Bare With Me!

This page of ReNude Pride is dedicated to pictures of my nudity. Hence the page title, “Bare With Me.” I decided that simply writing about being a bare practitioner (naturist/nudist) isn’t always the most effective way to offer nude encouragement. Sharing nude experiences with others allows them to see that living clothes-free isn’t all that different from their own daily lives, with the exception that our lives doesn’t always involve the wearing of clothing.

As a proud same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner, I’m not ashamed or embarrassed in having others view my nudity. I know that my physical body is far from perfect yet that is what makes me unique. My imperfections are me. It’s one of the ways that some use to distinguish between myself and my identical twin brother.

So I invite all of you to join with me and celebrate being bare and living with pride! I created and began publishing this page on February 27, 2017. It is a “work-in-progress” and I plan to add new photographs periodically. Come back and visit as often as you like.



The above photo is me composing on my netbook in a local park. I can’t remember the year that my husband, Aaron, took this image. The leaves on the trees indicate that the season was Autumn. Uploaded here on February 27, 2017. 



The above image was made during the Winter, 2011. I’m enjoying being s’naked (snow + naked) during a break in between snowfalls. I was surprised that being bare in snow wasn’t as uncomfortable as I had imagined. This image uploaded here on February 27, 2017.



These images were created during the month of March, 2010, just as the daffodils were emerging from their winter hibernation at a local park in Arlington, Virginia. These two pictures were uploaded here on March 16, 2017.



RogerPixSleepRox (1)

The above image of me, asleep on a rock, riverside, was taken by Aaron, my husband in August, 2010, after we first met. This photograph uploaded here on April 25, 2017.



The “Sleeping Beauty” above is my husband, Aaron. I took this photo of him early Easter morning, April 16, 2017. Many of the readers here and asked for a picture of him. This image uploaded here on May, 10, 2017.



Gay naked pride is alive! This photo of me was taken by Aaron during June, 2013, at a June Pride outing for gay nudists at James River Park in Richmond, Virginia.

Uploaded here on June 12, 2017.



An early Autumn hike through a trail along a natural pathway near the Virginia mountains in 2015. 

Uploaded here on October 6, 2017.



These photographs, above and below, are of me in my 2012 Halloween costume. It was an unusually warm October that year and Aaron (my spouse) and I hosted a costume-picnic for some of our friends riverside in a local park. My costume consisted of a mask and a “clip-on” salmon colored bow-tie. The photo below is of me in a very rare moment of modesty!

Photos uploaded here on October 23, 2017




The photograph above was made early in the month of December, 2009. I had just gotten an new digital camera and was experimenting with the “self-timer” application and using a new tripod. The “Santa” hat I’m wearing was several years old. This image uploaded here on December 6, 2017. 


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