End Of Month Reflection: January, 2017

So today may not be the real last day of the month, but with only one more day left, I figure it to be close enough. I prefer publishing posts here on Monday and Friday as opposed to any other day of the week, anyway. It suits my professional schedule and my household routine. Plus, if I have anything important to share, I can always insert a bonus post anytime. That’s one of the benefits of authoring ReNude Pride!

 For me, it’s hard to believe that the end of January is almost here. Since returning to blog here, the month has amazingly passed by too quickly! I guess that happens when you’re trying to be creative and design a new blog. I’m not complaining about the passage of time, as the winter months, at least for me, tend to drag endlessly anyway. I truly don’t regret any swift passage of any cold day!

The first month publishing here at WordPress again, has been rewarding as it has put me back in contact with some great bare bloggers that I haven’t been in contact with in a couple of years. We created a bond when we first met and I’ve missed their companionship and the frequency in keeping abreast of their thoughts and exploits especially our shared nude postings. This reunion has been a blessing for me!

In retrospect, I want to call any current reader’s attention to a page I created here on ReNude Pride. The title is: My Bare Blogger Crew and a direct link is embedded in the title. It is a list of my favorite gay and/or nudist bloggers here on WordPress – not all of them are same gender loving (gay) bare practitioners (naturist/nudist) but all of them are one or the other, if not both.  . I encourage all to check them out. It is a “work-in-progress” and new bloggers will be added as I encounter them.

One of my future projects here on ReNude Pride is to feature some of these bloggers in posts where I can “introduce” you, the readers and visitors, to as many of them as possible. I’m uncertain as to what form that will take. I’m thinking an interview but that is just an idea at the moment. The entire concept warrants additional thought and, of course, the cooperation of the individual bloggers.

I plan to use this “Reflection” theme on a monthly basis. It will be my last posting for that particular month. It will incorporate what transpired throughout the month, some thoughts on future projects and a brief statement of any related correspondence.

I invite all of you to use the “comments” section located at the end of each posting if you have any question or suggestion. These can include any topics relating to being gay or to any topic relating to being nude or nudity. You may also use the “contact ” tab on your screen in the left-hand column (if you’d prefer a private response).

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

22 thoughts on “End Of Month Reflection: January, 2017”

  1. Roger, this is a really cool post idea. (I may yet steal it). I would also be more than happy to help out with the “other bloggers” feature.
    Nude Hugs,

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    1. My nude buddy! LOL! I didn’t copyright the idea so “steal” away! I’d be interested in any assistance with any project you feel inclined to offer. Thanks my bare friend! Naked hugs!


  2. Time flies by fast when you are busy. Soon it will be March and shortly September. In paraphrasing that book; my friend who was lost has been found, let us all have a party, for we thought he had departed us. Good to have you blogging again

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      1. I never got a response from wordpress.com. The day after Aaron and I got married, I went to post pictures of the wedding on my blog, I logged in and nothing was there. I repeatedly contacted wordpress but never received any type of reply.

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