My Winter Reading List

Now that Spring is now officially here, it’s time to share the books that I read this past season. Winter isn’t the best time to find a quiet space outdoors, strip off all your clothes and read. True there may be a few moments where the weather is cooperative, the temperatures hover in the moderate range and it is possible to undress and read while comfortably naked. But those times are very few and very far between. Mostly, winter is too blustery and too barren to be bare in nature.

“The love of books is among the choicest gifts of the gods.” ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes.

For an avid reader like myself, the alternative to reading in a natural environment is to stay indoors where it is toasty and warm, forget all about clothing and read until my heart’s content. That doesn’t look so difficult except for one major obstacle. I’m not independently wealthy and have to work in order to pay my bills. My husband isn’t rich, either, so being a “stay-at-home” husband isn’t an option. We both need our jobs so we can afford our lifestyle.

So, work aside, I read whenever possible. It helps to pass the drudgery of the frigid season and it’s an activity that I’ve always enjoyed. Growing up, as long as we lived in our parent’s home, we were expected to read for one hour in order to be able to watch a half-hours worth of television. All of my seven brothers share my love of reading although our particular interests vary in types of books.

Below is the list of books and author’s that I enjoyed this past winter. As I read for pleasure and relaxation, most of the books I select during the scholastic year are fiction. During the summer, when school is not in session, is when I do the majority of my nonfiction reading. I recommend any of these titles to all who enjoy reading mysteries and/or suspense novels.

  1. Double Agents    W.E.B. Griffin
  2. Malice     Robert K. Tannenbaum
  3. An Officer and A Spy   Robert Harris
  4. Infamy     Robert K. Tannenbaum
  5. The Shooters     W. E B. Griffin
  6. Don’t Look Twice     Andrew Gross
  7. 15 Seconds     Andrew Gross
  8. Reckless     Andrew Gross
  9. The Innocent     David Baldacci
  10. Mortal Fear     Greg Iles
  11. Natchez Burning     Greg Iles
  12. The Devil’s Punchbowl     Greg Iles
  13. Bad Faith     Robert K. Tannenbaum

Naked hugs!

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4 thoughts on “My Winter Reading List”

    1. These are all fiction. My nonfiction selections are all related to my job, therefore, they’re not what I consider “leisure” reading. Sorry I didn’t make that clear in my post. Forgive me? Naked hugs!


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