Body Painting!

A body painted bromantic couple!

The fact that the Halloween observance is just a little over a week ahead – October 31 – inspired me for a brief post on the essentials of body painting. This is just in chance anyone reading or visiting here has the occasion to need to decorate themselves in honor of the spooky day!

For us bare practitioners, a Halloween costume is identical to wearing clothing – after all, a costume is clothing – it merely helps to disguise the person from others, into a fantasy or a thing instead of who they really are! Body painting essentially adds color to the body without any attempt to cover the anatomy!

Painted facial!

Some body painters are only concerned with covering their faces, leaving the rest of their body free from any decoration or distinction. This is a prerogative of the individual. Of course, facial decoration isn’t the only option available – we all know this.

An elephant decoration!

Any anatomical area can be used for body painting. Again, it is entirely the decision of the individual and based upon his comfort level. This freedom offers the opportunity for many creative and ingenious options to those who choose to attempt this imaginative route! Please note: in publishing the above .gif, I am in no way encouraging any man to delete or shave his pubic hair!

Open invitation!

Body painting is most definitely not restricted to simply decorating the skin in an abstract or artistic endeavor. Written messages, such as our candidate above, may often encourage action or deliver a vital thought! His open encouragement of inviting a kiss serves as a reminder of his endorsement of his bare practitioner lifestyle and urging others to explore the same! Few, if any, of the GLBTQ+ community will ignore his friendly features and his instructions!

There are numerous claims, explanations and reasons for the popularity of the Halloween festivity. Some – perhaps – based on fact but in all probability the majority are likely nothing more than a local myth. The origins of the “happening” is not the topic of this ReNude Pride post entry. Body Painting is the focus.

A painted arm!


For centuries, the homosexual (old label – often offensive – for the GLBTQ+ community) population was the brunt of exclusion from society. Homosexuality was illegal and cross-dressing as a different gender was forbidden. For the then-homosexuals, Halloween was a welcome event that annually allowed “tolerance” for what was otherwise deemed unacceptable behavior.

For the then-identified naturist/nudist, the dilemma was even more pronounced as cross-dressing involved the wearing of cumbersome clothing. The solution for the budding bare practitioner community was the rising and often colorful objective known as body painting!

Tattooed AND painted body!

Body painting allowed the growing number of homosexual naturists/nudists the freedom to be themselves and still participate in the the carnival-like and fun-filled enjoyment of Halloween! A good time was now enjoyed by almost everyone!

Persons of the textile (clothes wearing) persuasion were very quick to point out that too much consideration is extended to the bare practitioners on Halloween. In their argument, they offered that costumes conceal or disguise, which is the purpose of Halloween. Why should naked exhibitionists be given an exception?

Bare practitioner advocates countered with their reply that they have to work daily and this reality, in turn, forced them to disguise themselves every day. Why should they have to sacrifice – again – just to please those who wouldn’t attend a clothes free social event anyway? The two communities and their debate went there separate ways.

A body pf patriotism!

Additional Occasions:

Body painting is absolutely not exclusive to just the Halloween inspired parties. Mardi Gras is another time of the year that excites the painting enthusiasts. The annual GLBTQ+ pride commemorations and national days likewise create the carnival environment. Simple and randomly scheduled body painting theme parties are best celebrated anytime throughout the year!

The Garden of Temptation!

Hopefully Helpful Suggestions:

Only purchase selections that are specifically labelled body paint. There are other types of paint that are available that are not suitable for skin application. Buy only a product that is removable with mild soap and water!

Before application to the entire body, apply only a small amount to a small area of the body for several hours duration. This tests one’s body reaction to the specific product. If any discomfort or irritation occurs, remove immediately.

A simple message!

Involve acquaintances and friends – share ideas with others and offer assistance. Consider painting a distinct message or a brief statement on your body instead of designing an artfully-inspired masterpiece! Simpler is sometimes better, easier and less time-consuming, especially for an inexperienced body painter!

A legitimate question!

Before application (at least one hour) wash your body and completely cover with a mild lotion or skin cream. Allow the skin time to absorb the applied lubricant. Then paint the message or the art. This prevents a peeling of the paint once it begins to dry.

Be bare, be decorated and/or be informative!

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next planned post entry here is for Monday, October 25, 2021, and the proposed topic is: “Halloween Antics!”

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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  1. When I see the beautiful images of painted bodies, I have to admire the work of the artist. I have to admire the artists talent, their creativity, each painted body painting is unique and individual. I look at each body painting as if it belongs on a wall or in a museum to be preserved for the future for all the world to see. It’s a shame that after a body painting event the work of art is washed away and lost forever and now just a memory!

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