Embrace Nakedness!

Chad: pubic hair massage!

Introduction and background:

Please read the post, “My Naked Life” (click to access link) before you proceed further here.

Originally, this post entry was to be a part of the above link. However, I misplaced the draft for this posting and all that I could locate was the actual poem. As I published this past Friday, the planned topic for today’s post was “Bare Slumber!” During the weekend, I miraculously found my misplaced draft. In discussing the draft with my spouse, Aaron, we agreed that a major revision and a different title was appropriate. Hence, “Embrace Nakedness!”

I apologize and accept full responsibility for the confusion this may cause. I’m not perfect and this mistake aptly demonstrates that fact and my need for improvement!

Chad: naked pride!

There are a number of arguments and ideas in favor of encouraging others to embrace nakedness (nudity). In the interest of objectivity, there are an equal number of arguments and ideas in favor of encouraging others to continue their textile lives.

I readily admit that I have no desire, experience or knowledge as to why people should prolong their clothing entrapment. I abdicate that role and openly own the obvious label of being a proponent for the bare practitioner lifestyle. I accept my guilt in offering a very prejudiced view in favor of clothes freedom – but I do not extend any apology for being a nude advocate!

Chad: bare practitioner!

Accept, Embrace and Enjoy!

Whenever possible, I strive to advocate and defend our basic human right to enjoy our individual body freedom and exercise our preference for existing as a bare practitioner (bisexual or gay naturist/nudist) in both private and in public. Each person has the determination to pursue a way of life that affords them comfort and pleasure so long as they respect the same in others.

Be proud of who we are!

Aaron and I have encountered many who often ask about our challenges and experiences in being a mixed (Aaron’s hearing, I’m Deaf), interracial (Aaron’s African-Canadian, I’m Greek) couple who prefer living (whenever possible) without the burden of concealing our bodies. Some of those inquiring are absolutely interested in perhaps following a similar life pattern.

In the eleven years that we’ve lived together – six of which we’ve been legally married – we have developed a list of nine reasons why we jointly espouse living nude. Below is the agenda but please keep in mind that the appearance is in no particular order based on significance.

Chad: confident, happy and nude!

Stress relief:

Being bare, whether alone or in a social setting, eliminates the task of impressing others with our attire and reduces the “laundry load!”

Positive self-esteem:

Clothe freedom encourages body acceptance and body confidence. We all realize that we are physically unique and that is all good!

Healthful benefits of exposure to sunlight:

With the aid of sunblock, natural sunlight helps us maintain a healthy and productive life!

Increased fitness:

Without the burden of clothing, we’re more inclined to enjoy a fuller and more active pattern in our lives.

Better sleep:

Sleeping nude encourages us to relax and releases the uncomfortable tensions that coverings inflict.

Higher social functioning:

When attending a gathering of other bare practitioners, we all rely more on honesty and sincerity because the lack the concealment of clothes!

A sense of belonging/fellowship:

An empowered sense of community and identity when surrounded with other naturist/nudist individuals.

Authentic communication:

Enhanced conversations without the useless trivial accompaniments.

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry here is planned for Thursday September 30, 2021, and the proposed topic is: “Bottoms-Up! End of September, 2021

A very special note of appreciation to Chad, a very handsome and hairy bare practitioner for the images here today!

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