Nudecentric Briefs

Welcome to the Nudecentric Briefs page here at ReNude Pride blog. The purpose of this featured page of this website is to offer helpful suggestions to those men who may be curious about or interested in exploring becoming a bare practitioner (naturist/nudist) but aren’t too confident about how to proceed. Nudecentric Briefs will offer different ideas and simple guidelines to follow as a means of re-acquainting our bodies and ourselves to the comforts of our nakedness. Remember, we were all born into this world clothes-free and if we take the time to observe a newborn, they’re usually always their happiest when they are completely bare!


All of us are already familiar with stripping off our clothes. We do it everyday just before we step into the bathtub or the shower. So the act of becoming bare isn’t the concern. For some, it’s the what to do once the clothes are off that presents the challenge. That’s what I plan to address here on Nudecentric Briefs. 

The title, Nudecentric Briefs, explains the purpose or the mission of this page here on ReNude Pride. It’s “nudecentric” by being exactly what the word implies, nude-focused or nude-centered. The “briefs” refers to the concept of short, simple or basic guidelines or suggestions as to how to explore and expand our comfort with being bare or clothes-free. The ultimate goal is to have us all being both naked and proud!

The plan for Nudecentric Briefs is to post a new idea monthly for everyone to try. Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions. There is no requirement that needs to be fulfilled. What is good for one may not be the same for another! Everyone is free to employ as many as or as few of the ideas as suits their needs.

All that’s needed now is to remove your clothing and get bare!

This page was created and added here on August 30, 2018.


Nudecentric Brief # 1:

Grooming Nude

Many of us start our morning routine of preparation for work with a shower followed by other grooming tasks (brushing our teeth, shaving, etc.). Practically all of us regularly bathe or shower nude, so this portion of our ritual is fairly set. But instead of getting dressed immediately after exiting the bathtub or shower, we can start off our day by performing the remainder of our personal hygiene and grooming tasks before we wrap ourselves in a towel or put on any item of clothing. We can do all of these why still naked from our bath or shower in order to become accustomed to keeping ourselves both bare and busy. This enables us to extend our nude comfort time without having to focus on the question: “Now that I’m nude, what do I do?” 

Since most of our morning routine is performed in front of a mirror, it also provides us a chance to see our nudity as perhaps others do. We not only become comfortable being bare but also seeing ourselves bare as well.

Try this procedure for a month and see how easy the adjustment can be made.

Posted here on August 1, 2018.