St. Patrick’s Day

No, today is not St. Patrick’s Day! That date is tomorrow, March 17. I’m posting this in anticipation of the date and to honor anyone reading here who may be Irish or of Irish heritage. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and as such is revered by Irishmen all over the world, no matter their particular religious affiliation or lack thereof. To be Irish, or of Irish descent, is tantamount to being a part of the St. Patrick family.


There is a legend that if one follows a rainbow, it will lead one to a leprechaun and he will deliver to you a pot of gold. I’ve never been able to follow a rainbow, so I’m assuming that the story is indeed a legend and not the truth. However, if I do one day manage to think to track the end of a rainbow and there really is a pot of gold, rest assured the very last thing that I’ll even consider is claiming my good fortune. Gold simply isn’t a commodity that appeals to me.

That’s me just being myself. I’d rather leave to gold with the magical leprechaun and let someone else claim it. I don’t want the hassles with the taxes and having to prove the gold is actually mine. Another person better than me can have that honor.

I don’t know if St. Patrick was a real person or not. I know the Roman Catholic Church does along with countless numbers of Irish people. Tomorrow is an important day for them, so Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

The first image with this post shows a naked man inside a shot glass (used to measure alcoholic beverages in drinks). I found this picture on the internet several years ago. It does not imply that I actually believe the stereotype that all Irishmen are inebriated. I have some good friends who are of Irish descent and they’re both teetotalers (they abstain from consuming alcohol)!

Naked hugs!

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