V-Day Photo Project

Valentine’s Day is two days away and for those who are still trying to decide on a way to make that day memorable, here’s another idea that may help. The first Valentine’s Day that Aaron and I were together as a couple (pre-marriage) we commemorated this date by having a couple who are our friends take photographs of us together. We then reciprocated doing the same for them. We discussed this project prior to our shoot and planned eight or nine poses that we believed captured our essence as a partnership.


The four of us are all bare practitioners (naturist/nudist) so the nudity wasn’t an issue for anyone. In fact, it actually enhanced the photo-shoot as we joked and laughed our way through the process. It helped to pass the time and added the fun element to the project.

FromTop2BttmCoupleBRomanced Aaron and I, fortunately, had a greater degree of a success in our relationship than the couple who helped us with our original project. Before that year was over they had both gone their separate ways. Initially, we had agreed to make this photo-shoot project an annual Valentine’s tradition.


Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, 2016, Aaron and I decided to resurrect the picture idea. This time, we asked his older brother if he would mind being our photographer. He agreed on one condition: that we take some nudes of him. He had just joined us in a few bare social events the previous summer and wanted to have some nudes of himself “just in case.” In case of what, we didn’t inquire.


When Alex, my identical twin brother saw our second set of pictures, he wondered why we didn’t ask him to be the photographer. This year, on Valentine’s Day, Alex and his partner are serving as our partners for this third photo-shoot. Maybe it will become a tradition after all!


There is an advantage to having a live photographer as opposed to simply going with the trend a taking “selfies” (using auto-timer and taking our own pictures). A man behind the lens can often offer advice on creating photographs that are “tastefully erotic” as opposed to pornographic. The selfies can be all porn as long as you have the camera and/or memory card!


These Valentine memories don’t have to be shared with anyone at all. They may be only for the eyes of the two subjects involved. Private moments that preserved for just you and your man. Others may be bold and want to permit others access to the testament of their devotion to one another. The options are solely the purview of the couple. There are are no rules here.

If you do decide to opt for a photographer, there are two important thoughts to consider. First, make certain it is someone that you trust completely. Second, make sure that you have in writing a contract that gives you exclusive ownership of the images. Be certain that the contract stipulates this. Do not accept any oral assurance that the contract is “in the mail.” Have it signed before you strip or be prepared to see your bare likeness in an advert for photography services or to have a threat of blackmail. This happened to Alex, my twin brother.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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  1. i know when i am in america that the black people have good and strong relations and i know that they have sexy butt,sexy body, long dick,so they are proud to be naked and show their nude bodies in some picture and photos ,it is no problems to make photos to show nude bodies and to marry,thank you

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  2. I just came across these BEAUTIFUL photos. To see two naked men enjoying their penises touching, or better yet with a face beside a beautiful penis is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

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  3. I looked at the bottom photo again, and WOW!!! I really am not into a lot of kissing. I am bisexual and so kissing females is nice. I am not so interested in kissing men, hugging (naked of course) but not kissing EXCEPT for kissing a man’s penis. Now, THAT is hot, and also a symbol of my love of penises. Call me weird, but that excites me!!!

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