A Penny for My Thoughts? When Nude Isn’t An Option…

All of us, at some point in our lives, have those moments when we absolutely must wear clothing. Being bare or clothes-free simply isn’t an option. It can be the funeral of a co-worker, going to work or a trip to the dentist. There is simply no escaping the fact that some type of covering is essential for our fulfilling the needs of our everyday lives. Yes, it would be ideal if there was a viable alternative but all too often the rest of society and the world doesn’t cater to our nudecentric needs.

When these occasions arise, no matter the circumstance, I take control over my life and my environment in the best way that I know. Mentally, I constantly remind myself that no matter what else is happening, at least I am as naked under all these clothes as I was the day that I was born. I likewise remind myself that everyone else is just as naked as I am underneath their layers of concealment.

Clothes are nothing more than a fool’s illusion of being different. An attempt to offer inconclusive proof of his own uniqueness. And this fool’s effort in asserting his uniqueness is expressed in his collection of T-shirts.


To reinforce my attitude adjustment, I always have a convenient assortment of nude-affirming T-shirts to wear when clothes are an absolute must. The one above reads: nude attitude. When I need to have clothes on, I always adopt my defensive attitude that I explained above. I can wear these T-shirts by themselves, weather permitting, or under a sweater or collared-shirt.


When I am unable to be as bare as I’d prefer, these samplings of my naked T-shirt collection afford me the next best scenario to nudity. A message proclaiming me to be proud and clothes-free. When I absolutely must wear clothes, my T-shirts provide me the psychological comfort that nudity affords.

I buy them all in a larger size than necessary. It’s almost as good as actually being naked! We bare practitioners (naturists/nudists) are cognizant of the fact that nothing feels better than nudity.

“I can be shy, but I’m not shy with my body. Everyone is naked under their clothes – so what?” ~ Cameron Richardson

I’m positive that the wearing of a nudecentric T-shirt in no way compensates for the inability to be completely clothes-free. There’s just no substitute for the liberating sensation of simply being within your own skin without the restraints of any type of textile on your body. The comfort from knowing that it’s just the air that is embracing your body, with totally nothing in between. That’s freedom!

But when we must wear clothes, I’d rather be in a nudecentric T-shirt so that psychologically I’m encouraging bare expression! Besides, I am always proudly naked underneath my clothes when I absolutely must wear them! When I’m unable to be physically bare, at the very least, I can be bare “in spirit!”

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

7 thoughts on “A Penny for My Thoughts? When Nude Isn’t An Option…”

  1. Love the t-shirts Roger and so perfect for the naturists who are not afraid to proclaim that they like to be so when having to wear clothes. We should not be afraid to let anyone one know how we truly feel better clothesfree. Stay bare and Naked Hugs

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