February: USA Black History Month!

February: USA Black History Month!


The above opening for today’s post entry was originally drafted for February 1, 2022. However, my very recent influenza infection has forced me to try to consolidate some of my drafted entries into a single post for today. After missing two weeks from work, my time this week has been extremely demanding in order to keep my classes on some semblance of balance as well as attempting to update posts here to include topics that were neglected due to my illness.

I apologize for any confusion or inconsistencies this effort presents. Undoubtedly, this posting does not incorporate all the ideas and/or thoughts intended or planned for this particular month. Please not that I have saved all of my drafts for this month and will sincerely try to convey these tidbits in the future.

Bare advocacy remains focused here!

My sickness created a very hectic “return to normalcy” week for me. The first two days I was able to maintain an honest mixture between my professional obligations and attention to blogging details. By Wednesday, the middle of this week, my energy level dropped and any hope of continuity of concentration on both projects very quickly dissipated. I had to adjust my priorities and my instructional duties became first and composition (blogging) – ReNude Pride – tasks became secondary. In fairness, my work provides a paycheck that helps to support both my spouse, Aaron, and myself.

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD)

February 7 of each year is noted as NBHAAD throughout the USA. It is a nationally planned and promoted initiative by the African-American community that has expanded from the original targeted racial audience. This occasion began in 1999 as a cultural response to the alarming rise in HIV infections and diagnosis within the USA Black Community. The governing body for this project is the Strategic Leadership Council (SLC) which provides guidance, direction, encouragement and strategic support.

The four original focuses of NBHAAD are as follows:

Get educated about HIV/AIDS

Get involved in community prevention efforts

Get tested to know your status

Get treated to receive healthcare needed to live with HIV/AIDS

NBHAAD headline!

One of the important aspects of NBHAAD that needs to be revealed here is that no matter of the current coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic that is impacting our lives for the second year, HIV/AIDS remains a major source of infection within all communities worldwide. HIV rates may no longer make health headlines around the globe, the infection rates continue to have a negative pulse internationally, especially with all the knowledge and preventive information currently available. Community and cultural awareness continues to require our attention.

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry planned for here is on Monday, February 14, 2022, and the proposed topic is “Valentine’s Day.”

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