Reflections: End of March, 2019

My blogging buddy and same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (naturist or nudist) friend, Timothy, author of the blog, Almost Wild, wrote a post late last month that relates to my reflection here today. Please click onto the title and read his exposition, Tats & Pubes & Nudists. His post fully enhances my reflection theme, topic and personal opinion.

My pictorial heading for this feature shows Gio Dell, a gay model, male escort and adult actor getting his face shaved by his openly gay and adult actor real life half-brother, Armani. Both of them are completely bare and grow all their body hair. Most of us, if not all of us, have little or no problem whether or not any of us shave or trim our facial hair. We agree that it is an individual choice or preference. Few of us have any issue with that grooming practice or technique.

What conflicts occur, as Timothy concisely examined and explained in Tats & Pubes & Nudists deal with the shaving (or otherwise removal) of pubic and/or body hair (armpits, arms, chest or legs) on bare practitioner (naturist or nudist) men. Also included in this conflict are those who trim, dye or otherwise alter their body hair.

In addition to the hair issue, again, as Timothy discusses, are the “accessory” attributes of tattoos, piercings and make-up. All of these clearly visible on clothes-free men throughout the year.

Like my gay and naturist/nudist blogging friend, Timothy, I’ve frequently encountered fellow same gender loving bare practitioner men and organizations who adhere to one specific opinion or viewpoint on body hair, tattoos, body piercings and make-up and condemn all those who disagree with them. There seems to be no neutral or common-ground position in either category, for or against. Either agree with me or leave and go elsewhere. No time-out and no compromise.

It’s almost as though if you’re shorter than 5’6″ (170 cm) or taller than 6′ (183 cm) you cannot be same gender loving (gay). No matter who you have sex with. Or if you have hairy armpits, you cannot be a naturist or a nudist. Again, even if you n-e-v-e-r wear clothing. No exceptions allowed. Period.


Above photograph, Gio Dell (left) and his half-brother, Armani (right). They have the same mother but different fathers. Both bare and in full view. 

Yet not all same gender loving (gay) bare practitioners (naturists or nudists) are equal to or qualify to specific criteria or standards. As Gio and Armani exemplify above, even in families variety exists. The diversity of life guarantees that fact. And what diversity doesn’t necessarily encompass, love certainly manages to find a way to overcome.

Just like virtually every set policy or procedure in existence, an exception will apply.

I’m a man who prefers naturally hairy men (honestly, a man’s hairy armpits really attract my attention and consideration). I shave only my own facial hair and head hair – however, from my neck down, I’ve never altered my body hair in any manner. My armpit, chest, pubic, arm and leg hair are all totally natural. Every man that I’ve ever dated has been hairy – except for one, my legal spouse, Aaron. We were married on August 15, 2015.

Aaron, my husband, has natural armpit and pubic hair but his arms, legs and chest are naturally and virtually hairless. I am Deaf and he his hearing. I’m Greek and he is African-American. He also appreciates male armpit hirsuteness and we both have pierced ears. We accept and appreciate our physical differences – Aaron likes my chest hair and I, equally, admire his hairless chest.


Gio and his half-brother, Armani, in the black and white image of the lead photo.

However, within the naturist or nudist community, there are many who are unable and unwilling to accept differences, whatever the reason. If they prefer smooth-bodied (shaved) men, then everyone else within their circle of friendship should believe or feel the exact same. If they reject men who have body piercings, then, again, everyone around them needs to do likewise. No exceptions. The same judgments apply to those who have tattoos and/or wear some form of make-up. Dissension from their opinions isn’t tolerated in any form.

At times I sit back and wonder how some of these men managed to survive the broader gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) civil rights struggle. Their serious lack of tolerance hardly enabled or encouraged them to accept the broad diversity of our community. I’m not even going to address how they overcame the intolerance of those who are against any GLBTQ inclusion in any equality setting.

I often question how those who choose to self-identify themselves as naturists can afford to sit in judgment on those who retain their body hair. The label – naturist – itself implies those who seek to be “natural” – in keeping with the idea of being clothes free and respecting our environment. Being “natural” includes the growth of our body hair (armpits, arms, chest, legs and pubic hair) as well as our natural resources and vegetation. To eliminate one, in essence, eliminates them all. How else can any of us justify the retention of trees and wildlife and yet shave or otherwise remove or alter any of our body hair?


Consistency is crucial if we hope to maintain any type of credibility. Body hair is just as natural as the environment. If a man wants to shave his own body hair, that’s his prerogative and his right. If a man allows his body hair to grow naturally, then the same holds true for him. After all, what’s fair for one should be fair for everyone.

Now, tattoos, body piercings and make-up are not necessarily natural so addressing that issue is different from the body hair growth/removal process. Simply, it is again the option of each individual to decide their preference and that should be it. “To each their own.” However, there are a number of people who expect their own “point of view” to be the sole judgment on each one of those choices.

Regardless of what a person’s feeling or opinion is on tattoos, body piercings and make-up, it is a decision that each one of us is capable of making. If I don’t like something that doesn’t give me the right to judge others who do like one or the other or all three. It’s their choice and I respect that fact.

I do not like coffee. I detest even the smell of the beverage. However, that doesn’t give me the privilege of banning the drink from existance. My spouse, Aaron, likes that cup when he firsts wakes up – it helps him begin his day. I accept that. It is his choice. It isn’t for me.

Timothy, the creator of Almost Wild and the author of Tats & Pubes & Nudists offered the following observation in his post:

“Why in the world would I care what another person decides to do with their body and why in the world should I think that my own preferences on how to interact with my body should dictate how others should interact with theirs?”

I appreciate Timothy’s posting his views on Almost Wild. I’m glad to know there’s another out there who shares my view, although he did proudly admit that he sometimes trims his own pubic hair!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride




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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

11 thoughts on “Reflections: End of March, 2019”

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  2. I did not realize this about the bare community. Personally, I wouldn’t imagine that one’s body hair or whatever body bedazzling they choose would be difficult for other bare practitioners to accept, given that (especially with body hair) it is just their natural state of being. My assumption had always been that folks that ditch the threads are more accepting than us clad folk, who are likely to judge that outfit someone actually *chose* to leave the house in. 🙂

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  3. Thank you for an informative post. I also find it amazing that people are always judging others for being different than them, when they are different themselves. Maybe someday we’ll live in a world where everyone can simply accept others for who they are no matter if they have tattoos, piercings, etc.

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    1. Agreed! Although given the current political climate in this country and the excessive amount of judgment here, that hope for a better world is quite far off! Thank you for commenting here! Naked hugs!

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  4. I loved the article, Roger! Excellent! I’m naturally hirsute in every way and simply LOVE my body hair! The only unnatural thing on my external shell is the 18 tattoos I wear, the four ear piercings (two on each side), and left nipple piercing (which as of mid-last year, I remove the barbell I had been wearing). Each tattoo or “ink” I sport either means or represents something that was important and/or significant to me. None of my tats are faddish in nature; unlike the many tats I see on the bodies of younger people. Since I starting balding in my early 40s, I decided to go all the way and sport a bald head rather than have that “hair on the back and side of the head” look which I hated as a kid. I have and love having facial hair. My facial hair grows back fast and evenly – with no signs of PFB (pseudofolliculitis barbae) aka “razor bumps” (and that’s because I taught myself how to shave at 19….and for the next forty years, must have been doing something right ever since). I especially love how I can decide whether to wear a close-cut full beard, a goatee, or go clean-face; that is, clean-face except for my mustache, which I have always worn since my mid-teens.
    While I too, can respect a person doing what they choose either to and/or with their own body, that doesn’t mean that I don’t or won’t have my reservations regarding my choice in what I see with regard to the men I might choose to date and/or would have sex. For example, I’m turned off by men – in particular men whom I find attractive, who tattoo their faces and/or necks. I also have reservations against men who wear piercings in or through their lips and tongue. And I especially will NOT have sex (as in receiving anal from or giving oral to) with men who wear a “Prince Albert” and/or a “Jacob’s Ladder” or any sort of piercing through or on their penis. As I said, a guy can do what he wants with his body but that doesn’t mean that I have to like it nor accept it. I suppose if someday I were to have a male partner and one day he told me that he wanted to alter [re: destroy the appearance of] his cock by having it pierced, I would try as much as possible to talk him out of it; perhaps even threaten to end the relationship if he insisted on going through with it. I simply would not feel comfortable with having sex with such a penis. But that’s just me.

    Much love, warm naked hugs, and gentle tug!😎

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    1. Thank you, Rob! You already share my obsession for men’s hairy armpits and I’ve known about your appreciation for body hair as well. There are some things that I feel very strongly about and one of those is to let each man be himself – no matter who he is and regardless of whether or not I agree with him. Thank you for your comments here! 🙂 Naked hugs!

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  5. Roger, you mentioned that you are not a coffee drinker. Neither I am; although in extremely rare instances I might be willing to drink a hot cup simply for the caffeinated effects to help keep me awake or alert. Otherwise, I hate the stuff! I can thank my 20 years-service in the U.S. Navy for having that anti-coffee attitude. Seems everybody drank that mess – with some smoking cigarettes, first thing in the morning. Yuck! And since rejoining the civilian workforce after retiring from the Navy, I’ve found that people at my civilian jobs drink that coffee shit like it was water too! UGH!

    ANECDOTE: I recall when I was a young Seaman in my first year in the Navy – 1980, being tasked to make coffee for the officers on my ship. I hated that task on Day 1 of being given that assignment. My attitude was, “I’m not a goddamn mess cook; why the hell should I make anyone coffee?” After making my first batch of that brown water – which was very much disliked by the officers who drank it (and I made it unpleasant on purpose), my supervisor immediately took me off that duty (meaning that there would be no Day 2 of me making coffee for anyone) and assigned me to mopping and waxing floors in the officer’s berthing area; a task I very much preferred because it required little to no supervision, no interference from anyone, and everyone knew that it took roughly two hours to complete the task, although more experienced Sailors (like me) could do it much less time. Finishing an hour earlier allowed me – and whomever was assigned to help me, an hour’s free time to jerk off (as in, masturbate) in the unassigned officer staterooms (but that’s another story).

    AGAIN… a good article, Rog! Naked hugs and a gentle tug! 😎

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  6. I only care about body hair with men that I am sexually attracted to. I am hairy, untattooed, unpierced, but would not deny another man friendship even though those things are not for me on a sexual level.

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