Graceful Pride!

Graceful and proud!

During Pride Month, it isn’t a requirement that we feature a daily reminder of our confidence in being both ourselves and of our being bare. However, there are occasions when we encounter images that encourage us to exhibit ourselves as an appreciation of our unique individuality!

Today’s simple posting serves as an example of that ideal. In our world, we often don’t take the time to acknowledge not only the physical beauty of our nudity but the sheer grace and poise that our being bare represents. Too often, we are ridiculed for our preference to be without the covering of clothing and are accused of flaunting our sexuality and labeled as promiscuous.

Showing their bare pride!

As bare practitioners, the majority of us have the confidence necessary to be ourselves whenever we are out in the “public eye” and under the scrutiny of others. This may not have been a possibility for our entire lives and for many is only a recent accomplishment. No matter our circumstances, it is essential that we maintain an awareness of what is happening throughout the world and keep the interests of all bare practitioners foremost in our minds!

Naked truth!

Aaron and I are off to visit my mother and siblings for ten days. Everyone is doing well but it is time for us to visit them so they will all miss us when we leave! For the remainder of this month, I have a posting drafted for the first day of Summer, 2021, and for the Bottoms-Up! series on June 30.

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: Visiting my family in Greece and the next post entry here is planned for Friday, June 18, 2021, and the proposed topic is “Pride Has Humor!”

World Naked Bike Ride!

WNBR: World Naked Bike Ride!

“We face automobile traffic with our naked bodies as the best way of defending our dignity and exposing the unique dangers faced by cyclists and pedestrians as well as the negative consequences we all face due to dependence on oil and other forms of non-renewable energy.”

World Naked Bike Ride website

WNBR: London, UK 2018

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) survived the restrictions of the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic and continues to serve humanity in heightening awareness of safety issues and environmental energy issues. It is good to know that the world has thousands of volunteers who still work endlessly towards making our planet habitable and pleasant!

WNBR, London, UK

There exists no central council or governing body for the WNBR and each event is considered independent of the whole. The only requirement is the adherence to the guidelines towards cyclist and pedestrian safety and the seeking of renewal-energy resources for transportation power.

Preparing to begin!

The contemporary WNBR event began in 2004 and has taken place annually throughout the world. There is no official date for the cycling and as most rides are promoted locally, it is incumbent upon each site to select the date suitable for their municipality.

The WNBR strives to promote cycling and pedestrian safety and to reduce dependence on oil as an energy source. The rides do not encourage social nudity as much as promoting environmental health and prosperity.

A gay rainbow flag adorns his bicycle!

The WNBR isn’t a major proponent of GLBTQ equality or rights however, since it began it has been a major attraction for GLBTQ participants. Environmental concerns often attract a variety of followers!

The quarantine and social spacing practices enacted in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak impacted the WNBR 2020 activities. Many sites were forced to postpone scheduling in the interests of public safety and disease containment.

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Photo-Essay: Posing With Pride!

A tropical embrace!

A photo-essay is a document that expresses a concept or idea (theme) using photographs. ReNude Pride endorses this context as it employs the image rather than word to deliver the message. This does not belittle the importance of the printed word. Rather, it recognizes the variety of conveyance and expression!

The pictures and the .gifs here all depict a proud story of men in all their proud glory as bare practitioners!

Interracial neck nibbling!
Kissing and fondling!
Diving to skinny-dip!
Jogging along!
Posing for a selfie!
Muscular modesty!
A PRIDE tattoo!

Again, best wishes for happiness and pride to all! When having your picture taken, please remember to always “pose with pride!”

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry is planned for here on Friday, June 11, 2021, and the proposed topic is “2021 World Naked Bike Ride!”

Branded Celebrity: Felipe Ferreira!

Bare and same gender loving: Felipe Ferreira!

What better way to show our enthusiasm for June: GLBTQ Bare Pride Month than to publish a post entry that features openly gay Brazilian-born model and aspiring porn star, Felipe Ferreira with his “branded” tattoo that proclaims his pride in being himself?

Felipe and his sexy hairy armpits!

Felipe first attracted my attention in 2017 as his career as a model for men’s underwear launched. I immediately noticed the pride tattoo he had located prominently at the base of his neck – long before I became aware of his confidence in his own sexuality despite the concerns of the modeling industry. He is very fit and remarkably handsome as publicists for the industry stressed the fact that he was comfortably bisexual.

Felipe models his pubic bush!

Two years later, in 2019, Felipe publicly acknowledged himself as an exclusively same gender loving (gay) man and that his bisexual “cover” as a work of a model agency’s publicist intent on keeping his sexuality a secret in order to enhance his appeal to both genders.

Felipe modeling a man’s athletic jock-strap!

The pride tattoo that Ferreira sports serves as a very public reminder to us all, as bare practitioners, that whereas we celebrate June, annually, as our pride month, our confidence and pride, both, our ours to observe 365 days per year – in other words, all year long!

Felipe Ferreira

It is amazing to have a celebrity of Felipe Ferreira’s celebrity status as an open model for our very own community. Through his commitment to equality and fairness, as well as his physical attractiveness, he is a very proficient and skilled ambassador to a world that often downplays our community – whether we are wearing clothes or not!

Felipe Ferreira poses with fellow gay porn star, Rhyheim Shabazz!

Now, Felipe is comfortable in opening new horizons in his career. He’s now appearing in “soft” pornography scenes with a growing number of major performers in the gay porn industry, such as Rhyheim Shabazz (above) and Raphael Horst (below).

Felipe Ferreira poses with fellow gay porn star, Raphael Horst!

Felipe Ferreira realizes the role-model status that he has with the GLBTQ community in opening doors for younger members of not only our sexuality but also as bare practitioners. It is both heartening and refreshing to see a man of his stature aware of his responsibility for guidance and self-acceptance.

Felipe Ferreira and Rhyheim Shabazz, both bare and kissing!

We all thank Felipe Ferreira, Raphael Horst and Rhyheim Shabazz for their devotion, loyalty and commitment to us bare practitioners and our unique community! Have a fantastic pride month everyone!

Felipe with his rainbow gay flag in his bedroom!

We all know that a pride tattoo alone is insufficient to instill confidence in being the true person that we are. The achieving of pride in ourselves requires self-acceptance, effort and hard work – and for many, both agony and pain. Felipe realizes this and strives to be a living example for all of us to be ourselves and live our lives fully and openly as possible.


In pursuing his interests in life, modeling and acting, Felipe is ignoring any concerns over his sexuality and continuing to serve as an honest role-model for any of the youth of our community – bare practitioners – to be themselves and to follow their own dreams. That is the path that he is showing by his example and the one we should all take in our own lives!

Remember, sometimes a simple smile is all that it takes to share our confidence with others!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry here is planned for Monday, June 7, 2021, and the proposed topic is “Photo-Essay: Posed With Pride!”

June, 2021: Bare Practitioner Pride!

June is Pride Month, 2021!

June of every year, since the Stonewall Inn Riots of June 28, 1969, is observed in the USA as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) Pride Month! It is the celebration of our community, our lives and most importantly, ourselves as well as who we all are! Here at ReNude Pride, we pay tribute to this entire month as Bare Practitioner Pride Month and salute ourselves and not only who we are, but equally, our nudity, too!

Be bare, be bold, be proud!

Happy Bare Practitioner’s Pride Month, 2021!

On behalf of my spouse, Aaron, and myself the very best wishes and greetings to all of you on this momentous occasion! It was merely fifty-one (51) years ago this month, during June, 1970, that the very first – ever – Gay Pride parade was held in New York City, New York, USA. The reason for the parade was to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the instigation of the growing struggle for same gender loving that ensued.

The movement for equal rights is far from over. However, it is honest and with justification and pride that we look back over the progress we have accomplished and face the future with confidence!

Pride is alive!

Thus far, there has been no official merger of the GLBTQ community and the naturist/nudist campaign. Hopefully, this unofficial joining of the two equality and freedom efforts happening here on ReNude Pride can help start such an initiative in the forseeable future.

It is important for all of us to remember that all it takes is one small seed to grow into a mighty tree. The idea of bare practitioner pride – bisexual and gay men’s naturist/nudist pride – is planted and promoted here. That is the “seed” that is shared (planted) with you. Ideally, it will both grow and prosper!

Pride for all!

Our pride in ourselves as open and honest bare practitioners empowers our GLBTQ and naturist/nudist communities, our larger societies and our humanity. This pride enables us to move forward with confidence and to work together towards a world based on patience, respect and tolerance.

All of us as bare practitioners have an essential and vital role to play in the configuration of our united community. Our appreciation and comprehension of ourselves is the first step. We are all individual and unique. Traits that we possess in common are our sexual identity and our propensity for clothes freedom (nudity).

Men are invited to kiss him, because he’s naked!

The realization that others exist who share our emotions, interests and outlook – that we are not alone – is a key towards self-acceptance and self-appreciation. This reality, in turn, encourages us to explore our community and to build upon the existing foundations we discover.

Rather than sitting around and waiting for fruition, fulfillment and pride to arrive at our door, it is instead incumbent upon each and every one of us to take the proverbial “second step” in this process by accepting and recognizing our duty and responsibility in creating and developing a better environment for us all! Through compromise and cooperation, we can all work together in designing, shaping and sharing and brighter and improved future individually as well as a community!

Obey all flashing signs!

A third essential role is to encourage others (family, friends) to become active and involved in determining opportunities to support the bare practitioner community. Ideas and suggestions are fine and welcome. But, we all know that hard work and logistics are also beneficial for growth and success!

This exploration and discovery helps us to acquire a sense of confidence, fulfillment and pride in ourselves, in who we are and in our community of bare practitioners within our broader and general society!

Have a happy and successful Pride Month, 2021!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

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Bottoms-Up! May, 2021

Surfer Up!

Today is the last day of May, 2021! May is also the last full month of Spring! Once this season began back near the end of March, the speed of the days accelerated beyond the speed of light! It is unbelievable that almost another full season has almost passed!

The Polynesian man preparing to surf (above) is giving us a resplendent view of his bare buttocks!

Tanlines on his buttocks!

On the lake, this man is reminding us all who live in the Northern Hemisphere that the time is “ripe” for outdoor exposure throughout most of our region!

Stripped in the sunshine!

Our man (above) proudly displays his buttocks and his tanline in the brilliant sunshine! Let’s hope he remembered his sunscreen!

A sunbathing booty!

Calm and relaxed, today happens to be the Memorial Day holiday in the USA. Our man above is quite content with a quiet three-day weekend in the sunshine!

USA Memorial Day holiday!

The Memorial Day holiday is designated in honor of all of those who died in the service of their country. All US flags are flown in half-mast from sunrise until noon out of respect for the deceased. At noon, all flags are returned to full-mast.

Happy Memorial Day!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry for here is planned for tomorrow, Tuesday, June 1, 2021, and the proposed topic is “June, 2021: Bare Practitioner Pride!”

USA: Memorial Day Weekend!

Come on, the beach is here!

Throughout the USA, this is the Memorial Day weekend, a three-day holiday that for the majority marks the unofficial beginning of the summer season. Before heading outdoors and to the beach, lake, river or pool, please remember to apply sunscreen generously to every exposed portion of your body! Your skin and your health appreciate your efforts!

Waterfront pose #1!

The seasons pass away all too quickly so many of us take advantage of every spare moment to enjoy the freedom that we know we have richly earned through the harshness of the winter! After all, we deserve it!

Waterfront pose #2!

Keep in mind that Monday, the last day of this three-day holiday weekend, is the actual Memorial Day – the day that the USA honors all wartime deceased. Their sacrifice made our ability to appreciate the summer all possible.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry planned for here is on Monday, May 31, 2021, and the proposed topic is “Bottoms-Up! May, 2021.”

Strip and Skinny-Dip!

Naturally all natural!

For those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time of the year that gives us the energy to withstand the rigors of the winter season! The warming weather conditions outside have finally reached, for most of us, a tolerable level that reminds us that it is almost time to get outdoors, strip and skinny-dip (swim naked)!

Personally, the entire procedure of publicly stripping off my clothing and then ceremoniously skinny-dipping is enough for me to endure an entire year of winters! Fortunately, I don’t have to face that challenge!

Ready for the ocean!

Skinny-dipping is a colloquial term for swimming naked with origins in the rural southern United States. The usage was probably due to the phrase: “let’s dip (immerse or soak) our skin (nudity) into the water (lake, ocean, river). Gradually, the term skinny-dipping evolved into the southern culture. The phrase remained localized until World War II when the massive mobilization of the armed forces introduced millions of Americans unfamiliar with the expression to one another and the phrase gained widespread acceptance and usage.

During the war years, swimsuits weren’t available to the troops. Swimming bare for the servicemen was considered both natural and normal – and convenient.

Stripping and heading into the ocean!

International Skinny-Dipping Day

The second Saturday during the month of July, annually, is the day observed as International Skinny-Dipping Day. Although it is not celebrated by any nation, officially, it is promoted as a date for bare practitioners, naturists and nudists – as well as anyone else who wants to shed their swimsuit – as a worldwide event for us all to commemorate our shared humanity! This year, 2021, the date is Saturday, July 10.

Skinny-dipping is fun, relaxing and completely cool!

Important Safety Notations!

A very strong reminder to everyone who anticipates any skinny-dipping adventure is to remember the sunscreen and to generously apply it all over one’s body. Please familiarize yourself with the instructions for usage that accompany your supply and to follow the instructions carefully. None of us look forward to the inconvenience of a sunburn!

Safety first, please!

Skinny-dipping alone is not recommended for anyone! No matter how familiar we are with our aquatic environment – or how accomplished our swimming skills may be – situations change often without warning. It is best to always be prepared as best we can. Swimming alone – with or without clothing – is not encouraged!

Skinny-dipping ReNude Pride avatar (image)

Now that the warmer weather is here with us, have a safe and successful skinny-dipping season!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry here is planned for Friday, May 28, 2021, and the proposed topic is “USA: Memorial Day Weekend!”

Spring Cleaning!

Landon (right) and friend soaking clean!

Alternate Title: “Bathtub For Two!

Author’s Note: Following this past Monday’s mega-post, I thought a brief “fun” entry post for today as a great way to start the weekend in a happy and uplifting spirit!

“Spring cleaning” is a term used by many to describe the annual chore undertaken in apartments and houses. After a winter season that repetitively involves the endless tracking in of dirty snow, ice and mud, most carpets, floors and every household often require at least one serious and thorough cleaning – from the floor to the ceiling! Once completed, guests may resume visiting with confidence and welcome!

The clutter and dirt has all been disposed. Mismatched socks and stray gloves have been thrown out. All linens (bedclothes and towels) have been laundered. The residence is now sanitary and completely spotless!

Landon admires his buddy’s clean buttocks!

Landon (the dark-skinned man on the right in the .gifs here) and his bathing buddy are both soaking in the tub. They just finished all of their “Spring cleaning” and are now getting ready for their respective Friday evening dates. Their only concern is removing the dirt and dust from their chores so they’re presentable for their man taking them out tonight!

Landon is a gay actor and it’s obvious he has eyes for admiring his partner’s booty. His bathtub buddy is equally delighted to share his buttocks with us all! Thank you both, Landon and your “bath friend!”

A benefit of Spring cleaning!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry for here is planned for Monday, May 24, 2021, and the proposed topic is “Strip and Skinny-Dip!”

Save Your Skin!

Preparing for a day in the sun, picture #1!

Author’s Note: The rapidly approach of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere and the seasonal transition in the Southern Hemisphere validate the importance of the annual “manifest” of the health and safety benefits attained through the consistent regular use of sunscreen. No matter where we live, our racial identity or the amount of time that we spend outside, the proper use of sunscreen is vital to us all! Please read! Appreciate, learn and practice!

The summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21, here in the Northern Hemisphere. However, in the USA, two weeks from today, Monday, May 31, is the Memorial Day holiday. Most people in this country consider this date the unofficial beginning of the legendary season of “fun in the sun.” No matter which date one prefers for the arrival of the summer, there’s no denying the fact that warmer temperatures and longer daylight are here. This means that textile folks are wearing less clothing and that us clothes free enthusiasts are bare, as usual!

That also means that most (if not all) of us, bare or otherwise, are outside and for longer periods of time, than we were a month ago. While outdoors, we’re all exposing more of our skin to the sun’s rays. This baring of ourselves in all of this sunshine is a welcome change and relief after the forced hibernation of this past winter.

In our eagerness to get out and frolic in the fresh air and the warm sunshine, many of us forget one of the basic rules of summer health. We all need to cover up (protect) our skin before we uncover any part or all of our body. This cover up entails the use of an appropriate sunscreen applied adequately (sufficient quantity) and, when necessary, reapplied diligently. Using sunscreen allows most of us to enjoy the most of whatever our summer plans may offer. The purpose of sunscreen is to safeguard our skin from the condition known as sunburn (or worse), which is shown on the back on the man in the photograph below.

A sunburn on his back!

Sunburn is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation and not heat. It is important to remember that skin can burn even on overcast or cloudy days, cold winter days and while under shade (shelter from direct sunlight). Sunburn damages or destroys the skin, which controls the amount of heat our body releases or retains, holds in fluids (hydration) and protects us from infection.

Reactions to sunburn range from mild irritation to serious pain. Sunburn may cause fevers and nausea (depending on the severity of the burn) and makes the dead skin peel away. Sunburn may lead to serious health complications and issues later in life.

The information below is very general and is offered as a guide to use in selecting the type of sunscreen that’s best for personal protection. Keep in mind that every individual is just that, an individual: a unique person. What is applicable for one may or may not be the same for another. When in doubt, consult a health practitioner. It is better to ask now than to be sorry later!

Preparing to apply sunscreen.

The format for the remainder of this posting here on ReNude Pride is in a “question and answer” style. I thought this would enable visitors here an easier and speedier search if they had specific questions or topics to pursue.

What is sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a chemical that, to a certain degree, prevents UV radiation from reaching the skin. While there is no product that totally eliminates UV radiation damage, many variations, when used properly, can and do protect the skin adequately.

What should I look for in a sunscreen?

Regardless of where the sun activity is taking place – backyard, ball-playing field, court or course, park or waterfront, the sunscreen product should contain two elements for effective protection. Always look for a “broad spectrum” sunscreen that includes chemicals that block both UV-A and UV-B radiation from penetrating the skin surface.

While no product is completely “waterproof,” select a “water-resistant” type that is designed for long-lasting wear, especially if sweating heavily or swimming. Choose a variation that is both easy to apply and feels good on the skin. There are numerous commercial brands available: creams, gels, lotions, moisturizers, solid sticks and sprays (aerosols). After applying whatever commercial brand that you choose, gently and evenly rub the ointment into the skin to ensure full protection. In order for the protection to occur, the sunscreen must be absorbed into the skin.

What is SPF?

The initials SPF refer to sun protection factor. It is the measure of the effectiveness of the sunscreen in absorbing UV-B radiation. If someone sunburns after 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure, using a product of SPF15 extends the amount of time before sunburn occurs to approximately 150 minutes or two-and-one-half hours. After this amount of time, it should be reapplied to continue protection.

In terms of percentages, a product of SPR15 blocks almost 93% of the UV-B sunrays. One of SPF30 blocks almost 97% of radiation and one of SPF50 blocks almost 99%. The difference in protection may not justify the added expense of higher SPF sunscreens.

Dousing himself with sunscreen!

What’s the best sunscreen for me?

This depends on many factors, including age, activity, skin type, race or ethnicity, time of day, location (proximity to the equator) and the UV index. For most skin types, a sunscreen with a minimum SPF15 is recommended. Men with fair or lighter skin tones (of all races) and low sun tolerance (burn easily) should use SPF30. For minimal sun exposure, 90 minutes or less, a moisturizer cream may suffice (with correct SPF level). For extended periods of sun exposure and higher activity engagement (either sports or excessive sweating) use a longer-lasting product such s a cream, gel or lotion. Sprays (either aerosol or pump) are beneficial for hairy parts of the body, including arms and armpits, chest, legs and the pubic region. If a person is acne-prone, select sunscreens that are oil-free or non-carnodegenic.

For persons with sensitive skin, the chemicals in some sunscreens may cause skin irritation. Use a product that contains only physical blockers (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide). A physical blocker does not penetrate the skin layers as do chemicals. Physical blockers remain on the skin surface to provide protection.

What’s the best way to use sunscreen?

If you’ve used sunscreen before and sunburned, it was either a) applied incorrectly, b) the wrong SPF, c) expired by age. For sunscreen to be effective, it must be in sufficient quantity, applied correctly and thoroughly, applied prior to sun exposure and reapplied when necessary. Remember the lips! Use a lip balm with a minimum SPF15!

How much?

One ounce (a full alcoholic shot glass) per adult body per application (minimally). Apply liberally all over the body, including behind the ears and on the edges of the ear and ear lobes.

When to apply?

At least thirty (30) minutes before going out into the sun. It is best to reapply 15 minutes later. The second application helps to cover body areas that may have inadvertently missed the first time. Once in sunlight, reapply when recommended in the sunscreen directions. More often if swimming, heavily perspiring or towel drying.

Applying sunscreen on his friend’s back!

Who should use sunscreen?

Everyone needs skin protection from the sin’s rays! All ethnicities and races are susceptible to sunburn. Men with darker skin complexions or skin tones may have a higher tolerance for sun exposure but at some point, will begin to experience sunburn. Keep in mind that skin damage and serious complications later are a result of failure to protect the skin.

What does the “expiration date” mean?

Sunscreen usually remains stable and effective for a period of three years. After the expiration date, the contents will begin to decompose and will not offer the intended protection. Always check the expiration date before application! Discard any product that is past the expiration date.

Applying his sunscreen!


Sunrays also have an impact on human eyes. Sunglasses are an important tool to help safeguard vision and eliminate radiation. There are sunglasses available that reduce UV radiation. Take care and protect your eyes, too! Caution: do not apply sunscreen into your eyes!

Suggestions For Bare Practitioners:

All of us bare practitioners (bisexual or gay men who are also naturist or nudist) should keep in mind the following suggestions on sunscreen.

  1. When in public, it is best not to have a friend or intimate partner to apply sunscreen to your genitalia and vice versa. Often, people have been expelled from facilities for “indecent or lewd conduct.” Discretion is advised.
  2. Apply sunscreen to the entire body. This includes the anal area, armpits, penis and testicles (both front and back). Follow the reapplication guidelines. Body areas that may not receive direct sunlight absorb UV-A and UV-B radiation indirectly. When in public, be discrete in applying sunscreen in the genitalia.
  3. Manscaping (body hair removal), no matter the method used, creates sensitive areas on the skin surface. First, apply a gentle body lotion, wait 15 – 20 minutes and then cover with sunscreen.
  4. For all-day visits to the beach or lakefront areas, a time device is encouraged in order to monitor the reapplication process. An alarm is ideal for alerting the time to reapply!
Covering his partner!

Being outdoors and in the sunlight is a pleasurable time for practically all of us but especially when we are just as clothes free as possible! There are an endless variety of nudecentric (bare focused) activities that we enjoy, from reading alone or to someone to a full athletic event with both participants and spectators. No matter how we plan to spend our leisure time, proper protection against sunburn ensures all of us freedom from concerns over our health both now and in the future. One less worry as we go about our business of having “fun in the sun!”

In following the above protocols and recommendations and our own “common sense,” we’ll all be able to look back and know that “a good time was had by all!”

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry for here is planned for Friday, May 21, 2021, and the proposed topic is “Spring Cleaning!”