Sitting While Bare

All of us are acutely aware of the niceties of manners and how we’re supposed to act and behave when in “polite society” (whatever that is) or when we’re out and about in public. For men, this means sitting with our legs comfortably close together so that we’re not offering a full view of our crotch (genital area). I guess this was a custom so as not to appear too “suggestive” or offensive to any ladies (women) who happened to be present. As a male bare practitioner (naturist/nudist), I understand this logic.

I may not fully agree with it in every situation; but I can appreciate it, especially when in mixed company (both genders). It’s simply being polite and respectful of others. We conform to the norm because none of us want to be perceived as rude. This custom holds true in both naturist/nudist and textile (clothed) gatherings.

But is the same norm applicable in a same gender loving (gay) nude environment?

After all, we’re all gay men in that situation. We’re all men, gay and naked. None of us are surprised by the anatomy of each other – all of us come equipped with a penis. It’s a standard feature of the male package. In a naturist/nudist environment, there’s no way to conceal or hide a man’s penis or to pretend like it isn’t there.


There’s no logical reason for nude men who are attracted to men to sit a certain way when in the company of the same. Let’s be honest, if we really want to see someone’s genitalia, and we’re all bare (without clothes), all we need to do is be patient. Eventually, no matter if we’re seated or standing, the genitals (and everything else) will be in full view of all of us at some point in time.

In all fairness, there are those same gender loving bare practitioners (of both genders) who are modest. As difficult as it may be for some to believe, shyness isn’t an exclusive trait to the textile (clothes-wearing) community. My own husband, Aaron, while a bare enthusiast, is somewhat reticent about his nudity in certain situations. This feeling of modesty among naturists/nudists can be attributed to the way some were raised or simply because of their personal nature.

Of course, there are those who automatically think: Why would a gay man object to seeing another man’s junk (penis)? There’s really no standard answer to that line of thinking except perhaps that it may send out the wrong message to others. Another man in that same situation may see it as “flirting” or a “come on” and trust me, that could very well lead to a most embarrassing and uncomfortable situation for the men involved. Most of the persons who think this way see all nudity as nothing more than a sexual “free-for-all” opportunity and refuse to even entertain the thought that for most, nudity is about comfort and being true to oneself.

No matter what each one of us thinks, there will always be others who disagree. Let’s be honest, regardless of our gender or our sexual attraction, those who subscribe to a differing or opposing point of view on this topic will number in the thousands, if not more. Realistically, there is no way for anyone who is a naturist/nudist to sit in such a way as to not offend or disturb another. If anyone knows of such a posture, please share your solution in the “comments” section below. I, for one, am very interested in learning this!

In the meantime, I imagine we’ll all continue to sit in our preferred pose. Which is exactly what the overwhelming majority of us will do, irregardless.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride




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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

8 thoughts on “Sitting While Bare”

  1. Roger, I think this is almost irrelevant in a naturist environment (I am not saying this in a negative way, as your topic is very valid, but in the fact that when we are nude in a naturist environment, we do not hide any body parts). Nobody is staring at people private parts in such an environment. We, men, have our genitals quite visible, this is how nature made us. Do we have to hide them? Well no, as we naturists love being naked. Therefore the way we sit is just the way we sit. Of course, there’s always a fine line between exhibitionism and naturism, but let’s apply common sense here: is a woman spreading her legs in a naturist environment is as outrageous as a man doing so? I do not think so, but some people may see this as exhibitionism, although I doubt many will do in a naturist environment. We all agree naturism is about being socially nude. We do it for the freedom it brings and the sense of wellness, we do not do it to display our genitals, as we would be crossing the line to exhibitionism, trying to capture attention on those sexual parts. Common sense and respect should always prevail, and of course if somebody’s flirting and want to get more intimate, then it’s a personal choice and privacy should be the norm. My 2 cents.


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  2. Dear Roger and Aron. Thank you for your nice post about “sitting as nudist”. You are right, we dont need to hide our penis or cross our legs when we sit together with other nudists/gays. I like to see a wonderful built penis and I more like to see it smooth shaven. On all your photos, men have most pubic hairs and I dont no why.
    I think you agree, when we nudists get aroused whenh we sit together and show then a erect penis together and respect that. Happy we can show us that way, women cannot – except their nipples get hard.

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  3. Interesting topic.. and not something I had really thought about before. Though I have noticed different behaviours of guys when in a naturist environment.. Some are quite proper and don’t tend to make many overtly personal overtures (eg.. hugs, etc) when in a nude social situation… whereas others are perhaps overly personal in the interactions with other naturist friends. Lots of hugs and friendly body contact (sometimes almost toppling over into sexual..), but always respectful and genuinely friendly.
    Personally I tend to teeter between the two depending on who I’m with. Some mates I can totally have a non-sexual cuddle with in front of others, because it’s just a couple friends being friendly. Regardless if other things may occur between you elsewhere. 😉

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  4. Very interesting topic, not that I have actually have any input as I have never been to a public nude place. William and myslef wee away a couple of weeks back. We were at one of our favourite seaside places. Now when we were at the beach , I observed a number of men on the beach. The amount of men in speedos were a lot more than normal. However the did not have the build for a speedo. In general many of the men seemed to flaunt their bodies and especially they way they sat, as if they wanted people to stare at their junk. Let’s be frank, some men, straight and gay, do have an obsession with their genitals. Sitting wide legged in a white speedometer with the not most flattering bodies is not a turn on. I think we all socially uncomfortable in a way. Ivan

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