Reflections: End of March, 2018

Its at long last the end of March, 2018. Usually, I don’t mind this month of March as it brings with it the arrival of Spring – and the renewal of nature. However, this year has been disastrous as we’ve had two snowstorms in just this month alone. Not only that, but both of those happened after the official beginning of Spring. Yes, I know, this is highly irregular but I’ve already posted about that earlier this week so I won’t repeat myself here – again!

I’m going to deviate from my normal “end-of-the-month” habit here and comment about the rising level of gun violence here in the USA. This phenomenon is happening not on the streets of the inner city but in secondary schools – high schools – all across this country. This year alone, we have now had a total of seven incidents where a student has brought a weapon and ammunition to his/her place of learning and shot and killed fellow classmates and/or faculty.

I am truly amazed at the lack of overwhelming parental outrage over these incidents. They seem to blindly trust the school administrators and the politicians to resolve the problem. And obviously, their trust is totally misplaced. I wonder where is their anger and more importantly, where is their fear for the lives of their children?


I cannot comprehend the indifference of the general public in this crisis. All too well, I remember how the very topic of marriage equality would have guaranteed throngs of people marching on municipal and state legislative offices demanding that something be done to protect the sanctity of the American family. Yet, mass killings in public schools merit almost no reaction.

Finally, the clueless masses were stirred out of their ignorant slumber. The source of this delayed awakening? None other than the ones traumatized by these events themselves, the secondary school students. The very ones who grieve the victims (their friends and peers) and discovered first-hand the horrors of domestic terror.


This past Saturday, March 24, a teen-led initiative culminated in a national “March For Our Lives” to end gun violence and institute some measure of gun control. Many of the students marched with their families throughout the country. At last, the parents of the living took some action before they, too, became bereaved parents.

The response to the “March For Our Lives” was impressive. I do think it surprised many lawmakers and it sure as hell surprised the National Rifle Association (NRA) – the pro-gun lobbying group. Aaron, my husband, and I participated in the rally in Washington, D.C. It was well-organized and energetic. Regrettably, very few congressman were in attendance. I guess they were afraid they would be held accountable for their legislative inaction.

Personally, it is heartening and refreshing to see so many teenagers this passionate about a cause as worthwhile as this. I applaud their commitment to accomplishing something good out of the ashes of so much senseless tragedy. I salute both their efforts and their sincerity.

This country’s constitution guarantees every citizen the right to bear arms. I think it is now time for the constitution to be amended so that everyone born here or is naturalized enjoys the hope of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Naked hugs!

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    1. All that I can add is that the men who wrote the constitutional amendments were all from a different age and had no way of knowing the mindset of our current world. Naked hugs!


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