A Guy Without Boxers!

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JANUARY, 2023!

Happy new nude year, 2023 to all! My full name is Aaron Michael Peterson-Poladopoulos and I am married to Roger Poladopoulos, the author, manager and boss of ReNude Pride. I am doing the responsibility of managing this page of this website to relieve the pressure in his having to maintain both this blog and this page.

Phoenix Fellington

The opening picture (below mine, above) is openly gay actor Phoenix Fellington (stage name). With the palm trees as a background, he is most definitely a very fit and handsome guy without boxers! He is also proud to be naked and especially, a guy without boxers!

Roger and I are a proud interracial married couple, I’m Black and he’s Greek and we both prefer to be totally naked instead of wearing clothes! The original bare practitioner and his married partner!

Phoenix is one of our favorite actors who performs nude in his films (gay pornography). His audiences are adult only and almost solely bisexual or gay. He’s a former US Marine who’s at his best “out of uniform!” He defines himself as sexually versatile although he prefers serving his buttocks to a dominant sexual partner.

I’m going to be featuring Phoenix Fellington for all of you here this year!

A Guy Without Boxers!

Strip off your clothes!

Aaron Peterson-Poladopoulos, A Guy Without Boxers page

No boxers permitted!

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Stripping off his boxers!

Stepping out of his boxers!

A Guy Without Boxers!

Removal = Rejuvenation!

January, 2022

In seeking a solution to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine dilemma, I randomly began a coping exercise of creating a series of coping exercises in writing notes and brief writing samples. This compiled notebook initiated a careful recollection of a personal evolution of events and experiences that I now offer as a reflective summation of a life journey that makes me what and who I am today: a guy without boxers!

Bottom-line: a person not wearing any underwear (boxers or otherwise) is basically and essentially nude (bare, clothes free, naked, natural). It doesn’t get any more concise, easier or simpler than that.

Sliding out of his boxers!

My name is Roger Poladopoulos. I am the author/publisher of ReNude Pride, a middle-born son of my Greek-born parents and the loving spouse of Aaron – the “man of my dreams!” I am a confident and proud bare practitioner (bisexual or gay – same gender loving – naturist or nudist). I am a guy without boxers who is legally married to a man who is the same. The less that Aaron and I wear endows us both with the more of ourselves to share!

The intended purpose (reason) for offering this page here on ReNude Pride is to provide insight (details, knowledge) as to my personal bare journey. The justification of me being a guy without boxers (athletic cup, bikinis, briefs or any other style/type of underwear)!

No boxers (briefs or swimsuits) permitted!

In sharing life stories, our world becomes closer and different situations are sometimes not as strange or unusual as they may sometimes appear. This enables us to identify as a community as well as understand one another as shareholders on our journey through life.

Hopefully, this recounting of this aspect of my life experience will encourage and inspire anyone reading here to pursue their curiosity in exploring becoming a bare practitioner! Please remember, what is successful for one person isn’t always applicable for everyone else. Keep an open mind and all my best to all of you!

Before concluding this introductory entry for A Guy Without Boxers, 2022, I realize that the title itself may be somewhat confusing and misleading. In order to avoid a repetitive and perhaps even more ambiguous interpretation, I’ll simply offer the following photograph of one of my favorite adult same gender loving film actors, Kory Mitchell:

Kory Mitchell, also without boxers!

An actual practicing brother bare practitioner, he frequented resorts and properties that were very popular with our community and more likely than not, without wearing any segment of clothing or covering. In the above image, he is unfortunately attired in a sleeveless shirt – although he is indeed boxer-free. I am cognizant of the fact that bare (naked) and commando (without underwear) present two different but distinct images in people’s minds. However, in my own mental image, “a guy without boxers” has always represented as synonymous with nudity.

Hence, the phrase has forever been a personal favorite!

Welcome to my world!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/A Guy Without Boxers

The theme!

Author’s Note: The next page entry here is planned for February, 2022, and the proposed topic is “Inside the Box!” The posting deadline is February 7.


Inside the Box!

Inside the Box!

February, 2022

The image above depicts two men claustrophobically cramped inside a box. Together, they share the experience, the space and the understanding of what it means being: Inside the Box!

The term “inside the box” implies similar or understood actions, beliefs, concepts, ideas and/or thoughts. Essentially, a common or shared outlook and/or philosophy. Two or more individuals may understand the reasoning for the “inside the box” application but that does not implicate an identical adherence, agreement or endorsement. We may all be different and unique but we all remain identifiable and related through experience and knowledge.

The purpose of Inside the Box is to offer a listing of the various phrases and terms frequently used here on ReNude Pride blog and also the A Guy Without Boxers, 2022! page. The listing includes a definition, description and explanation as to the meaning of the phrase or term. The goal is to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

Comfort without boxers!

Nudecentric: bare, body and clothes freedom, naked, nude focused; no clothing or covering; A Guy Without Boxers, 2022! is a nudecentric site, nudity is one of the primary themes featured here.

Same gender loving (SGL): bisexual, gay, lesbian; a person who is emotionally, mentally and physically attracted to and desirous of members of the same gender (sex). Same gender loving is one of the preconditions of being a bare practitioner.

Bare practitioner: a person who is both same gender loving and a bare, body and clothes freedom, naked, naturist, nude, nudist enthusiast. A bare practitioner is synonymous as a gay nudist.

Body and clothes freedom: bare, naked, natural, nude; body freedom denotes a person who is confident and proud without any guilt or shame; clothes freedom identifies lack of modesty and uninhibited. Body and clothes freedom are common traits of a nudecentric event.

A guy without boxers: bare, naked, natural, nude, nudist; boxers are a style of men’s underwear. Typically, undergarments are the first item put on when one is dressing and the last item removed if one is undressing. A guy without boxers is either naked or nude or in the process of becoming that way. A guy without boxers exemplifies a free spirit of peace and tranquility. A body, mind and soul living in harmony with goodness and nature.

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/A Guy Without Boxers

The theme!

Author’s Note: The next page entry here is planned for March, 2022, and the proposed topic is: “Put It On, Take It Off!”

Publication date: February 28, 2022


March, 2022

Naked Comfort!

My identical twin brother, Alex, and I are both enthusiastic bare practitioners. We’ve been this way for all of our lives. As infants, we really didn’t have any control over our clothing situation – we had to comply with whatever our mother deemed acceptable and cute. We were the first (and only) pair of twins in our immediate family and naturally our mother wanted us to capture the attention of everyone we encountered!

We were our parent’s fourth birth delivery. We have three older brothers and three younger brothers. With the exception of our mother, an all-male household! Which meant that clothes were not the highest priority in childcare concerns.

Parents take pleasure in displaying their naked infants and ours were no exception – especially now that they had two to offer for inspection! Our aunts and uncles had numerous times to admire our physical identity and development. They were also curious as to how our parents were able to differentiate between us. Naked observations were one method of granting them curiosity satisfaction!

Thus, as tiny infants, we were introduced to the reality of clothes freedom before an appreciative audience. One life lesson that we never forgot! The message was very clear and distinct: get naked and pose. An easy task that didn’t require a large amount of coordination and/or memory.

Our parents had no inkling that they instilled the freedom and the joys of nakedness into our infant minds. However, Alex and I learned to savor every moment of being bare and the admiration and appreciation of our nudity. Some lessons in life just can’t be unlearned!

Author’s Note: My gratitude to bare practitioner and adult film star, Chad, for these images of himself. In no way am I even considering any disregard or infringement of child pornography laws and standards. The age of consent must be respected.

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/A Guy Without Boxers

Author’s Note: The next page entry here is planned for April, 2022, and the proposed topic is “Naked Toddlers!”

Publication date: Wednesday, March 30, 2022



Phoenix Fellington and friend!

“Gay for pay is an obvious way to make your day!”

But for some, such as film actor and model, Phoenix Fellington (real name: Tre` Leron Fenderson) he is simply being “real” (honest) and himself. He’s proudly same gender loving (gay) and proudly bare (nude). “I love being naked” is one of his infamous by-lines. The former U.S. Marine turns 29 years old in October, 2023, and without hesitation shares his tattooed body, clothes free, with other men whenever possible.

It makes no difference if those appearing with him are clothed or not. Phoenix has no shame in his comfort of his body, natural and uncomplicated.

Phoenix Fellington: bare and bold!
No boxers allowed!