The Baths

Before anyone goes ballistic, allow me to explain that this post is most definitely not referring to bath-houses but rather the simple practice of taking a leisurely bath, in your own home or his, with the man who you love, or at least are attracted towards. I can also state here that, for the record, I have never visited a gay bath-house and wouldn’t even begin to know how to write about that experience. By the time that I reached adolescence, gay bath-houses had been outlawed in the Commonwealth of Virginia in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

My purpose in publishing this article is merely in the interest of suggesting a little romantic touch into our daily lives, especially considering the upcoming Valentine’s Day occasion. Subtle hint: if any of you have forgotten, Valentine’s Day is February 14. You’re welcome for keeping your buttocks out of hot water <pun intended>! You have a few more days to plan your special surprise for that special man in your life!

ft2bGadgetBathTimeMxdaMy spouse, Aaron, and I enjoy a leisurely bath together spontaneously. When we first moved in together, it was a Sunday night ritual we shared. Once we settled in to our familiar routine, it fell by the wayside as our lives became complicated (schedules) and complex (balancing family and friends). Almost immediately after our wedding in 2015, we realized that we both missed this shared time. For the past two years, it has become a monthly ritual that we plan and do together – for fun, for hygiene, and for romance.

As a matter of fact, in the almost three years since we were married, there has been only one instance where we had to cancel a monthly “bath date.” We helped his younger sister and her husband clean and paint their garage – and ourselves. By mutual agreement, we elected to cancel our bath and opted instead for separate showers.


Bath-time offers “play-time” for couples, regardless of their gender, to take time and re-explore and to re-discover their spouse’s body and to allow their spouse the same opportunity. With the right attitude, couples can make it a relaxing and romantic adventure that affords them to reconnect and share intimacy in their lives without shrinking their bank account. Enhancing the experience with candles and a bottle of champagne or other refreshment can add some spice into their foreplay that ideally is transferred into the lovemaking that follows. It can only lead to a perfect relationship becoming that much better.

Sharing a bath is not only just fun and romantic, it also is an awesome way to enhance sexual foreplay. It may not be quite as spontaneous as the more traditional foreplay techniques. However, the results in your bed, or wherever you prefer intimate encounters, may very well justify the extra effort!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

8 thoughts on “The Baths”

  1. While I love this idea, standard tubs in the US aren’t large enough for most 2 adult people. You’d have to pay to have a larger tub installed or stay at a hotel with large tubs. But I’d do this in a heartbeat, if we could.

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    1. “Not large enough for TWO people?” Most I’ve seen aren’t large enough for ONE. Lol, but true. The best solution I’ve found is to remove the tub entirely and install a shower large enough for two.

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  2. It’s like a date night, which I think is mandatory in any relationship. I think the smallest tub we have had, was in Italy. At home William is a bath/tub man. And we fortunate to have a proper size one, but we have a jacuzzi/spa bath and that’s were we sit and relax. Ivan.

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