Knowing Our Nipples!

His tongue to his nipples!

Author’s Note: As a friendly and gentle reminder to all reading here, the following are applicable and explicit for this blog: SGL = same gender loving (bisexual or gay). Bare practitioner = SGL + naturist or nudist. If a person is exclusively heterosexual, they are referred to as simply as a naturist or a nudist.

Alternate title: Men at Play on a Winter Day!

For those of us who acknowledge and recognize ourselves as SGL men, the above image is simple and understandable. It is merely a silhouette depicting one man’s affection for and attraction to the nipple of another man’s chest. In plain English, he just wants to caress and lick his partner’s nipple (among other actions)! That’s the reason his tongue is extended.

Nipple suction!

For anyone visiting here who is not SGL and perhaps confused, I’ll offer this clarification. To both genders, the nipple is a very sensitive and sensual part of the human anatomy. This is why it is so appealing and attractive for all. For the admirer, it is desirable. For the individual being admired, it is the source of delight and sensual pleasure.

A significant number of opposite gender loving (heterosexual) men are attracted to and fascinated by a woman’s breast. They often fantasize or in reality prefer to give oral service (lick or suck) or manipulate (caress or massage with their hands) the female’s breast or nipple. Hopefully, this explanation clarifies any misunderstanding.

The above .gif image demonstrates the attraction of man-to-man affection and desire for the nipple.

Self manipulating his nipples!

A popular and recent phenomenon among SGL men, whether they are bare practitioners or not, is the appearance of nipple rings as a body piercing of adornment. This is the personal choice of the individual based on the pleasure that he derives from the wearing of the nipple ring and/or the amount of attention he receives from others who admire or are fascinated by this specific attachment. Then again, there are those who choose to pierce their nipples for no other reason than the availability of the service.

Nipple ring and tattoo!

The overwhelming majority of SGL men, no matter of their clothes-freedom status, have no concern, issue or problem appearing or posing in public with a bare chest. During our current coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, there is probably an extra benefit provided by having a nipple ring. That offering is the subtle message that the individual derives great pleasure in having his nipple fondled, licked and/or sucked!

Fondling his own nipple rings!

Many SGL men, now that the practice of social distancing is implemented in response to the coronavirus, are able to enjoy the fondling, manipulation or massaging of their personal nipple rings. This may be done if they are alone or in the presence of others while maintaining their social distance.

Massaging his chest and nipple rings!

No matter what aspect or setting men choose to enjoy their nipples or their nipple rings, it remains highly important that for health and safety reasons, ReNude Pride encourages and recommends that everyone follow the social distancing protocol!

Inspecting his partner’s nipples!

For many, a nipple ring isn’t always necessary for either man to derive pleasure from having his chest and nipples admired and caressed. The man who is providing this service is also excited just fondling and playing with his partner’s masculinity!

Pinching his own nipple for pleasure!

Most of us remember that nipple rings are not an absolute necessity in order to celebrate and experience the emotional and physical rewards gained from stimulating our own nipples, pierced or not!

Not everyman pierces his nipples!

We honor our buttocks on a monthly basis through our Bottoms-Up! series here on ReNude Pride. This posting offers well-deserved appreciation and attention to yet another notable region of our male anatomy: chests and nipples!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next posting here is planned for Sunday, January 31, 2021 and the proposed topic is Bottom’s Up! January 31, 2021.

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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  1. Love cheese and it’s been a staple snack and dinner embellishment in our home for a long time. I am also a big fan of extra sharp white cheddar and there are a few Irish ones here that are staples in our fridge. (Yup, we have a cheese drawer that’s always full!)

    I’ve learned to make a decent cheese al fredo sauce and a cheese fondue with dippers (meat and veggies – you can add bread if you allow yourself carbs) is one of our favorite meals: simple, quick to prepare, and delicious. I haven’t had cheese in over three weeks now, as I wait for my system to decide if it’s going to let me live and eat my favorite foods again but – DARN! – doesn’t his post make me miss it even more.



  2. Sorry about that comment above. It was meant in response to another post. I have no idea how it posted to this blog. I tried to post a different comment here and that’s what posted. Please feel free to delete it.

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  3. Oh, that Tom of Finland nipple tattoo/piercing combo…how fun!
    Sadly, I’m one of the men whose nipples aren’t that responsive to stimulation. But I’m always envious and enthusiastic to find a partner who is so blessed to have nipples with nerves running right to their crotch!

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