Easter Sunday: Get Bare or Beware!

Today is one of the few years that both the Eastern and Western traditions of Christianity celebrate the Easter holiday on the same date. The Eastern traditions (Orthodox, Armenian, Egyptian and Ethiopian Coptic) generally adhered to the old-style calendars and the Western traditions (Roman Catholic and Protestant) followed the new-style calendars. Usually, the Western Easter is earlier than the Eastern holiday. The icon (holy image) shown above depicts the Resurrection of the Christ, the reason for the holiday.

In honor of this special occasion, with both traditions observing the feast day concurrently, here’s a special post for all bare practitioners (naturists/nudists). But first, please obey the sign below and remove all clothing. If not, then proceed to read with caution. It’s not like you haven’t been forewarned!


Happy Easter!


Today, we’re going to join in a skinny-dipping (swimming nude) party!

It’s a warm, almost hot, Sunday and friends have decided to meet at a local lake to enjoy a day of swimming. Just a few weeks into the Springtime, after a long cold Winter, they’re all eagerly anticipating some “sunshine-fun.” One of them decides it’s a good idea to skinny-dip. Will the others agree to the suggestion?


We’ve all removed all our clothes so now it’s time to skinny-dip!

It doesn’t take too much to persuade the others to join in the fun. Soon, they’re all naked in their “birthday suits” (skin) and ready for an afternoon of playful antics. Typically, once one man decides to be clothes-free, it usually doesn’t take long before others bare their bodies and are eager to feel the sun and the air on their nudity. 


Anyone who hesitates gets thrown into the water by the rest!

As with any group of nude guys, there’s always at least one dude who is somehow reluctant to dive into the water. Beware: the one who hesitates is usually the one who gets involuntarily tossed into the lake. Why get naked if you’re not willing to go swimming? After all, your friends only want what’s best for you!



He made such a splash when he hit water, he drenched the pier!

Besides, we all know that whenever a bare body is playfully tossed into water, there’s always a huge splash to follow. Getting wet is the reason we stripped off all our clothes, right?  


Enjoy your Easter Sunday! If possible, join us in a skinny-dip!

All our friends are apparently enjoying theirs! 

Happy Easter! Kalo Pascha! 

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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