End of Month Reflections: July, 2017

In the photo above, as the clouds gather on the horizon, our nude dude on the beach thoughtfully gazes out towards the shoreline, unconcerned over the approaching storm. He’s content to remain where he is and as he is: bare. He’s focused on his thinking and is oblivious to worrying about something as unimportant as the weather. Why waste the energy fretting over a situation (weather) which not one of us can control? He has more important matters to contemplate.

Let me clarify that I have no knowledge of any impending knowledge of any coming storm for ReNude Pride. That doesn’t mean that some unknown disaster isn’t lurking in the future here. If there is, it is as much a surprise to me as it is to any of you. I’m not a psychic and cannot foresee the future.

In my June Reflections post here, I introduced you to my first cousin, Michael Poladopoulos, and his blog, Nekkid Furry Boi Blog. He received a promotion in his job (congratulations, Cuz) and felt the time necessary for his work responsibilities was too great for him to continue his blogging efforts. He has deleted his site.  I’m happy for his career progress but am sorry for his decision to give up blogging. Hopefully he’ll soon find the time to resume this project. He is considering writing a guest post to be published here sometime in the future.

On a more positive note, I was invited by my blogging buddy, Kenn, author of Nudist Planet, (click to view) to be interviewed on his site. I’ve completed his very provocative 19 interview questions and sent to him my photos. I’ll keep you informed as to when the interview publishes. Kenn, as many of you may recall, was my first interview subject here on ReNude Pride. For those of you who may have missed his interview. click the title: Interview: Kenn of Black Gay Nudist Blog.


One of the many nudecentric blogs that I regularly follow, tha naked i(click title to view) recently unveiled his new motto as embedded in his picture (above). When I read his accompanying post, I shook my head in wonder and asked myself: Now why didn’t I think of that? To read his original post, click the title: Less Clothing, More Freedom.  I think you’ll enjoy reading it as well as his other posts. He resides in Northern Europe and, naturally, is a very nude enthusiast, blogger, photographer. artist and poet. He’s featured in the image above this paragraph.


Another positive nudecentric achievement for this month. My blogging brother and “newbie nude” is now publicly enjoying experimenting with being a bare practitioner (naturist/nudist). He recently published on his blog the above photo of his nudity. To visit his blog, click the title, vinnieh. His site’s primary focus is on entertainment and movie reviews in particular. He recently began a second blog that features of eroticism, Buns Are All That You Require (click to view). Caution, his second blog is very NSFW!

I trust that those who live in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the Summer. I know that I am despite the fact that it is half over. I do wish the season lasted as long as the dreary winter – I guess the reason for that inequality is that misery is endless. That and the fact that humanity is destined to suffer.

Before the Summer-time is over, remember to strip off your clothes and take a “dip,” as in skinny-dip (swim naked). Don’t wait until the last possible moment – get it done today!


Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

10 thoughts on “End of Month Reflections: July, 2017”

  1. Always enjoy catching up with what you are writing Roger. You are a very prolific blogger. I happen to follow many of the bloggers you mention and had written a profile on thanakedi. Stay bare and Naked Hugs!

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