Bottoms-Up! April, 2021

Up against a wall!

This is the last day of the month – time for another fine tribute to male buttocks as we say farewell to April, 2021! Not to be confused, this is a greeting for the very first complete month of Spring for this year!

Bare along a stream in Spring!

Some of us live in areas where moderate outdoor temperatures prevail this time of year. It comes as no surprise that our brethren in those areas are able to bare their buttocks already and tempt us all as they parade naturally in nature!

A totally natural skyline!

We all are anxious to remove the impediment of clothing and give everyone a chance to gaze upon us as we model what nature has endowed us! Some of us are so filled with pride that we take to the heights to expose ourselves to admiration!

Lounging in bed, bottoms-up!

And those of us who have our home further away from the Equator know that we have a few more weeks before we can feature our anatomy outside for all of our admirers!

A group posing their buttocks!

Meanwhile, some of our bare practitioner comrades have no problem with assembling with others who share their confidence and collectively expose their “bottoms” for the photographer’s lens!

A solo buttocks benefit!

And those among us who are more isolated simply strip off their clothing and allow us the grace of their solitary posing of their delightful anatomy!

Spring cleaning his buttocks!

So no matter our living situation – urban, suburban or rural – we can all take the time to say good-bye to April in our very own special way!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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USA: Arbor Day, 2021!

A forest during Spring!

Author’s Note: Prologue

Arbor Day isn’t observed this year until tomorrow, April 30, 2021. However, that presents a conflict here on ReNude Pride as that is the last day of the month, dedicated for the Bottoms-Up! series. For that reason, the Arbor Day posting is being published today.

Hugging a tree in the spirit of Arbor Day!

“We inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees!”

The above quotation is directly from the Arbor Day website and it best summarizes the purpose of this observance, the restoration of forests and trees, as an essential aspect of our natural resources. For far too long, the expansion and growth of this country led to a serious depletion of this very important resource that created the need for a public campaign for replenishment.

The Arbor Day Foundation was organized in 1972 – the centennial year of the very first Arbor Day observance. J. Sterling Morton, a Nebraska newspaper editor had a love of nature and especially all types of trees. When he became the Secretary of the Nebraska Territory (prior to statehood), he proposed a territorial tree-planting holiday – to be called “Arbor Day” – to the Board of Agriculture on January 4, 1872. It was approved by a majority and the very first event was held on April 10, 1872. This resulted in thousands of trees being planted within the territory that first year.

Meditating in a forest!

The celebration quickly grew in popularity and soon other USA states and territories started their won observances. Although it was never adapted as a public holiday, it did spark widespread interest throughout the country. Today, there are a number of forests identified by elaborate signage crediting their existence to voluntary Arbor Day planters.

I do remember every year during primary (elementary) school our entire student body assembling on the school lawn for our headmaster to plant a new tree on Arbor Day. Within my school, once the planting was over, the remainder of the afternoon was a field day of games and competitions.

Official Arbor Day logo!

Many localities are now combining Arbor Day activities and Earth Day programs into a combined celebration or event. Both festivities are focused on our environment and preserving our natural surroundings so sponsoring the two together helps to make our world a better place for all of us!

Happy Arbor Day!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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A+: Hirsute Axilla!

Hairy armpit joy!

Prologue: Author’s Note:

A+ = absolutely positive

Fetish: a need or desire for an object, body part or activity for sexual excitement

Hirsute Axilla = hairy armpits

Bare practitioner = a bisexual or gay male naturist/nudist

This postal entry serves a dual purpose here on ReNude Pride. First, it is an honest and open confession from me, Roger Poladopoulos, as the author of this site. It presents to everyone reading here – often and regularly or to anyone reading here just once – a true and valid insight to me as a same gender loving married man who happens to be a conscientious and public bare practitioner (gay naturist or gay nudist).

Second, it shares information about myself that I previously haven’t published here. I have a very strong fetish for men’s hairy armpits. It’s an “eye-opener” into the character and nature of my own bare practitioner personality. It is a facet of my life that I am not ashamed about; up until now, I simply didn’t see the need to publicize the fact. As an active bare practitioner advocate and proponent, now is the moment to acknowledge this aspect of myself.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan’s hairy armpits!

I proudly and readily admit to owning a fetish and obsession with male hirsute axilla (hairy armpits)! For as long as I am able to remember, this aspect of the masculine anatomy has appealed to and has attracted me. It probably justifies my overall devotion to and fascination with the sport known as basketball. My identical twin brother, Alex, confirms my “addiction” not only to the game of basketball but also to men’s hairy armpits. He, along with our older brothers, vividly recall occasions in our prepubescent youth when I would tape unmatched fake children’s moustaches to my underarms during our childhood play. At this point, I reaffirm my commitment as a basketball fan and as a men’s armpit hair fanatic continues even to this day. I have not outgrown nor wavered from this physical attraction!

Out oldest brother, Nick, remembers when he began puberty and his armpit hair started growing that I regularly pleaded for him to remove his shirt. Alex and I have two additional older siblings – all male – and when they developed underarm fur they likewise recollect my incessant begging of them to strip off their shirts. This allowed me to daily inspect and monitor their progress from boyhood into manhood!

Gay actor Chad removes his shirt and we glimpse his armpit and pubic hair!

When Alex and I entered puberty and secondary school, I distinctly remember a feeling of surreal bliss. Whereas most of our classmates engaged in assessing genital development and the growth of pubic hair when we dressed for gym class, I remained focused almost strictly on the profusion of their underarm hair. The male locker room (changing room and showers) gave me ample opportunity to examine this unique phenomenon while we stripped and showered after our physical education class. Growing up with a preference for nudity did not deter Alex and I from admiring our peers when viewing them clothes free!

Admiring hairy armpits after a date!

During my first year at university, I recall my very first official “date” with another male. His name is Darrell. I was very candid about being a bare practitioner and he had expressed an interest in exploring his nudity. After our dinner and a movie, I walked him back to his dormitory and then up into his room.

While exchanging kisses and fondling one another, I proceeded to encourage his exploration of his nakedness and invited his to take off his shirt and pants so that I could orally service his underarm hair (and satisfy my curiosity)! He willingly agreed to my request and we continued our fondling, foreplay and kissing.

We dated for several months and continued our underarm exploration and servicing. Darrell never became a bare practitioner yet we are still acquaintances to this day. He and his current partner were both guests at Aaron and my wedding reception in 1985. They both affirmed their appreciation of underarm foreplay. Some pleasures can indeed be learned and sensually explosive!

My sleeping beauty and spouse, Aaron!

Aaron has both accepted and adopted my hirsute axilla appreciation and attraction. He now admits to receiving pleasure from my “addiction” and to enjoyment in delivering erotic satisfaction to both my armpits and me! As a legal bare practitioner couple, we advocate for and serve as goodwill ambassadors in recommending underarm hair action and admiration to anyone seeking to expand, enhance and enrich their foreplay skills and talents. These reasons serve as the ultimate goal for my decision to publish on this topic now. Information and knowledge can inspire both satisfaction and success!

My being a particular proponent of all body hair in general and especially hirsute axilla specifically is not necessarily shared by Aaron. He is mildly indifferent as to whether body hair is grown or removed. We both recognize this as a personal preference that we are entitled.

Photo of Aaron that I carry in my wallet!

The above photograph is an adjusted picture of Aaron and his hairy armpits. This particular one I keep in my wallet to share with others who may or may not approve of our bare practitioner status. This enables me to be both totally honest and completely unoffensive. The both of us have no embarrassment not shame regarding our nakedness but we understand that some others may not be as considerate.

Underarm hair appreciation and armpit fur sexual attraction between the two of us are not absolutely identical. Aaron likes underarm attention (both giving and receiving). I have a hirsute axilla fetish and desire and relish the attention, giving and receiving. This is reality and not an obscure of eccentric fantasy!

A confidant bromance: exposed armpit hair!

Maschalagnia is the official name that refers to a hairy armpit obsession. This term is neither derogatory nor offensive. It is also used to identify a variety of activities enjoyed by enthusiasts to include licking and/or sniffing underarms either hairy or shaved.

In humans of both genders, the formation of body odors happens primarily in the armpit – specifically in the underarms. These odorant substances serve a pheromones which play a significant role in both sexual attraction and excitement. This was more than likely the encouragement that led to the development of the deoderant industry.

A collage of hairy armpits and a nose!

The bare practitioner community, like the general population, is very diverse and fluid (ever-changing). Understandably, men’s hirsute axilla isn’t exciting or sexually appealing to everyone. There are some men who are attracted to and focused upon other parts of the male anatomy totally unrelated to the underarms and completely disregarding the presence of a single follicle of body hair. To each his own! Our differences are partly responsible for what makes us into such a dynamic and vibrant segment of general society! For some, a “smooth” (hairless) armpit is the source of the attraction and/or the desire.

A glimpse of his underarm fur in cut-off shirtsleeves!

A prevailing misconception or myth among the overwhelming majority of us is that a man must be completely shirtless (bare chest) or nude in order for his hairy armpits to be admired and appreciated. This is not the case and totally false as the above image proves. Our subject is wearing a sleeveless flannel shirt while proudly exhibiting his furry and muscular underarm! Where there is a will, there is a way!

There are some underarm fur fans who use the visual presence of what they consider their “sacred site” (armpits) to encourage, inspire and stimulate their physical response while intimate with a sexual partner. For those men, the enticement induces their need for physical pleasure and satisfaction.

Licking his partner’s underarm!

No matter if reading this posting creates any new maschalagnia recruits or if anyone has even considered themselves as even vaguely attracted to men’s hirsute axilla. The goal of this entry today was to encourage knowledge, expand horizons, inform others of my desires and to hopefully enable dialogue, tolerance and understanding.

Sunbathing, an ideal time for an underarm fur exhibitionist!

The rapidly approaching summer season – at least here in the Northern Hemisphere – provides unlimited opportunities for hirsute axilla enthusiasts! Beaches (lakeside, oceanfront or riverside) and pools offer endless accessibility to underarm fur for both admirers and exhibitionists. The overwhelming majority of men at those locations are either completely bare (naked) or at the very least, shirtless. The obvious reward is a paradise of hairy armpits! Go and enjoy the view and please remember to bring and to utilize your sunscreen!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Examination Scheduling!

A classroom lecture!

This upcoming week, I have a very serious schedule for my job as a university professor. I will be offering back-to-back examinations for the first three consecutive days of the week followed by a departmental review for the final two days of the work-week. Instant observation: “who the hell planned this major disaster?”

There is no way that as an educator I have any control over my schedule. That is the work of the vastly superior and intellectually over-achieving administration! And we all know just how careful and thoughtful those people are in fulfilling their professional responsibilities!

Scratching my head in confusion!

I’m quite certain that the plans for this upcoming week were developed by some anonymous administrator intent on revenge against me for some inadvertent or perceived slight I may have caused. I have not planned or acted in any way to offend any of my school’s administrators. Nothing has been brought to my attention and if I had committed some unforgivable transgression I know for a fact that there would have been paperwork sent to me immediately by the insulted or slighted party.

That is the unwritten rule within the school where I teach. Put it in writing and send a copy to everyone. Let the world know we have an incompetent among us! Actually, from the overwhelming majority of my coworkers, the incompetence is in my school’s administration!

Who in hell proposed and received approval to schedule a departmental review during exam time?

Physical spanking for incompetence!

In my perspective, that culprit should have their buttocks slapped for such a thoughtless gesture. It is, after all, totally unrealistic!

I have no time for a lunch break nor a restroom break!

Who is going to change my diapers?

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Earth Day, 2021!

Everyone together!

We all live our own lives with one common factor – we all exist on the same planet. Each of us have our own strengths and our own weaknesses. On this planet Earth, unfortunately, there is only one planet and it is facing a questionable and uncertain future. Unless all of us who inhabit this planet join together with the common purpose of preserving our “home,” our individual futures are uncertain as well.

Earth Day, 2021, is being observed globally on April 20, 21 and 22, 2021. Three days for all of us to acquire knowledge and understanding on the tasks we can implement to help “Restore Our Earth” which is the theme for Earth Day, 2021. Our goal is to make this world a better, happier, healthier and safer place!

At the beach on Earth!

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, the spring and summer months give us ample opportunity to understand the importance of preserving nature in order for us to enjoy the experience in the future. Those residing in the Southern Hemisphere also appreciate their natural surroundings but for their seasons of autumn and winter. No matter where we identify as “home” on this planet, Earth, almost all of us have reasons to want to save what we have in order to preserve our continued happiness.

Bare practitioners, after being in hibernation during the cold winters, are often among the first celebrants of Earth Day festivities each year. Being restricted to indoor environments for months presents us with a fond desire to refurbish our Earth in order to naturally enjoy nature. Doing our part in efforts to conserve and protect this planet are small prices to pay for our clothes freedom!

A nature trail somewhere on Earth!

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. The idea was first considered in 1969 at a UNESCO Conference held in San Francisco, USA, by peace activist John McConnell to honor Earth and the concept of global peace. The movement gained strength and support and was signed into a proclamation by the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, U Thant.

A natural hike in nature!

Over the years, I have many times been questioned on the reasons why naturists or nudists support the idea of Earth Day. My response is quite simply, “Why not?” As a man who enjoys being totally bare (clothes free) as much as possible, I can’t understand anyone’s confusion over my enthusiasm for being without any clothing while exploring the “great outdoors.” In my mind, being “natural” in “nature” is the same as being “living” and “breathing” simultaneously. I also have the comfort in knowing that I am not the only bare practitioner who feels this way.

A rocky explorer!

Those of us who celebrate, embrace and enjoy our nakedness – alone or in the company of others who may or may not be naked – the Spring of every year, since 1970, offers us an opportunity of renewal. First, we have a chance to return to nature in our completely natural body, without the burden and artificial concealment of clothing. Second, we are given yet another occasion to welcome the rebirth of our natural environment – nature – and our natural selves.

Sunbathing riverside!

This experience renews our sense of confidence and pride in both our natural surroundings (nature) and our natural home that we all share: Earth. We are therefore enabled and enriched in our appreciation and in our dedication to the preservation of Earth. This endowment explains the affinity that the majority of us envision and feel for Earth Day observances. It provides all of us not only a reason for the renewed – renude – integrity of ourselves but also the renewed – renude – dignity of our shared environment!

Bare practitioners (bisexual or gay naturists/nudists) especially endorse the annual Earth Day festivities. It provides all of us not only a reason to examine the updates in environmental issues and practices but another time to educate others about the benefits of conservation and preservation.

Beach and sunshine!

This year’s theme for Earth Day is: “Restore Our Earth.” For additional information on the details, please visit the website:

Earth Day

To everyone, happy Earth Day, 2021!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Virginia’s Garden Week!

Flowering garden!

Now that Springtime is here, nature responds and welcomes all with a colorful and grand display of all that it has to offer! The new season reminds us that it is truly great to be alive during this renewal of this vibrant return of life in our outdoor environment!

Here in the Commonwealth of Virginia (this state’s official name), tomorrow, April 17, 2021, through next Saturday, April 24, 2021, is this year’s Virginia Garden Week. This state is located in the middle Atlantic region of this country, which borders on the eastern coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The designated week celebrates the return of spring and the blossoming of horticultural delights from the mountains to the beaches and everywhere in between!

The forests of Virginia welcome bare practitioners!

Garden Week in Virginia is traditionally a time to admire and enjoy the early blossoms of the newly arrived season. Many of the historic sites maintain the gardens on their property as close as possible to the actual originals. This particular week allows them to showcase the flora and to entice continued visits to these places as the flowering evolves from spring into summer. It is also a proven “tourist tool” as it has drawn the adventuresome and their money to countless gift shops and restaurants!

Of course, many schools frequently take advantage of Virginia Garden Week to teach students the lessons of gardening and the care of plants. For many, it is one of the few occasions when such information is received.

Sniffing fresh blossoms!

Unfortunately, there are no “clothing optional” public gardens located in Virginia. This means that we bare practitioners are unable to fully enjoy a return to milder weather with moderate outdoor temperatures – unless we are encased in burdensome clothes. Granted, it isn’t quite the time of year where clothes freedom is comfortable all day long. The overnight temperatures can be chilly and nudity isn’t recommended until late mornings and early afternoons. Private gardens are the only option that we have for a comfortable, bare viewing and visit!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry here is planned for Monday, April 19, 2021, and the proposed topic is “Earth Day.”

The Daffodils

Yours truly in daffodils!

The title of this post entry on ReNude Pride is the same as the poem below, composed by William Wordsworth. This particular poem was one of the very first that I had to commit to memory during primary school. My teacher required us to memorize poetry in order for us to appreciate the English language. We had to learn this work in both American Sign Language (ASL) and English.

The Daffodils

by William Wordsworth

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

that floats on high o’er vales and hills,

When all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils;

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,

fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine

and twinkle on the Milky Way,

They stretched in never-ending line

along the margin of a bay;

Ten thousand saw I, at a glance,

tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced, but they

outdid the sparkling waves in glee!

A poet could not but be gay, in such jocund company;

I gazed – and gazed – but little thought;

what wealth the show to me had brought.

For oft, when on my couch I lie,

in vacant or in pensive mood,

they flash upon that inward eye

which is the bliss of solitude;

and then my heart with pleasure fills,

and dances with the daffodils.

Posing with the daffodils in LBJ Park!

“The Daffodils” by William Wordsworth, which celebrates the arrival of Spring each year, has remained one of my favorite poems. It welcomes the return of a very comfortable and pleasant season of the year that, in turn, encourages our freedom to “bare our bodies” whenever the weather permits.

It wasn’t until after I had committed the poem to memory that I understood the importance of using poetry in emphasizing the relationship between my first language, ASL, and English. This lesson in primary school helped tremendously in my secondary school education!

My spouse, Aaron, deserves all the credit for the accompanying photography! He encouraged my posing and took the pictures. All I did was stand there, bare!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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“All Boys Aren’t Blue”

I’m not a wine consumer but I do enjoy a good book!

During the doldrums of the winter season, with outdoor temperatures hovering below the “comfort zone,” the scene above epitomizes the notion of reading for leisure. Sitting in a comfortable chair, bare and relaxed, indoors and immune from the rigors of winter weather with a soothing beverage in one hand and a good book in the other. Why not smile and savor the moment?

At the university where I teach, our winter holiday ended on Monday, January 11, 2021, and a new semester began. As commonly experienced for most, new beginnings are frequently accompanied by the all-time favorites: chaos and confusion. Especially now that the coronavirus COVID-19 is in a major rebound. Such is life!

Returning to work renewed my “need to read” in order to retain my sanity from one day into the next. My first selection was the contemporary memoir, All Boys Aren’t Blue by George Matthew Johnson. This book, identified by it’s author as a “memoir-manifesto,” was published April 28, 2020.

George M. Johnson (left) and the cover of his book “All Boys Aren’t Blue.”

I like George M. Johnson’s choice of “memoir-manifesto” as a term of description for his book. “Memoir” lets us all know that it is a factual recounting of his youth (childhood, teenager and young adult) as seen through his eyes and in his thoughts. “Manifesto” informs us that his work “…is an exploration of two of my identities – Black and queer – and how I became aware of their intersections within myself and in society.”

He writes of the antics, challenges and incidents of growing up in a family (immediate and extended) in a community (middle-class USA) in a country struggling to find it’s way towards true equality for all persons (African-American, Asian, Hispanic, White, bisexual, gay, heterosexual, lesbian, transgender and an endless number of belief systems).

The author was born in 1985. This indeed places his developing years within the timeline of US society’s turmoil over conflicting dynamics and issues – many continuing into the present. As he notes throughout his pages, resolving these differences may take an entire lifetime.

Three teen muses!

Mr. Johnson enlightens and entertains through the recounting of incidents from his early life in New Jersey, USA, and the impact on his development and growth as a same gender loving man of color. Despite the often applied perception of African Americans as being excessively homophobic, he uses his own extended family to discredit this misconception. Through laughter and love, his acceptance and respect from his own family is constant.

As the author matures through his life, the tales expand from his interactions with his numerous cousins to his growing comfort with solitude as he faces the reality that he is different in not only his personality but also in his outlook on life and his worldview. His uniqueness is expanded as he encounters others beyond his extended family and outside his racial community. He retreats into himself even further upon adolescence and subsequent years.

It isn’t until he begins living at university that he discovers the confidence, courage and pride in being himself. This awareness leads him to the truth that sharing his life with others may help them in their journey to becoming who they are.

None of our lives are identical or even vaguely similar. George Matthew Johnson’s book, “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” gives us examples of his life, with the lessons they installed, in the goal that readers may recognize the unfolding message that their own experiences may harbor some valuable truth.

In the end of his book, Mr. Johnson summarizes the title and explains the meaning. That conclusion is offered to everyone now.

When I say I am not “blue,” I mean so much more than a color traditionally designated to represent boy. When I say I’m not “blue,” I’m referring to the blue on the police uniform my father wore. How I’ve watched too many times in that same blue harm Black and brown people. I know for myself that although I respect my father with all my heart, it is my duty to fight against how that institution has harmed us.

When I say I’m not blue, I’m referring to the first time I saw the movie “Moonlight” and how my heart raced with the little boy Chiron, who was being chased by the others because he, too, was different.

Most importantly, when I say that I am not blue, I mean that I have no regrets about how this all turned out. Whether this book is a bestseller or a flop, if one person is helped by my story, then it was all worth it.”

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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One Year Later!

Face-mask wearing!

One year ago, we were blindly being led into a strange situation that the overwhelming majority of us had never before travelled. Quarantine was upon us and most hadn’t even a vague idea of what that entailed. Unfortunately, there are many, one year later, still unable to grasp the concept.

I have, since renewing publication here, received several emails asking why I was not able to continue publishing here last year. The basic and simple answers are the commitment and the time factors. Those two are the major reasons that I had to pause and adopt a “wait and see” timeframe.

One of the online inquisitors responded to my reply with his own assessment that as an educator and with classes suspended, I had plenty of time to devote to ReNude Pride. As if there were no other issues demanding my concentration and time!


While that may appear to indeed be the case, it was very far from reality. Although the majority of our on-site classes were suspended, online classes were not! I am one of the very first to readily admit that my experience with online education is very minimal. Before the quarantine, I had virtually no reason to even consider anything besides my usual classroom instruction.

One year ago, I faced an unimaginable dilemma. Either “get with the times” (in other words, adapt to what’s needed) or else fail to meet the expectations and needs of my students – as well as my department’s and my university’s reputation. It was either “sink” or “swim.” I chose to swim.

Swimming in a skyline pool!

It wasn’t easy and my own learning was a major challenge, but somehow, with patience, persistence and much help from my spouse, Aaron, I was able to achieve my goal in completing the semester online. My students were understanding of my predicament and very cooperative in tolerating my many mistakes and shortcomings. Almost every student was supportive.

We all emitted a “sigh of relief” when the curriculum ended in May and final examinations completed. Knowing that the coronavirus COVID-19 was in no way completely eradicated, I undertook my summer freedom to prepare for this year as much as possible in advance.

Camera and posing!

I managed to anticipate an entire year of quarantine and was able to create “student handbooks” to afford every student with a prepared guide based on lesson plans and experiences from the past instruction. Having already become familiar with the issues and complications surrounding quarantining circumstances and the special problems that are associated with that situation, the summer allowed me to focus on revising my plans accordingly for the classroom, either “live” or online.

My paying job is my responsibility to maintain. My students are mine to educate and enlighten. They take a priority over the composing of this site. Not to detract from the importance of ReNude Pride. It gives me both pleasure and satisfaction. However, it does take time and energy and in the quarantine situation that we all faced last year and presently, I give more importance to professional obligations over all other concerns.

Bare hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Happy Western Easter!

Have a fun and happy Easter!

Easter, among other religious holidays, are usually observed on two different dates on the calendars of the Christians throughout the world. The “western” believers are the ones of the Roman Catholic and other Protestant faiths. The Orthodox churches and the ones from the area of the Holy Land follow the traditional observances.

This year, Western Easter is today, April 4, 2021. Those of us of the Orthodox traditions, our Holy Easter for this year, 2021, is celebrated on Sunday, May 2.

To those who are experiencing Easter today: Happy Easter!

Your Easter mascot: the Bunny!

Bare hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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