Friday Footnote: Summer’s Over

It’s Friday, September 22, 2017. Yesterday was the last full day of the summer season here in the Northern Hemisphere. Those living in the Southern Hemisphere are now welcoming the arrival of their Springtime and heralding in their season of sand, sun and surf. I offer these words of advice to all of you: ” Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!” Have a safe and wonderful time and, if at all possible, bottle up some sunshine and send it our way! Please!

But just because yesterday was the last full day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, no one needs to unpack their winter wardrobe quite yet. The seasons may have changed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate change in our outdoor temperatures.


There are still some days when the temperatures and weather outside will be conducive for us to remain bare practitioners (naturist//nudist) and be clothes-free. Most areas north of the Equator will not experience any immediate change in temperatures overnight. We still have a respite before the weather plunges and the temperatures drop. We all need to take advantage of this delay while we are able.

Another positive advantage to being bare outside this particular time of the year is the freedom. Most people have returned to their normal work routines so others seeking the nude pleasures of beaches and parks is minimal. I’m able to get quite a bit accomplished while experiencing nude solitude.

In fact, I’m taking today off from my academic duties for precisely this reason. In doing so, once the winter chill arrives, I’ll always be able to look at myself in the mirror and know that I did the best that I could – I tried not to squander one moment of summer nudity!


In all honesty, here in the middle-Atlantic Coast region of the USA, the first few weeks of Autumn are even moderate enough for skinny-dipping (during the midday sun period). On overcast days, it’s usually too chilly to get into the water, with or without clothes.


The young couple in the images here are actually comfortable enough that they can focus on one another and stealing a kiss instead of keeping warm. Of course, the body heat generated from being in love helps, to be sure!


Idyllic interludes, such as the two here are enjoying, may simply be the continuation of a summer fling or the beginnings of an autumn adventure being sealed with a kiss. We’ll probably never know for sure.


Regardless, it’s nice to know that romance doesn’t carry an expiration date as our season’s do!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride



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