Those Devious Nudes!

When I first saw these video clips, my thoughts were returned to an earlier time in my life when I falsely assumed it was my ordained mission in my life to convert the entire universe into practicing nudity. I envisioned someday being canonized the Patron Saint of All Naturists/Nudists Forever, Amen. You may commence the celestial angelic drum-roll now, if you please! Admittedly, I was young and foolish but at least I was thinking big and trying to find a worthy cause to champion. Alas, reality set in by the time that I graduated secondary school and I eventually became a professor.

However, that never erased the fantasy and at times, even today, I am reminded of that idealistic dream. I guess that I have a problem of letting go of my past or else not wanting to grow up. But excuse me, I digress here and I need to refocus or start composing this post all over again.

In my wildest flights of imagination, I envisioned myself single-handedly bribing the rest of creation into becoming bare practitioners overnight. In my innocent mindset, remember I was still a secondary school student at the time, the lessons learned from my world religions class was deeply ingrained in my psyche: “If the truth doesn’t convince them, win them over through deception.”

In the clip at the heading of this post today, the two impressionable youths, one nude (or at least shirtless) is dangling a set of automobile keys in the face of the other, who is apparently clothed (at least wearing a shirt). Our devious bare practitioner is all smiles and intent on pleasing his companion, the one who is wearing clothing.

His sole mission is to get his peer out of his clothes and completely naked. And the vehicle keys are the enticement.


The kiss and the gift are his just rewards. He has achieved his goal. Mission accomplished. His textile (clothes wearing) friend has agreed to discard the garments that imprison his body and his soul. He will remove his clothes and they will live happy, bare and free ever after. You are aware that this is a same gender loving site, aren’t you? 

Yes, we bare practitioners are a very conniving and devious crowd. But, we aren’t too deceptive. We’ll try very hard to convince you of the benefits, joys and rewards of living life clothes-free. It isn’t necessarily a hassle-free existence, but it is fun and sometimes offers some unexpected happiness. After all, how many unhappy nudes do you regularly encounter? Admittedly, I’m not the best person to pose that question as I’m almost always ecstatic to be bare!

Aside from sharing with everyone reading or visiting ReNude Pride today one of my adolescent fantasies as a bare advocate, there is another ulterior motive for this posting today. This upcoming Monday, July 9, is the official beginning of Nude Recreation Week. This event is similar to the “Winter Holiday” week for all nudity enthusiasts. It is our time to commemorate the joys of nakedness while having enormous fun.


It is also a time for inviting others to experience for themselves the benefits and happiness of living clothes-free. Therefore, beware of all of us devious naturists/nudists who conspire to entice you out of your clothes and into your bare skin! We all receive a very substantial cash bonus incentive for each textile (clothes wearer) we recruit to join the community of nakedness! This is your official caution notice.

Return here at your own risk of exposure! If you do, indeed return, remember to bring with you your own sunscreen! We can’t have you becoming sun-burned on our watch!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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