Let’s Strip and Skinny-Dip

“Truth is, most of us contain a splashing, giggling, squealing child inside us who knows without thinking that bare skin and water go together as wings go with air, roots with earth and the phoenix with the incendiary sun.”   ~ Author Unknown

 The term skinny-dipping, used to describe swimming without any type of swimsuit, was first documented in the English language in 1947. The term is most commonly used in the USA. 

The term skinny-dipping originated in the rural U. S. South to describe swimming freely without clothing. The men, after a hard days work in the fields, while on their way home would pass alongside a lake, pond, river or stream. Wanting to cool off from the Summer’s heat, they would strip out of their clothes and wade into the water naked. The word skinny refers to them being in the water in just their skin. The dip portion of the term refers to their habit of just wading into the water to cool themselves.

During the widespread growth of the U. S. military during World War II, the massing of men into the armed services from all across the United States meant that men who otherwise would have never met were suddenly fighting in small military units together. This is how the term skinny-dipping gained popularity in the USA.

Skinny-dipping or nude swimming is the practice of swimming clothes-free or naked. Initially it meant swimming nude in natural, outdoor bodies of water but recently it has also included swimming pools and/or hot tubs. Currently, most nude swimming or skinny-dipping takes place on nude or clothing-optional beaches, naturist facilities and resorts, segregated (by gender) public swimming pools or in privately-owned swimming pools.


In recent years, skinny-dipping has gained popularity throughout the USA. This rebirth is not just at naturist/nudist beaches and resorts but also among the general population who have no other interest in social nudity. As general interests in trends seem to grow, spike and then fade, it should be fascinating to track this fad.

In case there’s anyone reading here who isn’t familiar with swimming clothes-free, here’s a brief guide below. Be advised that you’ll be required to skinny-dip once you’ve completed reading.

How To Skinny-Dip 


It doesn’t require any equipment to enjoy skinny-dipping. All anyone needs is an item of clothing to strip off or out of – as in the guy removing his swimsuit above. Actually, a swimsuit isn’t even a prerequisite. Any item of clothing will suffice. Most people remove their garment prior to jumping into the water, but that isn’t a mandatory rule.


Once you’re completely bare, nude, naked or clothes-free, you’re now skinny-dipping. Relax and enjoy yourself in the water. Swim around with your friends and indulge in any number of aquatic and/or pool games and activities.


Just don’t forget that skinny-dipping is synonymous with swimming in your bare skin only. So to legitimize your experience, at some point remember to at least paddle around in the water. Otherwise, the SDP (Skinny-Dipping Police) may show up and order you to put your swimsuit back on!

I’m just kidding about the SDP! Now that you’ve read this post, go forth and skinny-dip. Just don’t forget where you left your clothes!


Author’s Note: In the interest of aquatic safety, swimming alone it not recommended nor encouraged. Even the best swimmers get cramped and/or experience difficulties in water.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride




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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Strip and Skinny-Dip”

  1. I already have plans to go skinny-dipping tomorrow. You’ve made me look forward to it even more than I already was. It’s an especially welcome idea as I sit inside during a blazing 38C day.

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  2. Great post as always Roger. It never made sense to me to wear a bathing suit especially when it sticks to your body in inappropriate places. And don’t get me going on those swimming trunks that go to your knees. Because most public pools and beaches don’t allow nude swimming I wear a speedo which is the lesser of two evils. I hope to join my naturist group for the last indoor pool skinny dip on May 20th. Due to my health issues these past 7 months I have not had the opportunity.

    Stay Bare and Naked Hugs


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