Silly Summer: Dancing Nude Dudes

A rainbow signifies our pride in ourselves and our same gender loving (gay) and bare communities. The sun and flowers represent our appreciation for the delights that this season offers to us all. Now that we are officially into a full thirty days of Summer, 2017, (remember, the new season began on June 21) I thought it best to mark this auspicious occasion with a little touch of summertime silliness – to lighten our moods, lift our spirits and celebrate the joyful days of sunshine, surf, heat and humidity!


The shadows are already becoming longer, a certain reminder that summer is always slow to arrive but fast to pass by. If we don’t make the best use of each and every day, we’ll soon complain about time wasted, days lost and opportunities missed. So in order to avoid this fate, get off your buttocks, get out of your clothes and get busy!

Dancing Nude Dudes


The nude dudes above, technically, aren’t actually at all. They’re onstage wearing their jock-straps (athletic supporters). Since these garments have no seat on them and only contain a cup to support their penis and testicles, they’re as close to nude as possible without hanging-out and freeballing.


This chorus line of buttocks shows that each of them is comfortable with their own nudity and they’re not adverse to grabbing another man and slapping him on his buttocks. That fabulous feat takes confidence and courage!


But wait! Not only are they shaking their “booties” (buttocks) in the faces of their audience, now they strip off their jock-straps and are truly hanging out nude – and proud to be bare!


The spectators are obviously pleased as our dancing nude dudes are in no hurry to prance off the stage. I imagine they draw strength and energy from the audience’s enthusiastic response! 


Bravo, dancing nude dudes! Excellent job! Hold those jock-straps high and enjoy being admired in your own skin! And remember our motto here at ReNude Pride:


Hopefully, this post has inspired all of you to strip naked and dance the weekend away. Please remember to dance responsibly and to have a great time. Take photos and email color glossies to my inbox!

All of you reading here, please have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Just remember our motto: Nude On! Be Bare. Be Proud. And if you by chance encounter one of our dancing nude dudes, it’s okay to give him a brief kiss on his facial cheek! And if he asks you to accompany him home, go for it!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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