Nude Photographs

All of us, whether bare (nude) or textile (clothed), enjoy taking group photographs of ourselves with friends and/or family. A permanent reminder of a moment in time regardless if it was a year ago or just the past week. For the majority of us, it helps to refresh our memory of a happy time with those who are important in our lives. Many use some of their photographs to decorate the walls of their home: a “personal” decorative accessory to share with guests.

Aaron and I have a few photographs of ourselves and friends mounted on the wall of our hallway. Keep in mind the pictures are in our hallway, not prominently hanging in the living room or dining room. These images are all from various beach trips and for those of you who are curious, yes; we are all completely nude in every one of them. A very good friend of ours, when he saw the pictures hanging in the hallway. asked. “Is this your ‘Hall of Fame?’ ” Since he made that comment, we’ve referred to it as such whenever we have guests.

We rarely have guests in our home who are completely clueless (unaware) of our clothes-free preferences. But occasionally we have a few “surprises” (unexpected drop-in guests). Several first-time visitors have asked us why do we have photos of us naked on our walls. Do our friends who are with us know that the photos are out for everyone to see? And finally, do we keep the pictures hanging when family (parents) come for a visit? There are other questions that are asked but those above give the general idea of the curiosity of those viewing these photographs for the first time.

And the answer to all of the above questions is “yes.” Hanging framed pictures on the wall and then having to remove the same when someone comes to visit is…ridiculous. A classic indication of insecurity and deceitfulness.

My husband, Aaron, and I are not ashamed of the fact that we are a gay married couple nor of the fact that we’re both bare practitioners (naturists/nudists). My family knows this aspect about us being nudists, as do some of Aaron’s family. Since we’re legally married, the issue of us being gay is a fact that if anyone is unable to accept, then they’re not allowed inside our home.


As this is our home, any art on our walls reflects something meaningful or significant in our lives. Our friends are important to us. Most of our close friends are social nudists also. Clothes-wearing people have photos of themselves hanging on their walls. Bare practitioners are no different, except that our pictures are of us as we prefer to be: without clothes. For the majority of us, our “good-times” are the times that we’re clothes-free.

Regarding the question if our friends know that their nudity is displayed on our walls, the answer is yes. All of them have seen the pictures and not one has demanded that they be removed. The reason that they are “close” friends with Aaron and I is partly due to the fact that they are comfortable with their nudity (like us) believe, as do we, that our nakedness is nothing to be ashamed about. We share a mutual trust that these images will not be put on public display.

It has often been suggested that “a man’s home is his castle.” As far as Aaron and I are concerned, this proverb is indeed true. We haven’t adorned our home with images of wild gay sexual positions or anything pornographic. We just have four or five pictures of us and our friends, all bare, hiking and at the beach. It is our home and this is, essentially, who we are. Our philosophy is if our nudity offends you, please don’t return to our home.

If we value your friendship, we’ll meet you in a public place, wearing clothing. Otherwise, we hope that you enjoy your life as we have no intention of allowing you to foul ours. That may appear to some as a harsh judgment. Perhaps it is. But life is too short for us, as a couple, to try to please everyone else and not ourselves. If we aren’t too offended by others inviting us into their homes and displaying pictures of themselves in clothing, why should they take offense over our displaying ourselves in our own skin?

As for my husband and myself, we are not ashamed or embarrassed about our nudity or the fact that we are bare practitioners. If we were, then we wouldn’t bother to share our nakedness with our family and friends. If this causes anyone discomfort, then take a long look to the reasons for this feeling before placing the blame on us.

I have some additional thoughts on bare photography and bare photographers. I’ll share them later as this post is becoming somewhat lengthy to introduce a new topic at this stage. 

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

14 thoughts on “Nude Photographs”

  1. Great piece Roger. This is the way it should be. I think our bodies are beautiful and pics of relaxed naked friends can just be great decoration for a home. Nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide behind closed doors. it’s actually because many naturists are hiding their social nudity that people have misconception about naturism and think it’s a sexual activity. There’s nothing more natural than a naked body and naked activities with friends. Keep up the good naturist spirit.

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  2. I totally agree with you Roger. I have photographs of myself in our hallway from a photo shoot I had professionally done last may and I was quite proud of them. John is not a naturist but if he were we would definitely display them as well. If people (friends and family) have issues with our lifestyle and with my photographs then they not truly friends are they?

    Naked hugs


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