Summer, 2021: Ending!

End of the joyous season!

Tomorrow, September 21, 2021, is the very last full day of this season in the Northern Hemisphere! The transition from summer into autumn happens on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 (for those living north of the Equator). The transition date and times are the same for our brethren residing in the Southern Hemisphere except for the actual seasons changing: from winter into springtime!

Seasonal transition!

Almost all of us are aware of the fact that the evolution of the seasons isn’t like the change of the calendars annually. There is no “magic moment” for one to end and another to begin. It takes place gradually over a period of time.

There is concurrence among meteorologists that the “moment” for the 2021 change happens at 3:21 p.m. in each individual time zone, all over. The exact moment of occurrence varies annually for each individual season.

Stripping off his bikini!

Curious about becoming a “living and real” bare practitioner (bisexual male or gay naturist/nudist)? There is one more full day for retrieving this information for this summer season. Contact any and all inquisitive friends and spontaneously devise an impromptu bare social get-together, outdoors – if possible – to explore nude comfort and freedom. It then becomes an experience that each of you will easily remember: the last day of summer, 2021! Create a lasting memory!

My friend Adimu and myself: last day of summer, 2014!

The above image is of my fellow blogger (at the time) Adimu and myself on the last day of summer, 2014. We left Arlington, Virginia, for a one-day trip to a riverside area in central Virginia where we spent an afternoon of fun and sun on a river beach. A totally spontaneously conceived excursion to celebrate the end of another bare practitioner time of the year! Even though neither one of us were novices to the naked life, we took advantage of the weather to indulge our preference for clothes freedom!

Have a safe and wonderful final day of Summer, 2021! To all living in the Southern Hemisphere, happy last day of winter!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry here is for Friday, September 24, 2021, and the planned topic is: “Back to Work!”

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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