President’s Day Weekend, 2018

Another President’s Day weekend has passed, the last three-day holiday weekend until the Memorial Day holiday in May. This year was no different from the recent one’s here – Aaron (my spouse) and I were invited again to the mansion that is home to a friend of ours who lives in Loudoun County, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. To read last year’s post on this outing, please click here. As we’re in the dregs of winter, our friend uses this three-day weekend as an opportunity to have his same gender loving bare friends over for an aquatic weekend and a brief respite from winter.

He has a huge home with six guest bedroom suites (bedroom, sitting room and bath) in the outer suburbs of the nation’s capital. He also has a full indoor pool and all of his guests are encouraged to discard their clothing upon arrival Friday evening and not to use them again until departure time on Monday. For Aaron and myself, this is our type of holiday! The other invited couples feel the same way.


There are six couples who regularly attend this extended weekend outing and we all share in the tasks of meal preparation, clean-up for keeping our suites tidy. From what I understand from the others, he has regular household cleaners who take care of the house during the week. Our host is extremely comfortable financially (family inheritance) and doesn’t have a specific job except to entertain and spend his money. I mean those words in a very endearing and sincere way.

It goes without saying that the most popular aspect of the entire three-day holiday weekend is the heated, indoor pool. During the dreary and dregs of the Winter weather, the ability to comfortably skinny-dip (swim naked) with others and lounge around the pool totally bare makes this the most used and favorite gathering-place within the mansion. For Aaron and myself, this is our highlight of the our February visit.


The pool and swimming aren’t the only activities that happen in that room. Often, we take our mid-day meals there as well as play board games, cards and charades. Saturday nights are also the time for our annual aquatic volleyball games, as if we needed another reason to avail ourselves of the pool!

As in past year’s, each couple (and it is a couple’s only weekend gathering), is assigned a meal to prepare for us all. This year, Aaron and I were given the honor of preparing Sunday’s breakfast. My spouse is the chef/cook in our family so I defer to him in all culinary matters. Due to my limited cooking abilities, he gave me the tasks of setting the table, pouring the orange-pineapple juice and preparing the fresh fruit. In other words: keep out of the kitchen (and out of his way)! I was more than happy to comply and our host and fellow bare guests were all relieved that I did! Of course, I helped with the clean-up afterwards.


While driving to our weekend “retreat from clothing” last Friday, Aaron and I shared our apprehensions about this upcoming adventure. Since President’s Day weekend, 2017, one of the invited couples has adopted their first child. Our host sent an email to all of us letting us know that he had asked the new parents to bring along photographs of their son. Aaron and I both commented that we were not looking forward to an endless assortment of infant pictures being passed around for us all to see. To our relief, the new parents only brought with them five portraits of the happy family for the rest of us to admire.

During our very competitive and rambunctious game of “Twister” Sunday afternoon, I am proud to report that Aaron and I retained our coveted title of Twisted Champions for the second year in a row. We play this game on the concrete deck that surrounds the indoor pool. The prize awarded to us this year was a large box of dark chocolate truffles which we generously shared with all. Unfortunately, we didn’t even come close to capturing the pool volleyball championship. Perhaps next year.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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