A glass full of ice on his knee!

No matter where our man (above) has placed his ice, for me – at least – it is entirely too close for comfort. I know that many are bothered by heat and humidity but fortunately, I am not among that category! The two conditions don’t disturb me whatsoever! That’s why I thrive during the summer season (and am totally miserable during the winter)!

One very interesting discrepancy in this is the fact that my aversion to the cold doesn’t seem to disturb my penchant for being s’naked (snow + naked)! I’ve been enjoying the experience of being a s’naked bare practitioner since 2009! Of course, when there’s snow, I’m not outside clothes free more than 20 minutes at length. My tolerance for the cold does have limits!

Cooling his face!

The seeking of “relief” from the heat and the humidity of summer has always made me curious. As bare practitioners, we’re often commiserating about the burden of having to wear clothing rather than having the freedom to roam around with nothing on. Naturists and nudists have lamented the necessity of concealing themselves regularly throughout history.

Despite all the complaining about clothes, generally as the summer draws to the end, even the most committed and die-hard bare practitioners begin to lament the discomfort of the heat and humidity. Their tolerance level has been crossed and they join the chorus encouraging a “change” in the weather.

These souls need to remember the fierceness and severity of the winter weather. My solution is to enjoy the August temperatures each and every day; too soon the gloom of winter will be upon us and the cumbersome layers of clothing will be a welcome solution to frozen sorrow!

Ice Cream: cool-down or melt-down?

To all my buddies who aren’t to be satisfied by a glass of ice cubes beside them, an alternative choice is to devour a dish of ice cream to enlighten your soul. Just remember to eat it as fast as possible or else you’ll be covered in the melt-down!

It is an accepted human trait that it is almost impossible to please/satisfy all of the people all of the time. This characteristic allows us to appreciate our diversity and our individuality. “To thine own self be true!” Hence my belittling and dismissal of those who have low tolerance for the heat and the humidity of summer.

Yet during the winter, I am among the first to advocate and demand a major change of that season’s temperatures. Forget weather discrepancy, my personal comfort and preference is solely what matters. Anyone who disagrees with me is welcome to immigrate to another planet!

Take care and stay bare – as long as you’re able! Perhaps I should relocate the Equator to my neighborhood? Shouldn’t every bare practitioner think identical to me?

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry is planned for tomorrow, Tuesday, August 31, 2021, and the proposed topic is: “Bottoms-Up! August, 2021.”

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