Magical Nudity

Yesterday was the Easter Feast in the Greek Orthodox Church. My spouse, Aaron, and I hosted several other same gender loving Greek bare partitioning couples over to our condo for a traditional Easter meal. Today’s post is one of fantasy and light-heartedness as I was exhausted after all the preparation and clean-up. I could have prepared better and scheduled my post in advance but I’m afraid I was too busy and lazy to do so. As the lead picture aptly demonstrates, a son is dazzling his father with his magical prowess. It appears that his particular talent lies in his ability to make his subject’s clothing suddenly disappear. Voila`! Instant nakedness!

Such a skill as he has is indeed impressive! I am envious and at the same time I am also curious as to what school of magic he attended. As a same gender loving (gay) naturist/nudist, I need to seriously explore the possibility of acquiring the same for myself. It would definitely make my life easier and much less complicated.


“Damn! What happened to my swimsuit?”

Every time I spotted a man who remotely interests me, if I possessed to power to make the clothing on others magically and mysteriously disappear from their bodies, I’d no longer be consumed with wondering what they looked like without their clothing. I could merely do whatever it is that magicians do to activate their resource and presto!: no clothing, no covering!   

If I was a truly devious and evil person, I could also make the clothing of anyone who makes me angry or upsets me surreptitiously disappear. Thus publicly embarrassing and humiliating them once and for all! Of course, we all know that I am not an evil man focused on revenge! I’d also rather not see the world populated with more villanous bare men that already exist! Let’s keep our clothes-free community a kinder and gentler one.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride



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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

6 thoughts on “Magical Nudity”

  1. I’ve fantasized about just such an ability more than a few times. It certainly would simplify things for me. I think it’d also be a good screening tool: If the guy were less concerned about being nude and more concerned about not having made the decision himself, I’d be more interested. OTOH, if he were more upset about his nudity than about his not having chosen it, I’d be rather less inclined to get to know him better.

    My major fantasy, however is to have the magical power to turn bright pink every anti-gay man who has ever had any sexual experiences with another man. I have a sneaking suspicion the results would be most enlightening:-)

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  2. Yeah, I wondered about that too with many people. Just a week ago I actually had a meeting with a client/friend about a project and we somehow ended up doing it naked. Happy late Easter!

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