Page of Fame

Welcome to ReNude Pride’s very own Page of Fame. The men honored on this page are those who graciously consented to an interview and were featured on this site. This Page of Fame was created specifically to pay tribute to their generosity in sharing both their nudity and their thoughts to all those reading and visiting here. In my mind, each interviewee here is a champion! 

They’re listed here in the chronological order their interview was published. Included with each is a direct link to their blog as well as to their interview.


Page of Fame


Gay Black Nudist (see below)

Kenn Campbell-Harris, Author

Interview published: March 27, 2017

Click title below to view:

Interview: Kenn of “Gay Black Nudist” Blog 

Publisher’s Note: In May, 2017, Kenn’s blog, “Gay Black Nudist” evolved into

Nudist Planet 


Black Nude Taurus


Dean Fawehinmi, author of Black Nude Taurus

Interview published: June 19, 2017

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Interview: Dean of Black Nude Taurus

Dean body painted in New York City, 2016 (click on the body painted images to enlarge)