Friday Footnote: Recent Ton Dou Arrest Update

Another Friday Footnote post that is being published here on ReNude Pride due to a scheduling conflict (my own fault). But then, who knew back when I was planning for this month that bare living would be so demanding? I foolishly thought that less (clothing) would simplify life. Little did I know that the opposite would be true! I should know by now that nothing in my life is ever as it should be! Besides, religiously posting these Friday Footnotes on Thursday does give everyone a true sample of what my life is all about!


As I published here earlier, I am keeping my promise of regular updates of the recent arrest of bare practitioner activist and clothes-freedom crusader, Ton Dou (Anthony Lynn Douglas). To view the previous posts, please click (in chronological order) the following:

Reflections: September, 2018

Thursday Footnote: Ton Dou Arrest

This peaceful man and bare activist was arrested for circulating a petition for bare body freedom, in other words, the human right of nudity. This arrest followed his being granted a permit allowing he and his followers the permission to hold an event and to be completely clothes-free while within the perimeter of Times Square, New York City.

As I promised earlier, I will keep readers and bare practitioners here briefed on updates as I receive them. This post contains the most recent update and announcements. Last week, I received yet another email containing the latest developments in this controversy that seems to be rapidly evolving into a miscommunication and misunderstanding between the City of New York and their Police Department.

The last email that I received contained the following information: “I will be doing several events in New York City in the coming months leading up to the next Ultimate Freedom Concert and hopefully redeeming my reputation as a law-abiding citizen in the process.

I will be in damage control mode and will be very busy reassuring my supporters that my methods for securing better laws do not include violating existing laws or challenging the enforcement of them.

I will also be requesting a certificate of deposition from the court as well as a letter from the City of New York and the police department stating that the arrests were made in error and that charges were filed as a result.

Thank you all for your interest, patience, understanding and indispensible support.”


Several days after the above email was sent, I received a press release statement through the Bare Body Freedom Movement that contained the following excerpt: “I do not intend to file a lawsuit for the incident involving my arrest of September 3, 2018, and I certainly do not look forward to a similar incident occurring in the future as I continue to stay the course in my efforts to make this much-needed contribution to humanity.”

To view Ton Dou’s most recent video for the Bare Body Freedom Movement, please click the following link: I Believe In Peace.

To sign the petition for removing bare and nude prohibitions from legal statutes, please click here: Public Nudity Should Be Exempt From Penal Laws.

If and when I receive additional updates, I’ll share them here on ReNude Pride.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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