Cooling Bare!

For those who read ReNude Pride either periodically or regularly already know this, but I am a confirmed bare practitioner (naturist or nudist), as is my husband, Aaron. It is no big secret that both Aaron and myself are always clothes-free when we’re at home and aren’t too quick to put on any covering should any friends come by to visit. Almost all of our friends and some of our family know our disdain for covering and if they want to see us at home, understand that they will, figuratively and literally, see us nude.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise to family and friends and anyone reading here that our first and foremost recommendation for cooling off during the heat of summer is to take off all clothing!  For the both of us, it is that simple. Nudity helps the skin to breather and allows the body to “cool” itself (along with staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water). Soda, tea, juice, etc., doesn’t cool us as much as plain, everyday water. It also helps to reduce the stress that tends to accompany heat.

As the above photographs shows us, one way to escape the heat of summer is to cool off in the pool. It’s a perfect place to exercise by swimming laps or just standing around and letting the water cool and relax. But too long in the hot sun does drain our energy and can have adverse effects.



Even lying in the sun, exerting no energy whatsoever, is a a dangerous game. Dehydration can happen at any time and without warning. Sunbathing with friends may be fun but having plenty to drink, particularly water, helps to refresh us and prevent serious health issues. However, we all need to remember to allow our bodies time out of the direct sunlight in order for ourselves to recuperate and rejuvenate.


Once out of the direct sunlight, some men that I know use ice to help them relax and cool-off after a workout or any strenuous activity. They find comfort in a glass of ice placed directly onto their bare skin. If this solution works for them, then by all means use it. Our bodies do require a period of adjustment as a way of transitioning from an unusually warm or heated state into one that is closer to our normal comfort level, irregardless of whether it is artificially air-conditioned or not.


Personally, I’ve always felt an aversion to the cold and the frozen – anything! Even the notion of holding a glass of ice against my skin causes me discomfort. If I need to cool after exerting myself in the heat, simply sitting in a shaded area and drinking water – at room or air temperature – is best for me. Where I live, we have too many cold months in the year already. There’s no need for them to be extended a moment longer than necessary!


I’m not overly enthusiastic about ice cream, either, although I know that there are many who are. Some use the dairy treat to cool off and it it works for them, then I support it. It just isn’t one of my favorites. I’d much rather have a glass or thermos of water and a place in the shade and allow my body to adjust naturally. During the summer, I’m not very difficult to please. For me, simpler is indeed better!

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, the heat that comes with summer is here and will be with us for at least another month. For our bare practicing brothers who live in the Southern Hemisphere, your time to experience the heat is rapidly approaching. Be prepared!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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