Preparing the Thanksgiving feast!

Of course, I’ve never been one to boast or brag about my very own non-existent culinary skills. Likewise, I have no shame in admitting that I am completely lacking in this talent. So, no, that is absolutely not me trying to perform any food preparation in the above photograph. I want to be perfectly clear on that point up front!

My primary role in our household dining celebrations is to make certain that everything, except the food, is clean and presentable for our guests. Trust me, no one would ever attend if they even had the faintest idea that I was involved with any aspect of food preparation. My deficiencies in that area are well known! That’s the reason that Aaron and I are so well liked – his cooking and my cleaning!

This upcoming Thursday is the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Somewhere in the early years of colonialism here, the newly arriving Europeans failed in their harvest efforts and the Indigenous People here (native Americans) treated them to a bountiful harvest meal that prevented a widespread famine and thus ensured their eventual oppression from the preserved strangers. Even the origins of this occasion remain a mystery as two of the original thirteen colonies, Massachusetts and Virginia, both claim to be the location of the generosity of the native peoples.

A Joe Phillip’s rendition of a contemporary Thanksgiving meal!

The main entre of the Thanksgiving meal is the turkey. Supposedly, the fowl is native to North America, grew wild and multiplied and provided the starving colonists an unlimited source of protein that allowed them to feast for the entire first winter season here. All the while, the colonists from Massachusetts argued with the colonists from Virginia over who first observed the first Thanksgiving! Fortunately, there is no documentation of which observance was first – actually, there is no actual proof that either one of the occasions really happened. This would not be the first example of events mythically starting!

The Thanksgiving celebration also has another reason for existence. The day after the feast traditionally begins the annual Winter holiday shopping season here. Not always a very pleasant experience!

A turkey with tanlines!

The roasted turkey image above depicts the fowl with obvious tan-lines (the result of wearing a swimsuit while out enjoying the sunbathing! A very silly image! We all know that every turkey is naturally a bare practitioner!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry for here is planned for Tuesday, November 30, 2021, and the proposed topic is: “Bottoms-Up! November, 2021”

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5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving!”

  1. Interesting…. I grew up 2 towns away from Plymouth, Mass. and I was under the impression it was rather well documented. That said, I’ve never personally tried to access those documents. IIRC, there’s an account/list of the food served at that meal. A young girl who was present at the meal recounted it years later to her granddaughter, who wrote it down. Apparently turkey was not on the menu but swan was. Swan was supposedly much, much more abundant than turkey at the time.

    I assume the fact that I grew up so close to Plymouth explains why I never heard of the Virginia claim until reading this post 🙂

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    1. That makes sense. There is also a Pennsylvania claim, a Maryland claim and of course, The Indigenous Peoples have perhaps the most valid claims: without them, it would have been impossible! 🙂 Naked hugs!


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