Interview: Dean of Black Nude Taurus

It is my honor and privilege to introduce to all of you Dean “Dandy-Deen” , the author of Black Nude Taurus  blog (click title to view). He’s the “sleeping beauty” pictured in the photograph above. I met Dean this Spring and we’ve been communicating via text and email throughout our friendship. He’s a very fun guy to know and is a personable nude dude – full of energy and enthusiastic about life. The labels that Dean prefers to use to describe his serious allergy to clothing are: full-frontal, au naturel, nude, naked, bare, unclothed and clothesless. In this regard, he’s my type of man!

Dean is a gay man who, unlike me, is a competent student of gay nude yoga. He’s always ready to embark on any gay, nude adventure – parties, camping, beaches. I’m sure there are a few that he’s not mentioned but is willing to try!

When I first approached Dean about participating in an interview here on ReNude Pride, he agreed to do so enthusiastically. Once we began, he expressed some nervousness about being publicly exposed (no pun intended) but insisted that we proceed as planned. He’s more than proved himself to be a determined and a very proud gay and clothes-free man. Perfect to feature during Gay Nude Pride month!  And now, here’s Dean!

For the purposes of this interview, Dean was asked questions in the following categories: nudity, being gay and blogging.



Once guys reach adolescence, they generally become very body-conscious and modest. Was this the case for you? Were you ever embarrassed to change in front of your peers in the locker room? 

I was rarely body conscious and modest plus I was never embarressed to change in front of my peers in the locker rooms. I had no problems taking showers or bathing in front of my peers or my brothers.

When did you discover your preference for nudity? Did you have any naturists/nudists in your family or among your friends?

I discovered nudity when I was a little boy. It never shocked or traumatized me. I was amused and attracted to it. I wasn’t familiar with the terms nudity, naked, au naturel, etc.

In movies like “An American Werewolf in London,” at first I was freaking scared and sick to my stomach whenever my siblings were going to watch it. I ran to my room and waited until the movie was over. Later, I faced my fears and watched it. I was blown away by actor David Naughton’s nudity in that movie!

In boarding school, there was a tall, lean caramelized guy named Bola. He would walk around the boy’s quarters naked, sleep in the nude and he even tutored me in mathematics naked!

I have lots of nudists among my friends.

How about today? Any naturist/nudist friend? Any guys you regularly “hang out” with while clothes-free? 

Over the years, I have both naturist and nudist friends in the U.S. and all over the world. There’s one who I regularly hang out nude with named G. Carlos Henderson. We spend nude time together on birthdays, Christmas, holidays, etc. We have been naked friends for 13/14 years.

What was your first experience with social nudity? How old were you? What is your fondest memory of the activity/event?

My first socially nude experience was at Gunnison Beach in New Jersey, also called Sandy Hook Beach, in 2005. I was 25 years old and it was my first trip to a nude beach. My fondest memory was meeting people and making new friends, strolling down the nude beach which is wide and long. I took some good pictures.

Did you ever skinny-dip (swim naked) with friends? Any experience you’d like to share? 

Yes, I have gone skinny-dipping with a friend in the Bronx, New York City, in 2016. It was a terrifying experience – I kept thinking about alligators – I watched too many horror flicks like “Jaws.” It went from being terrifying to thrilling to be in the water nude with my friend named, Jann, who is a great swimmer and nude also.

You’ve let me know that you were a “human canvas” for body painting previously. Would you elaborate about the opportunity?

Back in 1996, I first saw the documentary on HBO called “Real Sex: Naked Art” about an artist from New York City named Natasha Von Rosenchilde. I was in love with the whole idea of being painted nude. In 2016, twenty years later, I finally got the opportunity to be a part of this awesome experience of being body painted in both New York City and San Francisco. The public reactions towards me while being painted naked was incredible! They were very positive, amused and crazy and people all over New York City wanted to take my picture and then videos, interviews, etc. I felt like I had won a big award!

In the future, I’d like to have my body painted again! I love doing artwork and photography that involves nudity. Author’s Note: There are more photos of Dean with body paint on his Page of Fame tribute.


Dean in body paint (on the right, above)

On Being Gay: 

Growing up, what were you taught about same gender/gay love and relationships?

Growing up in Nigeria and the USA, I wasn’t taught about gay love, sex and relationships. I learned about them on my own.

At what age did you become aware of your same gender/gay attraction? How did this make you feel?

I’ve had a gay attraction since I was a little boy, long before I knew or became familiar with these terms you hear/read today like gay, homosexual, faggot, queer, etc. In my teen years, I kinda dismissed the gayness thinking it was natural and normal to experience them. At the age of 24, I realized that I’m gay. How do I feel about it? Well, I am cool with it.

At what age did you “come-out” to family and friends? What was their initial reaction? Were they supportive?

I didn’t “come-out” to my family and friends. I just don’t see any reason to do so when it’s my own business. I don’t believe I owe anyone an explanation about my sexuality. However, when someone asks me, I will tell him/her. I’m grateful to have supportive friends.

When exploring your sexuality, what resources were available to you? Are there any that you recommend? Any words of advice for youth questioning their sexuality today?

Most of the resources that were and still are available to help me explore my sexuality are movies, books and magazines.

If you could change anything within the gay community overnight, what would it be and why? 

If I could change anything within the gay community overnight, it would be people being judgmental against others who are different from themselves or different from those who they might be attracted to.


A smiling Dean


You recently (within the past 6 months) began posting your blog, Black Nude Taurus. Describe your theme in blogging and why.

This is my first blog and my blogging is about me and my interests in interracial unions, naturism/nudism, movies, spirituality, culture, history, nature, metaphysical studies, sex, people and arts. I created this blog to introduce myself to others and to the world.

Anyone inspire you in the world of blogging? If so, in what way?

There are two or three people who inspired me to create a blog. A guy named Michael that I met from dudesnude, Facebook and Tumblr. I love his blogging because he is real, honest, open, vulnerable with his nudity and his sexuality. There is a musician and nude activist named Ton Dou who has excellent music promoting acceptance of the naked human body and nudity.

What appeals to you specifically about the blogging experience? Is Black Nude Taurus  your first blogging effort?

Black Nude Taurus is my first blog so it’s too soon to tell what appeals to me about the blogging adventure.

Does publishing a blog in any way enhance your personal life? If so, how?

My blogging has enhanced my personal life in allowing me to express my human soul, thoughts, life adventures and my pictures.

Any advice to those who are considering starting their own blog?

Any advice? Well, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE and most importantly, ENDURE!



I want to sincerely express my eternal gratitude to Dean for all of his efforts and patience throughout this interview process. I hope that all of you reading and/or visiting here have enjoyed meeting him as much as I have enjoyed getting better acquainted with his amazing self. He is one talented and remarkable man! Please remember to visit and follow his blog, Black Nude Taurus. Just click on the title to view.

Dean, “Dandy Deen,” has definitely earned his place on ReNude Pride’s Page of Fame.  To visit there, click on the Page of Fame link. His place of honor there should be uploaded by mid-day, today.

Much love and many naked hugs to a very dapper and Dandy-Deen!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note and Ownership: All the photographic images used in this interview are the property of the subject, Mr. Dean Fawehinmi and may not be reproduced without his written consent. 





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  1. I like Dean’s comment, “I don’t believe I owe anyone an explanation about my sexuality.” How true that is. It seems that too often, we need to label ourselves – gay, bi, straight, otherwise – in order to satisfy some personal identity needs. He’s completely right – his sexuality is his own business and it’s up to him how he chooses to express it. More power to you Dean.

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