Covering For Protection!

A selfie photo while wearing his face-mask!

In today’s world, particularly in these uncertain times of the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, it is with mixed emotions to be a bare practitioner advocate – such as myself – to compose a shared article encouraging readers to actually wear something! So there is no misunderstanding, I am absolutely not encouraging the wearing of clothes! Honestly, I am much more comfortable and inclined to offer advice and reasons for naked freedom than I am with urging the concealment of any part of the human anatomy. Yet here we are on ReNude Pride doing just that: the wearing of a face-mask!

To avoid any confusion or misinterpretation, I am most definitely not promoting any false sense of modesty or body-shame. After all, this blog extols the excitement and wonders of being a total bare practitioner (male bisexual or gay and a naturist or nudist)!

Health and safety, a “top priority!”

I strongly recommend the use of a face mask (among other guidelines) regularly to reduce the chance of infection with the coronavirus COVID-19. It is indeed a concern of health and safety and not a strategy of puritanical censorship. Cover the mouth and nose only as a precaution against disease transmission.

My spouse, Aaron, and I both – along with many others worldwide – have become bored with having to don a face mask constantly in performing our daily routines and tasks. Like having to wear clothes when out in public, it is now a tiresome chore that confines and restricts our natural preference.

Aaron’s purchase!

Then my hubby (husband) Aaron purchased for us matching face masks (above) that commanded not only our clothes freedom but delivered the identical message to those that we encountered while “out and about” and wearing the face masks!

Since Aaron bought them last October, the reaction to our “face mask with a message” has varied from awesome to supportive. I have received countless “thumbs-up” endorsement signals and “nods-of-the-head” from others who’ve read my mask. My life partner reports the same. Unfortunately, the people that we see are wearing their own face covering so any laughter or smiles remain unseen. I am glad to share here that neither one of us has, as yet, gotten a disparaging or negative response.

Anyone interested in purchasing a mask with the same or similar message can shop for there availability by entering the words: “face mask, nudity, naturist” into their search engine. Also, “rainbow flag” is able to be bought as a face mask. Aaron ordered them for us back in the beginning of the new year!

Bare hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next planned posting here is for Friday, March 12, 2021, and deals with the topic “Anxious Glimpses.”

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