Happy Earth Day, 2017!

In anticipation of tomorrow, April 22, officially being Earth Day, 2017, I’m sharing some perspectives on environmental stewardship today. Most of us realize that preserving what we have left of our planet is much more than just a one day activity. Conservation should take place on a daily basis in all of our lives so that the wonders of nature that we now appreciate in our lives will be here for future generations to enjoy in their lives.

As a bare practitioner who is outdoors as often as possible, every day I see the evidence that we humans are not doing nearly enough to protect our environment, our shared and collective home. There is simply too much debris and litter all around us that is so unnecessary and unsanitary. Here in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, not only are the roadways and sidewalks receptacles for trash, but parks and other shared spaces collect waste products as well.

All too frequently, the human refuse is often within a few steps of a public trash receptacle; placed at that particular location so that people have a convenient place to toss their garbage. This unsanitary and unsightly human habit of just casting aside trash wherever it lands is unlawful in most places yet widely ignored by modern society. It seems as though the masses expect energized “trash elves” to magically appear each night to clean up behind them.


With regional and local governments already facing limited funds for budget purposes and public sector employees often overworked and underpaid, it seems that most clean-up of public spaces indeed depends on the “trash elves” to accomplish the mission. These elfin cleaners are, more likely than not, volunteers who care about the environment.  By and large, most volunteer “trash elves” only come around once a year, on Earth Day.

Unfortunately, unwanted trash isn’t discarded just once a year. A years worth of garbage can’t be collected and disposed of in one day.  Our two proud and bare volunteers (pictured above) have been successful in cleaning up their own area at this one beach. What about the rest of the coastal area?


As users of this planet, it only makes sense for each and every one of us to act as stewards of the Earth. No matter where we live be, it an urban or a rural neighborhood, the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere, Africa or Australia, we should all make everyday as Earth Day and do our share of cleaning up the environment. All that is necessary is for each one of us to properly dispose of our own garbage or trash to make this world a cleaner and safer home for us all.  Please think about this for our future.

Naked  hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

19 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day, 2017!”

  1. This is another issue close to my heart. Thanks for the post. As naturist, we definitely need to lead the way in protected our natural environment.

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  2. So true on all levels Roger. We as a society need to do more for the environment and help future generations to come. Unfortunately, it seems our governments are more concerned with profit than the trouble plaguing our planet in both environment and the poor. Here in Nova Scotia we have a recycling program. We are allowed only one dark garbage bag and the others are clear and if the garbage in the clear bags do not meet the “standard” of what is considered garbage they will not pick it up and put an unacceptable sticker on it. Our recyclables in blue bags are picked up every other week and items have to be clearly separated. Cans, glass, plastic etc. Hopefully, our other provinces will follow suit as our landfills are overflowing.

    Happy Earth Day!

    Stay Bare and Naked Hugs


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    1. A very impressive recycling procedure, Fabien. We need the same here in the USA. Unfortunately, given the current political climate and power structure here, it will not happen soon. The politics here are now very “green” – NOT due to the environment but because green is the color of money. Sad, but true. Take care and stay bare, my bare blogging brother! Naked hugs back to you!

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