Reflections: End of July, 2019

This particular thought has always caused me an unusual amount of confusion in addition to an inordinate number of questions. Why do male same gender loving (bisexual or gay) bars and establishments always label bare practitioner (naked, nude) dancers as XXX rated entertainment? The facility itself is primarily focused on a same gender loving audience and the overwhelming majority of those in attendance are the same. Thus, why is it necessary to even label the performances offered?


If the audience is male and the dancer is a man, whether he is clothed or not should not be of any concern. If both individuals were dressing in the same locker room, no one would feel the need to label the locker room, right? If they were both in the same restroom, again, a label wouldn’t be necessary. Any type of label, whether “X,” “XX,” or even “XXX” is both redundant and totally un-necessary.

So, why is there a policy or requirement that a clothes-free dancer, performing for an all-male audience, be labelled as “XXX?” The very label creates the implication or the notion that the performer is engaging in a type of sexual intimacy with another onstage.

Actually, the entertainer is doing nothing aside from dancing without clothing onstage. How is this offensive for a predominantly male crowd? What makes this performance indecent or provocative? Men are often naked or clothes-free together without even realizing the circumstance is there.

The single, double or even the triple “X” rating is used mainly to prevent minor-aged (young) people from access to specific entertainment and/or forms of shows. If a facility serves alcohol, there is more then likely a specific age requirement in order to enter the bar, club, facility or show-room. Minors are strictly not allowed. In most instances, this practice is in compliance with the legal code.


I fully appreciate and understand the importance and necessity of the age restriction for any depiction of sexual intimacy between two adults. Too often our youth encounter a barrage of age inappropriate and misleading entertainment and material. Community and decency standards should be respected.

I even, in a convoluted way, am at ease if sexually intimate appearances are suggested between two adults and a single, double or triple “X” rating is used. Some adults are offended by that very implication. However, for a solo dancer, dancing bare hardly meets that criteria. To overuse a rating merely reduces the meaning and the very nature of the rating and all that it implies.

For me, it is far more accurate, reasonable and sensible to utilize the rating system in a consistent and logical pattern. In doing so, we eliminate any misconception and any misunderstanding that arbitrary use can and does create. Let’s not needlessly label something inappropriately – that only causes confusion!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

7 thoughts on “Reflections: End of July, 2019”

  1. Good question. It’s the way to announce something nudist/nakeed is happening perhaps — but textile folks think “dirty” thoughts and go in — hypocrisy at its peak — It probably started in our puritanical country first XXXX — stupid but its reality at least nudist M/F can dance openly naked in public — like to see. it done outdoors (somewhere/somehow) —-
    But, NKD buddy that nudist guy can sure as heck dance — we’d love to have a private show and have him cum stay over with us . . . Such a handsome naked dude and what a good size piece for sure he shows proudly !
    Naked Johnny and Naked Deryck

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    1. Far too many people confuse nudity with obscenity when the two aren’t even comparable! That’s why I support keeping the “X” rating for obscenity and the nude performers to remain unrated.

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      In Spain they have no public nudity laws. You are free to be as nude as you want, anywhere. You can be nude at all beaches, lakes, parks, or walking down the street. As long as you are doing nothing sexual you are free to be nude all the time in public or private. They are not the only countries doing this. Denmark just ruled that all public beaches, lakes, and parks are clothing optional. France is allowing nudity on all nature hiking trails. The list goes on.
      Meanwhile here in the states nude pool and bowling events are being shut down by protesters. At one time skinny dipping was a right of passage. You could swim nude at the YMCA until a few decades ago. Naturists are being called perverts and sex predators in our land. The prof that we naturists are right lies in those countries that have openly accepted nudity. I almost wish I had been born into one of these other countries. Is there hope that one day things will change here in the states?

      Naked Johnny and (Dad) Naked Deryck

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