Bare With Us!

There is one common trait that is shared among almost all bare practitioners (naturists/nudists), regardless of their gender and their sexual orientation. In fact, it is probably the one thing that is universal to the entire clothes-free world. That is our ideal of encouraging our joy and love of nudity, of clothes-freedom, with as many people as possible. This is especially true when it concerns our closest and dearest of friends. For us, it is blatant neglect if we fail to get them to bare with us! We have so much fun when we’re nude that we want the same for others!


Don’t be surprised when we invite you over to spend some time with us. Friends are always doing all sorts of fun activities together. It’s “what we do!” Because we care about you so very much, we not only enjoy having you around, but we likewise want you to “hang-out” with us nude, too!  We’ll do our very best to get you naked right along with us!


We are so comfortable in our nudity that it is unconscionable for us to allow our closest of friends to remain textile (clothes-wearing) when they’re around us. We love them so much that we go to any length imaginable to get them out of their clothes and then be bare with us!


This may seem to some to border on excessive-compulsive behavior and it may well be that. However, we believe that our nudity is a gift for us to share with the world. We only want others to enjoy this gift as much as we do. After all, we were once trapped inside clothes, too!


We remember how difficult it was to first shed the garments of comfort and shame and to proudly stand tall without having clothes to hide us. Once we made that liberating transition in becoming our true, natural selves, we discovered the freedom of being us. We have nothing to conceal anymore and are confident that our skin is the only covering that we’ll ever need. Our true beauty is our bare skin and we want to share our discovery with you!


Because we love you so much. we want you to have this opportunity to become the true man that you were intended to be: naked and proud. We’ll even help you to get started! Rather than cause you any problems, we’ll even strip off all your clothes for you!

“True friends don’t allow their friends to remain imprisoned inside clothes for too long!”  ~ Roger Poladopoulos ~


Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

10 thoughts on “Bare With Us!”

  1. I had no nudist friends, so I started a local group and made some. The initial group grew close quickly and out get together s were frequent. Sadly, as the group grew bigger, and less vetting was done, I started to hear and see body shaming, hearing things like “some people should not be nude” and people being conveniently excluded from invitations. I did my best to stop it, but eventually left the group. As a person with visible scars from surgery and who constantly struggles with my weight, although I am quite comfortable being nude, I am self conscious about being around strangers naked. It is sad that even in a bare community, there are those who feel the need to body shame and make people feel excluded. Now I just stick to spending time nude with one of my partners (the other is not a nudist) and a couple close friends. It’s also made me fearful of exploring nudist events.

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    1. I am indeed sorry to learn of your experience with negative people involving nudity. I can think of NO excuse to offer for their rude and uncharitable behavior. They obviously didn’t receive any type of guidance growing up and are evidently not too welcome at nudist activities themselves or else anyone overhearing such remarks would have schooled them otherwise. Bare practitioners can be quite adamant when it comes to affording a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Please don’t allow the rudeness and ignorance of others prevent you from joining in on clothes-free activities. Naked hugs!


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