Metro DC Exotics: Audition

ReNude Pride is a blog that celebrates and is dedicated to the ideals and principles of non-sexual nudity. There’s nothing wrong with sex, it just isn’t a practice that is basic or essential to the concept, enjoyment and practice of clothes freedom. Bare living is not based upon nor exclusive upon any physical intimate activity. Naked, nude and nudity are not synonymous with any sexual activity. However, this episode from my past does come close to involving me sexually.

Curtis Anderson and I first met during our second year at university. As undergraduates, he was studying business and I history. We met while members of the gay student alliance but really became friends as we both nude for both art and photography classes. The realization that we were both attracted to men and preferred nudity offered us a reason for friendship instead of just acquaintanceship.

Curtis and I rapidly became the very best of friends in addition to being proud bare models. We were soon known on our university campus as “black and white naked” as Curtis is African-American and I am Greek. Among some of our close same gender loving crew, we were also affectionately referred to as the “gay clubbers” because whenever our schedules allowed, we frequently visited some of Washington, D. C.’s popular gay night clubs, checking out the scene and the customers.

As we became closer, Curtis and I had many conversations about our lives, especially as being young, gay and nudist. We both admitted to one another that our buttocks were virginal. Neither one of us had ever been anally penetrated before. I confessed to him that I wanted the first man inside me to be someone who I knew and trusted. Curtis admitted to feeling the same.

One of Curtis’s cousins, Joseph, (also Deaf) worked in a local gay bar, Green Lantern. This bar had a very popular “Underwear Night” two nights a week where all the men in attendance were encouraged to strip down to their underwear boxers or briefs while inside the second floor of the club. Joseph worked in the “clothing check” room where the customers could store their clothing while drinking and partying in just their underwear. On these nights, Joseph usually wore just his jock-strap while working. He had no problem with his bare buttocks but wasn’t well inclined to showing his genitals.



The front and rear of a jock-strap. Jock-straps were intended for male athletes to wear for genital support. 

As Curtis and I started regularly going to Green Lantern the nights that Joseph worked, we became regulars on “Underwear Night” and wore jock-straps just as Joseph did. As Curtis and I were active bare practitioners, underwear wasn’t necessary to wear under our jeans and the jock-strap did allow us to enjoy bare buttocks. We frequently played stunts and jokes on one another – including Joseph, who engaged in the fun with us.

Curtis and I frequently attracted the attention of others drinking at the second floor of the bar. Often we were openly seductively maneuvered by other customers, especially those who consumed quite a bit of alcohol. Neither one of us drank that much so we just flirted with the guys but never took them seriously. We both felt that with HIV/AIDS, a one-time sexual encounter was too risky no matter how serious a man’s intention.

There was one night when two guys at the bar cornered both Curtis and I in the men’s restroom and gave us a kiss. That wasn’t too bad and we both kissed them. The they unzipped their pants and showed us their erect (firm) penis and wanted us to turn around and allow them to each penetrate our buttocks – this was absolutely not an act that we had encouraged or deliberately led them to believe that we wanted. The pair was nice looking but not worth our risk of any type of disease. When the security guard entered the restroom, we both made a hasty exit!

That incident clued us both into the fact that we needed to seriously downplay our frivolous activity while we were clad in a mere jock-strap. There was no need for any repetition of that nights behavior. Our new discrete action on our “Underwear Night” circuit lasted for approximately an entire month before we audaciously returned to our previous antics. We both were, along with everyone else, there for fun and a good time!

Once the both of us resumed our customary flirtatious and wild stunts while wearing our jock-straps at the Green Lantern, we did exercise some caution in our friskiness. We closely watched the advances of others. Neither one of us wanted to be caught in a situation that made us threatened and  vulnerable again.



During “Underwear Night,” the Green Lantern’s second floor was always crowded as the Washington, D.C.’s area gay community savored a space where they could gather together attired only in their briefest of underwear. This event, because of its extremely lax dress code, was immensely popular with the regions growing same gender loving naturist and nudist members. Just before the beginning of our third year at university, Joseph informed us that the bar’s management had hired two dual sets of nude gay male dancers performing on the second floor. This additional attraction led to what was once thought of as crowded to now becoming jam-packed often with no room to spare.

Curtis and I, still showing up in our jock-straps, were soon seen by bar customers as something like assistant dancers due to our skimpy wardrobe. While this was fine it quickly caused our own “Underwear Night” antics as an event of the past as we now had no room in which to move.

The dancers performed for about 10 – 15 minutes while the disc-jockey (DJ) took a deserved break from his engagement. Usually, the DJ took a break after a 90-minute session so each of the dancer sets could perform. The bar’s second floor audience really interacted with the naked dancers and were very generous in their cash gratuities (donations or tips).

The dancers were not only a novel and bare attraction to the Green Lantern’s second floor but offered an energetic and unique atmosphere. They brought both entertainment and greatly enhanced the audience’s experience.

The dancers received benefits from the job as well. Soon, Joseph was sharing with us that they were being provided free servings of alcohol and their choice of narcotics all provided by the customers hoping to impress them and have access to them privately. Sometimes, they were unable to perform due to their intake of substances. Joseph reported that they were increasingly angering and  upsetting the bar’s management.

One night in the middle of January, one of the dance performers was involved in a traffic accident driving home after work. The police arrested him for driving under the influence of alcohol and then discovered a couple of drug doses on him. He was immediately fired from the bar.

A replacement dancer was quickly hired but Joseph let us know that his alcohol and illegal substance habit was far greater than that of his predecessor. He lasted only for a very few months in the performing job. In the ensuing shortage of dancers, one night, Joseph convinced both Curtis and I to dance one of the sets. He encouraged us into this “substitute dancer” role by reminding us that the majority of the patrons there had seen us and knew of our antics from the previous year.


We complied with Joseph’s request and performed as dancers. The response from the customers was very favorable, especially when Curtis and I stripped off our jock-straps during the very first musical selection. Once we were both completely bare, the audience generously delivered gratuities to the front of the dance stages where we performed.

Toward the end of Curtis and my third year of university, Joseph announced to us that the nude gay male dance program at the Green Lantern was being closed during the summer. Management had decided to reopen it in the beginning of autumn with the new bare dancers being contracted from a gay male escort company naked Metro Exotics. The contract would alleviate the bar’s management of any dancer discipline, liability and responsibility concerns.

Throughout the summer, Curtis and I, as usual, stayed in contact via email. We were both excited about the upcoming autumn and our fourth and final year as university undergraduates. We both decided to continue our post-graduate studies at the university but for now, our fun-filled year was almost upon us. We each had a relatively easy scholastic schedule ahead of us in order to nude model for pay and as often as possible to keep our jock-strap routine at “Underwear Night!”

Joseph welcomed us on our return to the Green Lantern. The new contract dancers from Metro Exotics proved themselves a higher caliber of performers than the previous group. One in particular was fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) as both of his parents are Deaf. He was extremely friendly to Joseph, Curtis and I and soon began imitating us in his own jock-strap when he wasn’t dancing. His name is Reilly and he hung-out with us when the DJ played the music. He was also a member of one of Washington, D.C.’s gay nudist groups, “Sons of Soleil.”

Often, Reilly invited us to the many social nudist activities sponsored by the Sons of Soleil group. Curtis and I really weren’t that interested as there were no other Deaf members of the club. Joseph wasn’t able to attend as he usually had to work all three weekend nights. The three of us always made certain that we thanked Reilly for every invitation.

Shortly after Metro Exotics started performing at the Green Lantern, Reilly let Curtis and I know that Metro Exotics was sponsoring an amateur dance contest at the bar the last weekend of October. He strongly encouraged both Curtis and I to register for it. Author’s Note: The Deaf are unable to hear music but the volume of music in both bars and clubs enable us to feel the music inside our chests and in vibrations on elevated dance platforms. 

After discussing Reilly’s proposal with Joseph, Curtis and I both registered for the contest. Joseph was very supportive of our participation and regretted that his job with the bar disqualified his entry into the contest. He did promise to watch us dance and encouraged us both to do our best so that we would win. What we would win, none of us had any idea. Reilly, when asked, would only offer that we would be “surprised!”

The evening of the contest arrived. Both Curtis and I were indeed surprised that only four other men were competing in the amateur dance night. Reilly passed along the decision that perhaps the other men were too uncomfortable or too embarrassed to dance totally naked in front of other gay men. Joseph shared his concern over the lack of participation but continued to wish us his best.

Curtis and I did our best on the dance floor and the audience bestowed on us their support and appreciation. At the conclusion of our two dances, we were astounded to learn that we had actually won the contest! Before we even had the time to get dressed again into our jock-straps, the crowd was enthusiastically parading us through the second floor, carrying the both of us on their shoulders! It felt as though it was forever before we were allowed back on our feet and once back on the floor, we began looking for Joseph as he had both of our jock-straps!

We finally located Joseph and retrieved our jock-straps and put them back on. Joseph informed us both that Reilly was waiting to see the three of us with some exciting news. He added that two of Reilly’s bosses had watched the amateur dance competition and that Reilly wanted to introduce us to them and that they had a proposition to present to us.

Reilly and his supervisors were awaiting the three of us in the Green Lantern’s office, on the third floor of the establishment. For Curtis and I, it was our first trip to this level of the building as customers were generally not permitted here. Joseph, as an employee, was familiar and led us to the employee lounge upstairs.

Upon our arrival, Reilly, using ASL, introduced us to his bosses and conveyed their congratulations on our being the winners of the amateur dance contest and on us being comfortable in wearing only our jock-straps. Reilly also shared with us that the prize that he had suggested to his employers was that we three be awarded employment with the Metro Exotics as male escorts for other gay men.

He next added that upon completing a private audition, his bosses agreed this suggestion and that they were both prepared to hold the audition this same night. Joseph, Curtis and I were surprised and confused! An audition? Curtis and I had already publicly competed in the contest. What else would be required?

Reilly then began to explain that sometimes male escorts were hired as “dates” by other gay men. During the evening, if the hiring man was interested, they occasionally wanted the “date” to include a sexual encounter. The audition would involve Curtis and I, as well as Joseph, providing his bosses with a sampling of our sexual ability. As Reilly already knew that Joseph, Curtis and I, from conversation, had experience as active sexual “top-men,” the audition would prove that we could also perform as “bottom-men” in a gay sexual relationship.

He then elaborated that his bosses wanted to have a sexual session with each one of us as the “bottom-man.” In other words, be penetrated by a boss and his erect penis!

Reilly then stripped off his jock-strap and modeled for us how to initiate the audition! The three of us looked at one another – very concerned and entirely unprepared for this proposition on this night! Joseph was already in a relationship with another man and neither Curtis nor I had ever been sexually penetrated before. Neither one of us were comfortable nor willing to engage in this with either one of Reilly’s employers!

We thanked Reilly for his help in interpreting for us and shook his bosses hands as we hastily exited the room! Joseph, Curtis and myself ran down the steps to the second floor and disappeared deep within the crowd there. None of us wanted to see the Metro Exotics executives ever again!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride




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  1. What an education! So sad to see how you were exploited by that agency, tricked into an ‘audition’! I’m waiting to learn that there was an official apology, or a change in venue for yourselves!

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