Enough Hateful Hyperbole!

Leo Kage “shields” Daniel Shoneye from full view!


When Daniel Shoneye (above, left) and his identical twin brother, Darren Shoneye, initially posed in settings that appealed to their fellow bare practitioners (us) – they were promoted as somewhat reluctant to share their complete nakedness. This false impression of modesty was short-lived and occasionally blamed on their embarrassment over removing all of their body hair (arms, armpits, head, leg and pubic). Currently, neither Daniel nor Darren exhibit any misgiving or qualm over publicly being what they both openly and proudly acknowledge: bare practitioners who remove their body hair!

The two muscle-men are Nigerian-born British subjects and have adapted to their careers with remarkable certainty and ease. They have no problems with being desirable and handsome gay naturists and confidently encourage all of us to be bold, dedicated and proud of being ourselves!

The Dilemma:

In the headline picture (above), Leo Kage (right) willingly uses his right hand to protect Daniel Shoneye’s penis from view. This particular image is widely available in the bare practitioner community because of the debates it generated within this population. “How can someone (Daniel Shoneye) identify as a bare practitioner (male same gender loving naturist/nudist) and imply modesty?” The two characteristics are basically and essentially incompatible! Within certain groups of this community, the same arguments continue even today!

Leo Kage

Leo Kage (aka – also known as – “Amadeus”) miraculously escapes any of the abuse, criticism or disdain from our community for appearing in the opening image. This despite the fact that it is his hand concealing Daniel’s manhood. Perhaps it is because he isn’t obviously trying to conceal any part of himself. He is truly “hanging out” naturally and oblivious to any critical judgment or protest. Same gender loving male nudists can’t bring themselves to disparage someone who is content with being himself! Maybe that is what keeps him “free from sin!”

Bonus points: Leo Kage has a profitable and successful pornography career!

Shoneye twins: Daniel (left) and Darren (right)!

The Situation:

However, the Shoneye twins aren’t so fortunate. Irregardless their primed physiques and masculine and muscular attributes, their perceived hesitancy in fully displaying their preference for clothes freedom (wearing none) both bothers have chronically and repeatedly been subjected to verbal and written assault for misrepresenting themselves as committed bare practitioners.

Daniel and Darren, both together and individually, make no illusions over the reality of their sexuality (gay) nor their lifestyle (naturist). In a joint interview with a British gay magazine several years ago, they readily admitted that they regretted following the directions of their professional photographer and publicist who recommended their posing “modestly.” That ill-fated advice clearly “set the stage” for confusion and controversy.

The Shoneye twins: posing discretion!

Subsequent photos showing the twins posing have not eliminated the complaints against the dynamic siblings. Detractors still accentuate their “deceit” and their “greed.” Some accuse them of simply being the proverbial “gay for pay!” Enough is enough! Get a life!

Darren Shoneye (left) and Daniel Shoneye (right)!

The Nonsense!

As bare practitioners, we encourage all people, no matter their lifestyle or sexuality to be themselves. This is a basic human right. Daniel and Darren (aka “Junior”) have the same right to be themselves! Accept it or not, just move forward in life. There’s nothing anyone can do now that will change what has already happened. Let’s all leave the past behind us!

Bare buttocks!

Both Daniel and Darren are same gender loving men! Accept it!

Both Daniel and Darren are naturist/nudist! Accept it! Move on!

Darren Shoneye (left) and Daniel Shoneye (right)!

Id Daniel and Darren want to remove all their body hair – fine! It is their decision to make. We may not agree with it, but it isn’t our concern. It may make them feel more masculine – so be it! We all groom ourselves according to a variety of preferences and reasons.

If they use their hands to conceal their genitalia, what’s the issue? I’ve been in many social nudist functions where a significant number of men inadvertently do the same. How about those among us who are “new” to nudity? Do we criticize them? Let everyone be themselves at their own pace.

Not all of us are spontaneously comfortable being bare publicly, even if we are all nude. Let’s allow each one of us to determine their own level of confidence with their own nakedness. The ultimate goal of being a bare practitioner is personal freedom, happiness and satisfaction. We should all respect this and not judge others based on our own particular habits or traits.

Modesty is an attribute that the majority of us acquire from our parents, culture and/or religion. Some of us may flippantly disregard this as arbitrary while others may undergo a long process of gradually alleviating the guilt and pain through diligence and practice. Again, respect and tolerance is vitally important in order to attain true happiness. We all need to allow everyone their own space for development and growth!

Daniel Shoneye!

Those men who are relatively “new” to body hair removal may feel awkward and self-conscious when first appearing publicly without their body hair. This is a typical reaction and deserves understanding rather than degrading. Critics often employ their negativity in order to conceal their own insecurity and/or jealousy.

Darren Shoneye (right) and his boyfriend!

An absent accusation against the Shoneye twins is one based or racial bias. Despite claims of equality and progress in matters of acceptance, prejudice based on the color of one’s skin (especially blatant when we’re bare) remains a disgusting reality. However, in this current age, it assumes a subtle format.

The large number of followers attracted to the Shoneye twins has always been contentious to members of our community who abhor interracial harmony and inclusion. In this day, these malcontents resort to other issues in order to disguise their discriminatory racial motives.

It is indeed ironic that the labels of “deceit” and “fraud” (among others) they hurl against Daniel and Darren are now applicable against themselves. Positive proof of the truth of the adage: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!”

Community implies unity. As bare practitioners, we should do the same and not point out blame!

Our community of bare practitioners needs fairness, honesty and tolerance as a solid denominator. Let’s all strive for generous inclusiveness instead of hypocritical notoriety as our standard to bear. We all need to give to others what we expect them to give to us!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry planned for here is Saturday, July 31, 2021, and the proposed topic is: “Bottoms-Up! End of July, 2021!”

Thank you to Daniel and Darren Shoneye for your commitment, courage, dedication and loyalty to the bare practitioner community!

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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  1. Detractors, people who accuse others of not being ‘true’ (which is seldom clearly defined) to the cause, etc., etc., ad nauseum make me wonder what their lives are like. If I had that kind of discretionary time and energy I’d spend it on enjoying myself! I certainly would not spend it searching for things/people to criticize. It’s sad, really.

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