First Day Of Spring, 2017

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, today is officially the first day of the Spring of 2017! We managed to somehow survive another barren winter and are eager to begin the season of renewal and rebirth! Most of us are savvy enough to realize that just because today is the beginning of the new season, it doesn’t mean that it’s even remotely possible for all of us to strip off our winter clothing and go prancing about in bare abandon.

The seasonal temperature change isn’t automatic and rarely, if ever, happens overnight. It is a gradual transition from the coldness of winter to the moderate and pleasant weather that signals the approach of summer. Each day brings longer periods of sunlight and a moderation of the outdoor temperatures on the thermometer. This graduated change affords us the opportunity to appreciate and observe the wonders of the return of foliage and plant life. To fully experience the beauty of nature all around us.

As anxious as I always am in anticipating the arrival of Spring, I have noting but patience once it arrives. I’ve learned to appreciate each day for whatever it is worth. The Mid-Atlantic  region of the East Coast of the USA is very colorful and scenic during this time of the year and every day offers new evidence that winter is over – finally!

The amateur photographer that lurks underneath my skin savors each new day just as a glutton salivates in anticipation of the next feast. Most weekends find me traipsing through local parks, with my husband in tow, searching for new beauties to capture with my camera. I am not unlike a young child on an Easter-egg hunt. I experience a insatiable desire to document every sight that my eyes discover.

While on these random excursions through the local parks, Aaron (my husband) and I are on constant alert to find new areas where it is possible to surreptitiously (and illegally) strip nude in order to enjoy the sunshine in all its splendid glory. Although it is possible to deny clothes-freedom to a bare practitioner (naturist/nudist), it is practically impossible to deny the urge to be nude to one. Once a person has experienced outdoor nudity, it becomes an intrinsic essence that flows through our blood. The wearing of clothes simply doesn’t feel right ever again.


When Aaron and I take these photographic expeditions, and the weather is right, we often strip off our clothes and revel in the warmth of the sunshine on our bare skin. Nothing feels better than to be able to be outdoors and nude again! It’s a completely natural home-coming! Of course, if the weather is especially nice and warm, we’ll take advantage and try to take the opportunity for a “pre-season” natural skinny-dip (nude aquatic activity). After all the ice and snow we survived during the previous Winter, a little sampling of what the new season promises is always refreshing and rewarding!

Welcome back Spring!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

9 thoughts on “First Day Of Spring, 2017”

  1. Another great post Roger. I 100% agree with you and feeling the sun on my naked body is just one of the most wonderful feelings of all. Note however, that it may not be illegal to be nude outside, depending on the State or the country of course. There’s a misinterpretation sometimes by the police and the public of simple non sexual nudity and the outrage people may feel. This is worth checking before venturing in the wild naked. Enjoy spring naked!

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