USA: Super Bowl Sunday

The National Football League’s (NFL) Super Bowl game is played tonight  in Houston, Texas, USA. The Super Bowl is the “World Cup” equivalent of American professional football. Tonight’s contenders for the year-long bragging rights are the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. The game is televised live over various television and cable networks and the featured performer during the half-time festivities is Lady Gaga.

The game is a huge commercial undertaking and the televised advertisements are often considered entertainment on their own merit alone. Personally, I watch the broadcast for the athletic competition and could care less for the commercials. However, that’s just me and this isn’t the only occasion when I’m different from the rest of the crowd.

This year is the fifty-first consecutive Super Bowl competition. The game is rarely played in the same location as the competing teams. In doing this, no team has a “home-team” advantage over the other.

Neither one of this year’s competitors are my favorite team. Between the two, I’m hoping the New England Patriots win. The reason that I’m partial to them is I know a man who formerly played for them.

Of course, we all know that the Super Bowl is not played with both teams in the nude. It would be nice if that were true! The fans would love it and the NFL would more than double their franchise revenue off the event! Aaron and I are having some friends over to watch the game, eat snacks and chill with some liquid libations. Rest assured, we’ll all be clothes-free and enjoying every minute!

Naked hugs!

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