Pool Party: Skinny-Dipping

A pool party or, as it is sometimes referred to, a splash party is a great event in that it often is an ideal setting to integrate one’s bare and textile (clothes wearing) friends. If promoted as a skinny-dipping celebration, the bare community has no problems attending and the textiles often disregard their aversion to nudity as it is often viewed as not being naked but just simply “skinny-dipping.” Please don’t expect me to explain the difference because I really don’t understand it myself.

All that I can add is the explanation a co-worker once gave to me: “If you’re a nudist (naturist, bare practitioner), you prefer to be naked the majority of the time. If you’re a clothes-wearing person, you have an aversion to be perceived as a nudist. However, you have no problems attending a skinny-dipping party as it’s not considered as nudist.” 

Mind you, this explanation is from a man who holds a multiple university degrees and an esteemed professor in sociology. I remember thinking to myself when he shared this with me: “This is the best explanation you can give to me?”


So keeping in mind that rather simplistic explanation, the very first item on the agenda for a Skinny-Dipping Pool Party is to, of course, remove all of our clothing. What clothing do textile people bring to pool parties? Swimsuits. So now’s the time to remove them. That’s it. Off they come. Now we’re naked or nude.


I guess this is where the distinction my distinguished colleague referred to comes into the picture. We all know that we’re completely bare (absence of clothing or covering). As we are inside the pool and surrounded by water, then we’re not really naked, we’re just skinny-dipping! I assume that the pool water, regardless of it being transparent, is concealing our nakedness. Whatever.


It must be one of those situations where if you think something is, then it just must be so. After all, if we think that it is, then it cannot be anything else. A circular argument that essentially doesn’t convince anyone but it does justify our belief. Forget the fact that skinny-dipping is, in reality, nothing more than actually “swimming naked.”


On second thought, perhaps we’d all be better off just keeping the naturists and nudists separate from our clothes wearing (textile) acquaintances. This way allows us to avoid the potential of a riot when they meet and someone begins an argument over whether they’re naked, nude or just skinny-dipping. None of us need that hassle or headache, right?

That consideration aside, does anyone even remember why we were hosting this gathering?

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

5 thoughts on “Pool Party: Skinny-Dipping”

  1. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s becoming more pervasive or if I’m just noticing it more: The notion that if one changes the label of a thing, the thing itself undergoes a change. If one points out that this is not reality, one is usually treated as though he’s confused, argumentative, or pedantic.

    It’s just my personal experience, but I’ve found that people who hold that changing the label changes the thing generally have other reality perception issues. Changing the topic is usually the wisest course of action for me;-)

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  2. I couldn’t help but chuckle a few times as I read this article. Roger, I seem to sense some fuckstration in that whole nudist/naturist/naked labeling nonsense.
    I say, “Fuck the goddamn labels regarding obvious nudity. Take off all your clothes and you’re naked/nude, even if you’re just wearing a pair of socks or jockstrap.
    Whether one’s naked body is covered in water or submerged in a body of water (e.g., swimming pool, ocean, lake, river), or if one is sitting in a bathtub filled with water and lots of soap suds (where the nude body from the neck down can’t be easily seen because of the suds – or the dirty water), or whether one is sleeping in bed with just a sheet or blanket that either completely or partially covers the genitals and/or buttocks of the body, that person is still naked. And just because a person’s nakedness cannot be immediately seen doesn’t mean that person isn’t nude or can’t be considered nude/naked. Society classifies nudity as one whose body isn’t covered by clothing by some other textile. Yet many of us know some people have old fashioned and prudish issues with seeing uncovered genitalia and buttocks in men and uncovered genitalia, buttocks, and breasts in women. When a toy G.I. Joe action figure or a Barbie doll – neither of which have genitals, don’t have on clothing, those toys are considered naked; something even a child will tell you. No one makes a fuss about any naked or unclothed toy that’s made in human form being naked because on such toys, there are no genitals and the buttocks on such toys aren’t spit or spreadable (where one can see that toy’s anal region). This proves my point about some people who have an aversion for [public] nudity being more concerned with seeing actual breasts, genitals, and ass. Except for Arab countries, I’ve never read nor heard a fuss about open display of unclothed chests (men), back, arms, legs, and feet.
    But I digress.
    ANYWAY….it just fuckstrates me how some people still have weird hang-ups about nudity; with some people going as far as to try to describe what is and what isn’t nude – even though in the perception of such people, even the mere wearing of a bikini or pair of Speedos at the beach is “much too close to that person being nude.” (Which explains why people prior to the 1960s wore such conservative beachwear). Such people still consider non-infant nakedness to be “nasty and improper”, if not perverted. They are afraid of breasts, genitals, and buttocks being “on display” or in the open and often use religion to support their disgusts. I want nothing at all to do with such prudes.
    Thanks for “listening” to my long comment, Roger. Naked hugs, a gentle tug, and much love. 😎

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    1. Rob (as you may already know but I’ll remind you forever) your comments and perspectives are ALWAYS welcome and respected here, even if we disagree (which isn’t too often). 🙂 Like yourself, outdated and absurd attitudes and beliefs concerning nakedness don’t concern or interest me and I don’t have to time to even consider them. I’m genuinely amazed at some of the “reasons” others object to or define nudity. To me, I even wonder if they ever think about what they communicate. Love, naked hugs and a gentle tug!

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