Interview: Brent Pace

Over a month ago, I posted a reference and link to a post written by a blogging buddy that I follow. Immediately after I punched the “schedule” button on my computer screen, it occurred to me that I should invite my online friend to interview here. The project has now come to fruition and I’m pleased to introduce readers here to Brent Pace, (nickname: “Pacey”) the author of Pace Of Mind blog (click the link to view). To read the referenced post detailing his presence at a bare dance party, click here.

To those of you who may have missed the ReNude Pride post that I wrote, click here. I’ve been following Brent’s site for more than a year now and I’m more than impressed with his casual attitude towards social nudity within the gay community. To him, it’s essentially not an issue and just another example of men fraternizing within our cultural confines but without the restrictions of clothing or the fear of judgment.

Brent is a member of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) culture and lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He’s active in sports and I personally enjoyed his recounting of his team’s games in the netball competition last year. He also plays rugby for the Melbourne Chargers team. To read of his participation by stripping to benefit charity with his team-mates, click Another Year, Another Performance  and Chargers First.


Brent’s Interview:

On Being Gay:

1. Growing up, what were you taught about being gay (same gender attraction)? Did you have any same gender loving family members?

Taught about being gay, when I was growing up it wasn’t a thing. I didn’t know anyone (gay), didn’t have any gay relatives or family members. I really didn’t anyone gay until I was in my late teens, early 20’s when I really committed to playing state level sports when I met other gay men.

2. At what age did you become aware of your same gender attraction? How did this make you feel?

I was in my early 20’s, around 21-22 years old, when I first was aware and really let myself understand and feel attracted to the same sex. While I remember being attracted to other men/boys during my teens I think I subconsciously pushed it aside after being bullied without actually being gay.

3. Once you accepted the reality that you’re gay, did you have any openly gay friends? How did you meet other gay and bisexual peers? 

I was lucky enough that when I was coming out and accepting that I was gay I already had a great group of friends that composed lots of gay men. Which made meeting other gay men easy.

4. At what age did you “come-out” as gay to your family and friends? What was their initial reaction? Were they supportive?

I came out to my friends pretty much straight away when I first started being intimate with other men. As most (friends) were gay, it wasn’t an issue. My family was very supportive. I had no issues when I came out to them. I was just greeted with: “yeah, we know. We were just waiting for you to know.”

5. When exploring your sexuality, what resources were available to you? Are there any that you continue to recommend? Any advice for youth who are questioning their sexuality today? 

No specific resources really; google is your friend. Try to stick to websites that seem to be legit for whatever you are looking for. If you are underage in Melbourne, we have an organisation called “Minus 18” that offers support to those coming out. To anyone questioning their sexuality, speak to people, online, in person, whoever you feel comfortable with. If you are having sex with people make sure it is in a safe environment and look up your local sexual health clinic.

6. If you could make any changes within the GLBTQ community overnight, what would it be and why?

This may sound weird but for a community that wishes for equality from outside (the GLBTQ community) can not often treat those within it as equals. That is what I would change overnight if I could.


On Nudity/Social Nudity: 

1. Growing up, what were you taught about nudity and being seen naked by others? 

Growing up, I wasn’t taught anything about nudity, really. It wasn’t frowned upon, I guess, but it wasn’t completely embraced, either.

2. Once youth reach adolescence, they generally become very body-conscious and modest. Was this ever the case for you? When did this begin to change for you?  

I don’t think I was overly body conscious as a teenager; I was pretty happy through my teen years. It was more as I got into my 20’s that I really became conscious about my body and the way it looks. Then I think in the last few years it has changed again. While I am not totally happy with where my body is, I’m not upset about it either and I control what I can control about it.

3. You write on your site, Pace Of Mind blog, of your participation in an amateur nude show for charity and most recently of your attendance at a bare dance party. What prompted you to take off your clothes and do this? Any regrets? How did your family and friends react to this? 

Let’s begin with the nude shows for charity. They (team) needed volunteers and I was, and still am, in a “don’t knock it till you try it” kind of phase. I guess the same can be said for the clothes-free dance party, “why not give something new a try?” The worst is you go experience it and then decide its either for you or not and chose to participate in it in the future. No regrets about participating in either of these events at all.

4. Do you think of yourself as a naturist or a nudist? Are you often nude while at home alone? Do you have any friends or family who are regularly clothes-free whenever possible?

I’d say that I am somewhere between being one and not being one, LOL! I usually have very little clothing on when I am home alone. It will usually be shorts or trackies (sweat pants) with nothing else. Mainly because I live in a “granny flat” at back of my nan’s house so that doesn’t allow me to be naked though I do tend to sleep naked. I have plenty of friends that enjoy being naked.

5. Have you ever skinny-dipped (swim naked)? Have you ever visited a nude beach? If not, do you have any concerns about ever skinny-dipping or visiting a nude beach? 

I have both been skinny-dipping and been to a nude beach, everybody remember to wear sunscreen!

6. Any awkward or interesting experience being socially nude (naked around others) that you’d be comfortable sharing with us?  

I don’t really have any awkward or interesting social nude experiences that I can think of. They have all been pretty anti-climatic.

7. Would you feel uncomfortable posing naked for a photographer?

I think it would be an interesting experience and I’d consider doing it for the right photographer and the right situation.

8. Any advice for anyone considering social nudity for the first time?

Make sure you are comfortable and do it in a setting that you can relax and enjoy yourself and with people that you are comfortable with. Even start off with doing it at home alone if that makes it easier.


On Blogging:

1. Have you always been interested in writing? What inspired you to begin publishing your own blog?

I was inspired to start my own blog because at the time I was going through a lot and needed somewhere (as an outlet) to the thoughts and feelings that I had. I was never great at writing but I do enjoy it. I wouldn’t have thought I would do something like this when I was younger, I wasn’t overly into writing back then.

2. As the author of Pace Of Mind blog, what do you believe are your greatest challenges? How do you overcome these issues?

My greatest challenge is time really, combining my social, work, sport and family life doesn’t really leave much time to write and create content for my site and blog. It is something that I am currently struggling with. Even taking the time to do this (interview), while I have enjoyed it it was something that I had to make sure I set aside time for. Which, I guess, is how I try to overcome this challenge but with that comes sometimes in the time set aside to write my mind and mood aren’t in the state to concentrate and write.

3. What appeals to you specifically about the blogging experience?

I think I really like to use my blogging experience to both process what is going on in my life and work; my thoughts and feelings and connect with people that may have gone through or may be going through something similar because I think we can all learn from each other. The other is that it gives me an opportunity to research and explore topics I may not normally look at, like I wrote a blog (post)  about fisting, which is not something I am into or would really consider doing but a question was asked so like a good writer or journalist I answered honestly and did my research to pass on what information I could find.

4. Is there one blogger who influences you and inspires you?

I guess I read a lot of blogs of people that have probably been blogging longer than me but it seems like we have a connection through our content. My biggest influence and someone who inspires me is actually a friend of mine and I even did an interview of him. His name is Craig Mack and his blog is “Craig On Toast” which is great. He covers a whole range of topics. He’s honest and up front on any topic he writes about and everything he does.

5. Many people who write blogs complain often of having “writer’s block” – of not being able to think of a topic to write about. Do you ever have this and how do you overcome this?

This may sound ironic but I write or I go back to an old draft. Write about how you are blocked whether it’s a lack of a new idea or you can’t process your thoughts to put them down; use it as some inspiration for a blog that may lead to something fresh. My other thing is if you are anything like me, you probably have 15 draft posts, some you may have started about 12 months ago, sitting there just waiting to be finished. Revisit them and see if anything comes up that may help you finish them.

Another tip which can sometimes work are youtube videos, buzzfeed or Qnews or some article. Read, watch and use something from them to inspire and post even if it is a short one.

6. Any words of advice or encouragement to share with those thinking about creating a blog? 

In the beginning don’t worry about how many looks or visits you get – they will come. Write for you!

Reach out to other blogs, read them, comment on them and they will come visit yours.

Take advice, give advice, share and make friends.

And most of all: HAVE FUN with it!


First, I want to express my gratitude to Brent for his cooperation in making this interview possible. If he didn’t commit his time to answering these questions and didn’t mind stripping off his clothing, this interview posting would never have happened. Great job, Brent! On behalf of myself and everyone reading and visiting here, we appreciate your candid and honest responses to the questions posed to you and for sharing yourself with all of us.

Brent has offered all of us some excellent advice on expanding our personal horizons and being amenable to new experiences. Too often most of us find ourselves locked inside our own “comfort zones” and as a result, loose many opportunities to develop into a better individual. Nudity is one example of this and blogging is another.

I invite all of you reading here to visit Brent’s blog, Pace of Mind. Please click the title to be linked directly to his site. If you enjoy what you read, please become on of his followers. Who knows what bare escapades he’ll try in 2019?

Please don’t forget to check-out Brent’s place of honor on ReNude Pride’s very own Page of Fame. He’s featured there in the illustrious company of all the other terrific bloggers who have consented to an interview here. To access the Page of Fame, scroll down the left side of your laptop screen or click here to be linked there. Brent’s interview is found on the bottom of the page (as it is the most recent).

Once again, thank you, Brent, for a very insightful and informative interview! You’re the best, my blogging buddy!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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