of equality and humanity over bigotry and hatred is a struggle that needs to be continued. Working together, the goal of success looks attainable!

Skinny-dipping, together! Contemporary
Progress rainbow flag for GLBTQ+ people!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Coming Out Day!

Coming out into the open!

Open wide those closet doors and proudly accept and acknowledge who you really are!

Accepting and admitting one’s sexuality is the beginning of the process of self-awareness. Sharing this awareness and reality with someone who makes you feel comfortable and you trust enables confidence and hope.

Coming Out Day logo designed by artist Keith Haring, 1988

Join with the spirit of the day interacting with bare practitioner entertainer extrodinaire Beaux Banks (.gif images below) as he celebrates being both gay and naked on this occasion during GLBTQ+ Bare History Month!

Bubbly Beaux Banks coming out!

He’s both bubbly and confident as a proud bare practitioner! Come out and join him as he engages in public celebration of being “out” and bold! Beaux Banks was adopted as an infant by the parents that raised him. He is of mixed racial heritage (African-American, Asian and Caucasian). His celebrity began as an Andrew Christian model and “bloomed” from there!

Beaux Banks, bottoms-up and still bubbling!

The label “coming out” day was used as for centuries same gender loving men were characterized as “living in the closet” (hidden, secretive) rather than acknowledging their sexuality. The expression “coming out” emerged following the Stonewall Inn Riots in 1969 as our community became bold and openly acknowledged their attraction to one another. The same renderings apply to naturists/nudists in openly accepting and acknowledging their lifestyles!

Closets are for clothes only!

Examining and exploring one’s naturist/nudist pursuits opens an entire world of experiences, opportunities and relationships. If unsure of a bare practitioner club or group near you, visit the following websites:

Gay Naturists International

Gay Naturists International

International Men Enjoying Naturism

International Men Enjoying Naturism

Felipe Ferreira proud of his “pride” tattoo!

Hiding inside a closet only gives you notoriety as a concealed coward. Throw open the door, eliminate the guilt and enlighten the world!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Breaking Bare-iers! Part 1

“Roman Youth” by Vincenzo Galdi, 1900

GLBTQ+ Bare History Month: Breaking Bare-iers Part 1


In everyday vernacular “barrier” is often interpreted as a blockage, an impediment and/or a challenge or obstacle that must be overcome. In today’s title, bare-ier is intended to imply that we are breaking (destroying, eliminating, eradicating, removing) the perceived challenges or restrictions to actually being bare (clothes free, naked, nude). ReNude Pride is truly one comfortable or “safe space” for actually being bare!

“Carlo” by Vincenzo Galdi, 1897


Today’s post focuses on the early days of the art of photography. Similar to visual art, early photographers concentrated on the mainstream interests of life. Nudity was not the primary concentration or intent. Individual photographers may have been interested in such pursuits privately but with very little cooperation from others (the photograph subjects). This was the general view from the beginning of photography to the later years of the 19th century.

Towards the end of the 1800’s, situations slowly began to change, particularly as the Victorian era was still dominant. Europe was the first region to see the effects of this evolution. Always artistically and creatively advanced, a photographic culture emerged that embraced both nudity and same gender attraction/intimacy. This trend was both against the legal as well as religious establishments.

“The Great Faun” by Vincenzo Galdi, 1890’s

Vincenzo Galdi

An Italian, born in Naples, photographer of primarily male nudes. His birth name was Pasquale Stracuzzi. His interest in photography began when he first became a model, then lover and then assistant to the German photographer, Wilhelm von Pluschow. He operated his own studio in Rome, Italy, between 1900 and 1907, where he created photographs under the name of Vincenzo Galdi. It was closed by the police in 1907.

Greco-Roman youths, by von Pluschow, 1890’s

The above image of the two teenagers was photographed by German Wilhelm von Pluschow. The youth on the right was his first Sicilian lover, Pasquale Stracuzzi, before he became known as Vincenzo Galdi. He was also referred to as Il Grande Fauno (The Great Faun).

Bonus Photograph:

Denmark’s Ainor Bagner painting a bare reader, 1910!

Openly gay artist, Ainor Bagner, himself nude, painting a naked subject reading a book. His reader is unknown, as is Bagner’s photographer. In the lower right-hand corner of the image is etched 1910.

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Take A Hike!


“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Will Rogers quote

Obviously, Will Rogers never experienced a bare practitioner hike! When hiking in front of someone, we absolutely and most definitely give them unlimited opportunities to make the best and lasting impressions: our buttocks! As far as nudity is concerned, regardless of our sexual orientation, any view of our naked bodies offers truly inspirational impressions to our cohorts!Hiking affords committed and dedicated bare practitioners (bisexual or gay naturists/nudists) an opportunity for adventure, camaraderie and socialization without the petty, trivial and useless stress over “What to wear?” or the absurd “What attire do I look best in?” nonsense.

An early autumn hiker!

Those of us who are entrenched in the clothes freedom path of life discard the concerns and questions faster than we strip off our clothes! Nude hiking entails exactly what the activity label implies: a naked exploration. A comfortable and sturdy pair of footwear (hiking boots or walking shoes) is all that is required – along with an accessory to carry snacks, water and other supplies. Recommended essentials include a basic first aid supply kit, insect repellant and sunscreen.

A back-pack, shoulder satchel or tote bag are ideal packing accessories. These suggestions are comfortable, convenient and less cumbersome to carry around. They’re also environmentally friendly – much better than plastic bags!

Hiking along a trail!

My spouse, Aaron, and myself usually organize an early October hike for our local group of Deaf bare practitioner couples. We’ve done for most of our time together. The date in October is flexible based on individual scheduling availability and – of course – the weather conditions. We find this season of the year preferable as the excessive heat and humidity levels have generally dissipated thus ensuring a larger attendance and the pesty insect population is dwindling. Neither one of us and fewer of our friends are fans of airbourne or crawling accomplices!

As autumn progresses, the outdoor temperatures become cooler. Soon, it is no longer comfortable to be outside and nude. Thus, the early October natural hike in nature, for many, assumes the status of a pleasurable memory until the arrival of the next springtime.

Me hiking in a riverside park, 2014.

In this geographic region, during early October, the best time to begin a clothes free hike is usually middle-to-late morning. By then, the sun is warming and erasing the remnants of the overnight chill. The middle of the afternoon is the ideal time to end the hike before the temperatures begin to drop again.

The beginning of the month is just before the accumulation of leaves off the trees. Once the foliage congregates on the ground, it becomes difficult to determine one’s step and the chance of mistaken footing and injury increases. One of the goals for a successful hike is the fun and safety of all participants! Allergies to the fallen foliage is another major factor in consideration. We all need to breathe!

For 2021, our planned October hike is this upcoming Saturday, October 9. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. If not, Sunday, October 10, and/or the following Saturday, October 16, are our alternates.

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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USA: October: GLBTQ+ History Month!

The new Progress Rainbow Pride flag!


This year, ReNude Pride is taking a different approach to this annual occasion. In years past, I’ve featured either bare or nude as part of the assigned title. For this 2021 observance, today will focus on the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer+ (GLBTQ+) historical topic initially (today) and the next two Friday post entries will shift to the bare practitioner theme along with the historical aspect. Please don’t be alarmed, I’m not abandoning my nudity preference nor my bare practitioner lifestyle! There’s no need to panic!

Same gender loving men all bare and all together!


In the USA, GLBTQ+ History Month was first observed in October, 1994. It was initiated by a Missouri secondary school teacher, Rodney Wilson. He conceived of the idea, served on the first coordinating committee and decided that October was the best month as it already contained National Coming Out Day on October 11.

Along with Rodney Wilson, the first coordinating committee also consisted of Kevin Jennings of the Gal, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN); Kevin Boyer of the Gerber/Hart Gay and Lesbian Archives in Chicago, Illinois; Paul Varnell, a journalist with the Windy Times also in Chicago; Torey Wilson, a Chicago area teacher; Johnda Boyer, a womens studies major at Columbus University in Ohio; and Jessea Greenman of the University of California – Berkeley.

within Same gender loving male happiness and pride!

Many gay and lesbian organizations openly supported the observance of GLBTQ+ History Month. Two state governors, William Weld of Massachusetts and Lowell Weicker of Connecticutt signed endorsements of the event. The mayors of Boston Massachusetts (Thomas Menino) and Denver, Colorado (Wellington Webb) both issued official mayoral proclamations recognizing October as GLBTQ+ History Month within their jurisdictions.

When first celebrated the event was certified Gay and Lesbian History Month. After several years, “bisexual” was added to the designation. As our community broadens, so does the event title.

The following year, the National Education Association (NEA) supported GLBTQ+ History Month by resolution at its General Assembly. The recognition and support of this event continues to grow and receive acclaim.



Christian extremists and fundamentalists wasted no time in condemning and denigrating the engagement of the first and successive GLBTQ+ History Months. The GLBTQ+ community, accustomed to being ignored and vilified for centuries was once again finding itself the target of criticism, negativity and ridicule. In the minds of many, homophobia rose again with a renewed purpose.

The national right-wing group, the Concerned Women of America, went so far as to accuse the observance as being a conspiracy of “sexual indoctrination.”

The opposition to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer history month commemoration wasn’t unexpected nor a shock to any of our community and culture. Their reaction was typical and usual. What was most concerning and disturbing were the cases and incidents of death, physical assault and violence perpetrated on their behalf. Evidently, tolerance and understanding were alien to their belief tenets.


GLBTQ+ History Month is intended to encourage honesty, openness and pride about one’s sexuality. It also empowers educators to examine and explore the numerous achievements and contributions this long ignored and often overlooked community has made in all of our lives. It seeks to combat hatred and homophobia with respect and understanding.

GLBTQ+ History Month banner!

2021 Honorees:

Please note that the number beside the name of each honoree indicates the date of the month the individual is featured.

  1. Susan B. Anthony suffragist
  2. W. H. Auden poet
  3. Frank Bruni newspaper columnist
  4. Frederic Chopin composer
  5. David Cicilline congressman
  6. Mart Crowley playwright
  7. Ashley Diamond transgender prison activist
  8. Alice Dunbar-Nelson author
  9. Carlos Elizondo presidential social secretary
  10. Althea Garrison transgender state legislator
  11. R. C. Gorman Native American artist
  12. LZ Granderson journalist and commentator
  13. Bob Hattoy gay rights pioneer
  14. Jerry Herman composer
  15. Janis Ian singer-songwriter
  16. Karlene Jean-Pierre deputy presidential secretary
  17. Janis Joplin singer
  18. Liberace pianist
  19. Claude McKay author/poet
  20. Stacy Milburn differing ability rights advocate
  21. Shannon Minter transgender attorney
  22. Janelle Monae singer/songwriter
  23. Javier Morgado broadcast executive producer
  24. Henry Munoz III designer
  25. Johnnie Phelps decorated World War II veteran
  26. Little Richard pop culture entertainer
  27. Swe Zin Htet beauty pageant contestant
  28. Mark Takano congressman
  29. Ritchie Torres congressman
  30. Mary Trump author
  31. Darren Walker corporation president


Online Resource:

For additional information, downloads and nominations, click the name below for the direct link:

GLBTQ+ History Month

A happy, pleasurable and safe GLBTQ+ History Month wish to you all! As of now, the focus of post entries for the first two Fridays following today will be commemorating GLBTQ+ Bare History Month! “Breaking Bare-iers, Part 1” is planned for publication on Friday, October 8. “Breaking Bare-iers, Part 2” is scheduled on Friday, October 15.

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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